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With Resistance Recess, Groups Fight for Congress That 'Puts People Before Profits'


With Resistance Recess, Groups Fight for Congress That 'Puts People Before Profits'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Summer recess began for members of Congress last week shortly following Senate Republicans' deeply unpopular and ultimately unsuccessful push to repeal the Affordable Care Act—but lawmakers shouldn't anticipate a restful vacation.


And this is precisely, exactly what we must do. We must overturn Citizens United. We must end campaign contributions and we must Get the Big, Ugly Money Out of Our Election System and Government.

We must do this so we get government back for the people and not the already-wealthy and corporations the way it is now and the way it has been for far too long.


I blame the loss of conscience from the Democrats to Bill Clinton. He boasted himself as a ‘new kind of Democrat’ - which meant ‘give the high corporate class more of what they want - and readily accept their bribe.’ Once released from it’s bottle that Jeanie is next to impossible to capture. Clinton, like Obama, governed right of center, which should make apparent how far the GOP has allied with radicalism. We citizens MUST do our part to fuel campaigns of genuinely progressive candidates. Citizenship comes with responsibility, and if we really want a better country - we must do the work to make it happen. Once a progressive has been elected to congress solely on campaign donations from private citizens - no longer can politicians whine about the necessity for corporate money. Much of the nonsensical noise and divisive tactics will die down.and a more contemplative standard of governing will be restored. GET the MONEY OUT.