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With Restrictions Loosened and Increased US Bombings, Afghan Civilian Deaths Surge


With Restrictions Loosened and Increased US Bombings, Afghan Civilian Deaths Surge

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Uptick comes as U.S. beefs up Afghan air force's fleet and "Mad Dog" Mattis loosens restrictions on strikes


When are the Afghans going to start bombing us?


Practiced genocide to remove all dark or brown-skinned ‘savages’ from the Earth…orchestrated from a darkened top secret war room in the Nevada desert…such is the modern drone ‘warfare’ and its indiscriminate destruction “piloted” by an AF officer sitting in a special-made “aviator” chair…for his comfort, of course. Another grand use/abuse of technology. Once removed, then the ground operations ensue to extract all the minerals in the mountains and valleys in Afghanistan and UNOCAL can build its natural gas pipeline at long last.


This may be the true reason, but is not the reason given to the American public. That one was based around capturing Osama Bin Laden. However, that is no longer an issue and thus, the public no longer has a clue why we are there. Sad.


“we” just don’t care about life


These corporate war hawk madmen still have not lived down loosing the Vie Nam War. They will keep us in permanent war until something happens to place real breaks on them. What will it be?


Sadly, I think the patriotic would oppose leaving Afghanistan if it meant losing face. They don’t want a replay of the endgame in Vietnam, when the US was humbled and shamed in the eyes of the world. In fact avoiding such a humiliation is a major element in what one might call (loosely) American strategy. The Empire never forgets and always looks to repay a grudge. See Trump’s aggressive stance towards Iran.


Vietnam again with the same result. Hillary could not bring herself to run as a peace candidate as there is not money there, now this dog who said he was against these useless wars is escalating them. The day is coming when the USA aAfghan partners for lack of a better term will be airlifted out of there to save their lives.


An apt description of the equivalent of pre-existing societal ‘receptor’ for a president with narcissistic personality disorder. It is stunning to read in black and white attribution of carnage to ego. Even more so considering that we both know the scope and scale of existing documentation. One simple example is the inversion/conversion/astroturf version of ‘profiling’ the VOLUNTARY SERVICE of men and women in the military as murderers for narcissistic, dysfunctional methodologies and practices that are legacies of the Bernays “contributions” to travesties claimed to be part of “governance”.


And we go to work every day and deductions are taken from our pay to fund the killing of foreign fighters and civilians and fill the pocketbooks of weapons manufacturers. We are caught up in the many webs of ‘allies’, ‘enemies’, political calculations and motivations, all bound together by the impulsive idiocy of Mr. Trump. He thrives on offending the American people and any one else who disagrees with him. He is a weapons maker’s dream. Want to make money? Invest in war. Want to have a country we can be proud if? Elect somebody who puts peace at the top of the agenda in the next Presidential election. And not the malarkey of achieving peace through defeating our enemies. ‘We have seen the enemy, and it is us.’


SUMMERY: Trump is killing more innocent women and children than Obama.


Summery? In any case, killing more people is not good.


Past winning “peace candidates” were Johnson '64 and Nixon '68.


Yes. And the poppies will soon bloom again, tra la la…


Point I was making is the headlines and thrust of this and similar stories that paint Obama as a nice guy because he set limits on civilian casualties, and Trump as the evil guy because he exceeded those limits. They are both unindicted war criminals. One is too many. Period.


Dear warmongers in the current administration (is not everyone in his cabinet, and 80% of his pretend party warmongers?)

We are no longer a country, only in the geographical sense. Instead, we are a plutocracy empire, spreading our terrorism (using fear/violence for political gain) all over the world to supposedly be the world’s cops for Israel.

Let me leave you with an ancient quote. It may imply the Americanized concept of Karma, but is really simply cause/effect observation of humans, emotions, war, and how it all works out in the end:

“He who lives by force must use his might to conquer the cities that other men guard and to defeat the soldiers that other men send forth to battle, and in doing so he inevitably inflicts great injury upon the people of other states. If he inflicts great injury on the people of other states, they will inevitably hate him fiercely and will day by day grow more eager to fight against him. Moreover, he who uses his might to conquer the cities that other men guard and to defeat the soldiers that other men send forth to battle must inevitably inflict great injury on his own people as well. If he inflicts great injury upon his own people, they will inevitably hate him fiercely and will day by day grow less eager to fight his battles. With the people of other states growing daily more eager to fight against him, and his own people growing daily less eager to fight in his defense, the ruler who relies upon strength will on the contrary be reduced to weakness. He acquires territory but loses the support of his people; his worries increase while his accomplishments dwindle. He finds himself with more and more cities to guard and less and less of the means to guard them with; thus in time the great state will on the contrary be stripped down in this way to insignificance. The other feudal lords never cease to eye him with hatred and to dream of revenge; never do they forget their enmity. They spy out his weak points and take advantage of his defects, so that he lives in constant peril.” --Xunzi (Xun Qing)

And warmongers, because we have terrorized both Mother Earth, and so much of the world, the USA of Murica will—and already is living in constant peril. But ironically Afghani, not from brown skinned af now from our own “rulers”, now they leave us in “constant peril.”



But ironically it is not from brown or black skinned foreigners, but it is from our own white skinned “rulers” that now leave us in “constant peril.”

  • no freedom or rights to healthcare
  • no freedom to protest, free speech and assembly, (because if cops can, with impunity, rape people after apprehension for protesting, and if observers congress can be prosecuted for laughing, then that is not a right/freedom we truly have)
  • no freedom from unreasonable search or seizure
  • no right to privacy
  • no right to choice
  • no right to a livable wage
  • no right to a home
  • no right to use the medicines our medical doctors recommend
  • no right to a job
  • no right to an education
  • no right to equal and just pay for all
  • no right to our “general welfare” provided by the government
  • no right to freedom from religion
  • no right to food
  • no right to water

Not at all inclusive, but a start–so feel free to add to the list.