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With 'Rock-Solid' Case to Defend Net Neutrality, Free Press Takes FCC to Court


With 'Rock-Solid' Case to Defend Net Neutrality, Free Press Takes FCC to Court

Julia Conley, staff writer

The press freedom advocacy group Free Press expressed confidence on Thursday in its challenge to the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) repeal of net neutrality protections as it filed a federal suit against the agency-approved rule change that would end one of the founding principles of the Internet.


Good luck but forgive me for not holding my breath. The only thing Rock Solid I can see is the unbridled greed of the corporate fascists. That, you can bank on.


That and the complacency of a large swath of the US population.


I was about to post something similarly despairing upon reading the headline of this article but you beat me to it. This is what fascism looks like, driven by the class of citizenry whose defining characteristics are their cupidity and gluttony.
Any challenge to the Greed of the Ruling Class will be shot down by the stacked Supreme Court, should it by chance make it that far. But not to worry, Clear Channel and the Zionists will make sure we don’t know any better. Ignorance is bliss I am told. (Of course I shouldn’t need any coaching in that subject but am, I suppose, yet ignorant of my ignorance. Just can’t figure out of what exactly I should be experiencing bliss!)


Here’s Abby Martin on why the 83 percent of Americans don’t matter.




Ending net neutrality was one of the many issues included in Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and other regulatory capture schemes disguised as “trade deals”.

Since he became POTUS Trump and the GOP have put in place net neutrality elimination and other “trade deal” components that enhance the fortunes of the 1% at the expense of the 99%, despite Trump continuing to assert that he wants to rewrite past and present “trade deals”.


We need to change the narrative, people like Ajit Pai are not anything but corporate soldiers. The euphemism lobbyists, needs to be changed to what most so called lobbyists like Pai really are: paid corporate whores!


Excellent link! Thanks.


In this world net neurality is a basic of free speech and democracy.


I’ll go you one further. If we are going to change the narrative, then lets change it for good.
Corporate bribery is exactly what this is. How it got conflated to corporate donations, influence, or lobbying was where we went wrong as a nation
It’s bribery, pure and simple. Our elected representatives are being bribed.
Extreme campaign finance reform is the only way to stop it.


Yes. But here’s the conundrum: we have to get enough Ds and Rs to vote for our (long-term) best interests and against their own (short-term, like getting re-elected).


We start that process as Shantiananda suggested, by changing the narrative.
We stop referring to it as “lobbying by the NRA” and call it like it truly is, bribery of our government representatives by the NRA.
Big Oil bribing congress. Big Pharma bribing our elected leaders. The MIC bribing our military brass. Wall street bribes. Foreign governments bribing for weapons sales, uranium, or financial aid.
We must stop referring to big money influencing our government and call it what it is , big money bribing our government.


I can’t disagree, but Big Money owns the microphone, making changing the narrative a longer-term project than I believe we have time for—which is not to say that the attempt isn’t worth the effort. Good luck.


No doubt about it! Thanks.


We need to start offering free rides thru a guillotine for our politicians who take bribe money.


Then the only solution, should we lose in courts and Congress, is an armed uprising with mass executions of the Oligarchy. We can’t allow the corporate fascists to take control of the internet without a fight involving arson and guillotines.


Comedian Jimmy Dore says he believes only a revolution will make a difference, that peaceful protest and working within the system is hopeless. Good luck. Twitter can create a coup and Egypt and Thailand’s failed revolutions prove we are in trouble.
The AI algorithms used by Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. are a genuine problem for Progressives. Despair is a normal response.