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With Sanders at the Helm, Lawmakers Lobby for Labor


With Sanders at the Helm, Lawmakers Lobby for Labor

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

With organized labor increasingly under attack in the U.S., a handful of lawmakers is pushing to make it easier for workers to join unions, allowing them to pool their collective power to bargain for better wages, benefits, and working conditions.


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Right! We've all got to help Bernie with prioritizing people over profit any way we can.



Biden-Warren, Clinton support must really be eroding. This might help Bernie, I really do not know.


Sounds like Murray is using the Clinton method.


Well, except that part of humanity that the US points its guns...


There is an all out total war against unions in this country. The unionization rate is down to about 11.2% of the workforce while in the 1950s it was in the 30% to 34% range. The right wingers, libertarians, all of the GOP and even some Democrats are anti-union and are erecting constant road blocks to unionization. The GOP would like to turn the USA into a unionless right to work (for LESS) country. There's a big union case that will come before the Supreme Court. If the anti-union forces win this case, it will just about destroy what's left of unions. It will make it almost impossible to form and to maintain unions. These vile right wing scum want to take us back to 1800.


A secular "Amen," Joe. Dreams are one thing reality is another. Can Bernie convince Joe and Jane six pack, especially those working non-union in locations like Texas or most any place below the Mason/Dixon where most of the legislatures, making law are owned by the GOP.

Anyone can help. In the UPS strike in CA we made sandwiches and fed those picketing: they won. Even on a local level, I refuse to buy groceries at stores who aren;t members of the UFCW. Cost a bit more, but the people are making a living wage. How does anyone convince those who are flummoxed by the lies?


Democracy is all we need.


Bit off topic, but here's a bit of good Sanders news from Democracy Now:

Sanders Campaign Apologizes to Pro-Palestinian Activists Ousted from Rally

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ campaign has apologized to a group of Students for Justice in Palestine activists who were asked to leave [under threat of arrest] a Sanders rally in Boston unless they took down their sign. The sign read "Will Ya Feel the Bern for Palestine?" Sanders’ campaign manager Jeff Weaver told Boston.com the decision was made by a "low-level volunteer" and "100 percent" should not have happened.

Of course, this does not reflect well on a lot of the more zealous Berniebots, but at least his higher-ups are in the right place.


Based on our moving average of polls, Joe Biden is the only Democratic candidate who would clearly defeat most leading Republicans, although he is only two points ahead of Ben Carson. Hillary Clinton is in a statistical tie with all the leading Republicans and Sanders is likewise except against Carson who would beat him by 8 points.

What is somewhat astounding is that in the most recent Public Policy Poll in which Clinton and Sanders do not do so well, respondents said they had voted for Obama over Romney by seven points. And while only 18% identify themselves as members of the Tea Party, 45% describe themselves as evangelical Christians.

In the GOP primary Trump is at 23, leading Carson by 4 points. Rubio is in third place with 13, followed by Fiorona and Bush with 8 and Cruz with 7. Clinton has 22 point lead over Sanders. Biden is 23 points behind.

Among Republicans, Trump leads in 14 states, Carson, Huckabee and Bush in 2 states. Among Democrats Clinton leads in 17 states, Sanders in 2.

A look at the polling in two states the Dems won in 2012, Ohio and Pennsylvania, several trends are noticable:

Clinton is quite weak, Biden is the strongest Carson is strong, suggesting the importance of the evangelical vote.


I want to see a law that makes it mandatory for all Salaries of corporations to be on public display. All salaries for all jobs, with the name of the companies, the Job Role Title, and the Salary. All this would eliminate the gross discrimination against women's pay, against the big bloated greed that happens at the top. Boards of Directors should be subject to this too. No one should be served better than anyone else in a business. All Salaries of all people would halt a whole lot of nonsense inside corporations. Labor would also be in a better position to get fair wages and benefits. Push for this kind of legislation, and you'll solve a lot of issues in one blow.


He will be in the same place he has been for decades - speaking out clearly and forcefully for the Middle Class that exemplifies the true exceptionalism of America. That is what lures people from all over the world to join and be part of this country. Bernie Sanders is the best example of honest, inquiring morality seeking solutions to make life better for all people under just laws and full opportunity. Feel the BERN!


What we see in the US has nothing to do with "inequality." It remains a pep rally for the more fortunate alone. Americans utterly turn their backs on their "brothers and sisters" who become unemployable, and all those who get phased out of our shrinking job market. Americans so admire the corporate leaders that we've essentially given them the power to decide who should survive, and who should be tossed out like trash. That Sen. Sanders is "at the helm" of the movement of middle class elitism is anything but a good thing for this country.


No, that's incorrect. Please check the record. Sen. Sanders used to speak out powerfully about US poverty, AND the need for legitimate poverty relief programs. He talked about the fact that it's impossible to save, much less to rebuild, a strong middle class without shoring up the poor, as our own 20th Century history shows. This doesn't sell to middle classers in post-Clinton America, so Sen. Sanders dropped the issue to climb on the Middle Class Only bandwagon, quite dramatically changing his priorities and convictions.. Politics is about whatever sells to the paying customers.


Thank goodness for Bernie Sanders and the few other good legislators left! GO GO BERNIE!! We're behind you - tell us what to do next!


Yes! And run, Bernie, and WIN!!