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With Scathing Letter to Paul Ryan, House Chaplain Rescinds Resignation and Says He Was Fired for Fair Tax Prayer


With Scathing Letter to Paul Ryan, House Chaplain Rescinds Resignation and Says He Was Fired for Fair Tax Prayer

Julia Conley, staff writer

A week after announcing his resignation from his role as chaplain of the House of Representatives, Rev. Patrick Conroy has reconsidered whether House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) has the authority to force him out of his position—and decided against it, retracting his decision to leave his post in a letter to Ryan on Thursday.


I believe it was Thomas Jefferson who said “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just.” Two centuries plus and we’re still waiting for the evidence—leading me to suspect that having a chaplain at all is just a dumb show for the rubes.

Whatever. But I have to admit I like it when anybody calls out a vicious creep like Ryan.


There should be no official religious anything in our secular government, especially when it is paid for by tax dollars. It is high time we get rid of official Chaplins in our government at all levels. Those who believe in Constitutional “originalism” should be in favor of doing this, but of course it doesn’t align with their other right-wing beliefs.


“It doesn’t align with their other right-wing beliefs.” OR, those of their donors. You know, the interests they really work for.


“Fair Tax” Father?

Do you really expect the all of the elites to pay their fair share of taxes?


Like all Congressional chaplains, Reverend Conroy is accepted as long as they are hypocritical, christians.


Hats off to Rev. Patrick Conroy. You ROCK BAYBEEEE!


Regardless of your opinion on if there should be any kind of Chaplain of the House of Representatives at all, It is good to see a moral man chastise their greed and corruption to their faces. If there is a God, he would want us to do that. I just know it.


He’s held this position since 2011, and he’s just now noticing greed and corruption?


Agreed. Keep the Vatican out of our government!!!


Right? We live in a nation founded by dudes who noticed that governments reliably grow corrupt. Who recognized that they have a stage of life in which they routinely turn from serving the Common Good to feeding on the people they were created to serve.

We live in a nation founded by dudes who recognized that the people have an inalienable right—even a duty—to overthrow their governments when they reach that state of terminal dis-ease.

We live in a nation founded by dudes who saw that the most expedient way to do so was to say, “No taxation without representation!” and mean it, even at the cost of their lives.

We live in a nation founded by dudes who lived out the wild notion that the people could cooperate to establish more just and elegant systems of Self-governance as needed.

Yet we mostly sit here saying we don’t know what to do now. Or worse yet, that there is nothing we can do…

The fact that these dudes were themselves slaveholders, murderers of First Nations folk and lifeways and (mostly) male supremacists does not necessarily mean that they were wrong about EVERYTHING, does it?

Or that we should imagine we are honoring their sincere and courageous, if naturally limited, efforts by pretending that we are powerless to understand or change our current situation.


I am waiting for the Catholic and all other churches to pay their fair share of taxes.


What did Rev. Conroy expect?   He was fired because he forgot that the official role of religion in ANY society
is to justify the role of the ruling class to the peons whom they enslave. This goes back to WAY before Christ­ianity was perverted to serve the kings of the middle ages.

“AMEN!!!”  (In quotes because I’m an atheist-leaning agnostic.)
  Maybe I should write a circa-1790 “Huzzah! Huzzah!” instead.


I doubt this is going to help Pelosi’s -22 approval rating.


Welcome aboard, Rainbow! That’s a great posting.


What kind of Christian and observant Catholic is Paul Ryan? Wonder if he ever discussed House Chaplain’s duties while sitting around at a “kegger” in college? For sure, he expounded about his heroine and idol, Ayn Rand. Wonder if he ever talked about her ending up her life lapping up Social Security benefits? The GOP mantra becomes clearer every day. It’s “I’ve got mine screw you!” Ryan’s milieu is as phony as that of our carnival barker POTUS. We are 3,000 lies and counting. Somebody please get these kings some clothes! Wake up America, the fox is in the hen house and the wolf is at the door.


I guess it doesn’t matter that the Chaplain’s former employer had over 400 cases of child sexual abuse with 100 coming from his group specifically. Or a questionable letter he wrote about the political figures with sexual abuse complaints against them. He should be swabbing floors in a state prison not officiating over government. And if makes anyone else feel better, Ryan could be his bucket boy.