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With Schools-as-Uber Analogy, Betsy DeVos Exposes Ignorance—Again


With Schools-as-Uber Analogy, Betsy DeVos Exposes Ignorance—Again

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has once again illustrated her limited understanding of—and respect for—public education, with another gaffe that's drawing criticism from many corners.


CD, I really, really need that "angry" reaction for this story! So sad for our nation.


Is this a bad moment to remind CD readers that Hillary Clinton--who couldn't be bothered to visit formerly dependable blue states as electoral disaster neared, who instead spent time running up her vote total in California and cozying up to big donors, who used the DNC to cheat Bernie Sanders, who actively sought out a match against Trump, who actively courted Republicans and ignored liberals, and who ran a tactically dubious campaign based on Trump-bashing--lost to a narcissistic and willfully ignorant TV reality star and bankruptcy impresario?

Oops, too late, just did.


I was hoping that Trump would get rid of the Department of Education as we could also get rid of De Vos. Personally, I don't think this department has done much good in the past 30 years except to push charter schools, degrade teachers and force teaching to tests. They have also distorted statistics in comparing the US to other countries. Arnie Duncan was no good either. They all reflect the agendas of the Presidents we have had. And I don't think those agendas had much care for the people of our country. I think our children would be much, much better off without this department and its dictates to our state and local educators.


Keep it up, SkepticTank

The points you make are absolutely germane.

There's no statute of limitations on the damage that Hil, and the DNC, have caused us.


As a public school teacher for the past 40 years I can verify your comments veracity. No question those that oversee education have been systematically destroying it; the Common Core was a perfect example. Free, public education might become a thing of the past if the party of STUPID Republicans get their way.


WTF does Devoid (of brain matter) know about Uber (unless she has invested in same and only looks at returns on her investments) when she has spent her life riding in private limousines or chauffer-driven luxury cars? Well, obviously she knows less about public education...but she was placed in her position to make money for the hedge funds owning the major charter school groups throughout the nation (the Walton family are also big promoters of and investors in charter schools): their only goal is to make money at the expense of our children and their futures...and if those charters do not make a profit, then the doors are shut., the properties sold for a huge profit and the students and their parents are left to return to a public school if any are left in their area.


I agree- everyone should be fuming- I know I am


In MA expansion of private and charter schools was defeated. We went door to door to defeat this.


So sick of hearing about tests. People are not paper or any kind of "goods" to be measured. Also, a test does not necessarily determine how "smart" someone is.


Comparing shopping for education to shopping for cars (or car-related services) has been used again and again in the discourse about education as a consumer good. This is the neoliberal shift that has intensified since A Nation at Risk came out in 1983: our children are the "knowledge capital" of the nation and their work raises our competitive status internationally. The construct is now education for career and work, creating good productive work units. Along with that, we now have schools having to prove they are providing good returns on investment with high test scores and graduation rates. Never mind that the kids are abysmally ignorant and have zero critical thinking skills, are turning away from this model in droves and despise the system.


Nor do tests show what a person can DO.


Exactly! Also, many of the skills on tests have nothing to do with the real world. Do they have a test for kindness? Oh, that's right they don't - it's all high tech.


This woman looks demented or drunk- probably both.


Trump was seen on tv recently saying he hates public schools because they do not provide profits. HUH!!!! Also, he wants to give all these millions to religious schools- they are supposed to be non profit!


You seem to be suggesting that every single thing that happens from here on out is Hillary Clinton's fault, which is embarrassingly ridiculous even for the CD comment section. But then, it's always a woman's fault, isn't it?

You rail against the "duopoly" and Democrats, including Perez, and yet you don't seem to have a harsh word to say against Republicans. Do you criticize them? Or are you only interested in keeping Democrats out of office? There are a lot of "liberals" here like that, like you.

A qualified woman loses to an unqualified man--it's the woman's fault. Okay then. That's the kind of thinking that makes me wonder who you voted for--the Russian stooge Trump or the Russian patsy Stein, who is beyond a joke, beyond pathetic, beyond belief that anyone would ever vote for that clown. Of course, the same can be said for Trump.

Why don't you share with the rest of the class just exactly what kind of anti-Hillary hysteria you were posting during the election. I suspect we saw a lot of it right here. C'mon. Dish.


In a society where class mobility is already hampered, destroying public education pretty much enshrines, in deed if not quite in law, a permanent class society with virtually no chance of escaping the lot into which you were born. This is the heart of conservatism--a return to the days of the landed gentry and their hapless servants.


In the movie "Where To Invade Next" Michael Moore goes to Finland and looks at their school system that is considered the best in the West. What he discovered is a system somewhat like the public schools that I experienced in the 50s and produced many of the pioneers in Silicon Valley. I remember not having homework until the 7th grade and then little. We had art and music and lots of outdoor recess and lunch time.
I lived for 30 years next to a creek in a school district considered among the top ten in CA and I never saw a kid looking for pollywogs or anything else. In that affluent community the focus is on getting children into elite universities. It feels like much of the joy of childhood is stolen from the kids. Sad


Well said and so very true! Thank you.


I pity you, Vox.

Your lack of imagination. Your timidity. Your blind allegiance to the status quo.

My pity, however, doesn't compel me to bother trying to convince you of anything.

Rather, I urge you to enjoy your rut.