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With Sessions Under Fire, Trump Claims 'Complete Power to Pardon'


Well he certainly CAN pardon himself … when he farts!


Not unless the senate is turned over. The pubs aren’t going to impeach him… I can tell by the early political ads that Trumps poplar here… As long as he is anywhere near the 30% - 50% I think he’s got the advantage after today. Rasmussen is going to have him over 50% approval. He’s never going to leave! He’s not close to any articles of impeachment, his new comm. a-hole is actually running over interviewers! If Mueller doesn’t find something fast Trump will be in and govern. And I’m in DC… the word here is he’s going to make the case to the American people that Meuller has no right to even be there and his legal team is putting the case for conflict of interest… AND it gag I believe is going to work! The investigation off…over. He’ll be Nixon’s revenge… And, yes, he can pardon himself but he won’t need to. AND HE WILL GO ON TO GOVERN AND ILL HANG MYSELF