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With Sinclair's Latest "Must-Run" Segment Defending Tear Gassing of Refugees, Trump's Dream of State TV Comes True

With Sinclair's Latest "Must-Run" Segment Defending Tear Gassing of Refugees, Trump's Dream of State TV Comes True

Julia Conley, staff writer

Though President Donald Trump this week expressed an interest in establishing a

From the article:

“The fact of the matter is that this is an attempted invasion of our country. Period,” Epshteyn said…

So, Boris, in which of the First Nations are you an enrolled member?

With that question on the table, here’s another: what will it take to break up the Sinclair network for the benefit of all?


At least with his desire for state run TV station Trump is not keeping his aim of turning the US into a fascist country secret. Fox News and Sinclair are basically propaganda arms of the Trump administration although they are not paid for by the state. The US hasn’t yet reached a fascist state such a Russia with its RT and Sputnik networks paid for by the state and almost no independent media remaining. But Trump is moving the country in that direction and he has plenty of support out there among the public. The results of the recent election suggest this trend can be reversed but it is going to take another “blue wave” election result in 2020 to stop the fascist takeover.

Okay. Let’s organize a boycott of Sinclair stations and every business that advertises on Sinclair and let them know why. As the SC said, money is speech, and we should tell business and the Neilsen ratings, as loudly as possible, that millions of viewers will no longer watch anything on a Sinclair station nor buy any products advertised on a Sinclair station. Support gassing children? We won’t just yell at you, but will hit your pocketbooks, HARD (motherfuckers).


Sounds nice, what actions have you taken to implement this boycott?

I read about this an hour ago. Do you think that a boycott is like instant oatmeal? What I PLAN to do is call my local Sinclair stations to let them know I am turning them off, see what actions I can take online with the Neilsen ratings to let them know I no longer watch Sinclair, and try to obtain a list of advertisers on the local stations so I can let them know as well. I also plan to research what entities have the resources and desire to implement a wider participation in such a boycott. I know it has been done before, with lists of stations and companies to help those who wish to participate. And, I also plan to continue doing my full-time job, go in for major surgery on Monday, recover, and then continue on with my life. Hopefully, this will satisfy you.

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Oh boy ! Because you have a spiffy AVITAR I thought you might also have magical powers. Thank you for your efforts and be calm. We are all very frustrated with our shitty country right now and many feel impotent so do not take all comments to heart.

On the Mexican side of the border lives many Mexican people, right up to the border. In past times, U.S. Border Patrol have fired into Mexico live rounds (bullets) killing Mexican people in Mexico.

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