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With Sit-Ins Around Country, Students Escalate 'Divestment Spring'



It is high time for the students to finally take the lead in pushing forward justice and environmental causes as the students did back in the 60's. Hopefully this time around they won't lose focus and get lost in sex, drugs and rock and roll. I am doing my part to live by example and teach my kids to know how their future depends on how hard they fight against the 1%.


Go, students!

They owe it to you to justify their actions. They cannot succeed. The same old stories presupposing an irrational kind of greed and selfishness are not adequate. They owe it to you to justify their support for the fossil fuel industry -- it is not a given that it is appropriate. They are trying to get you to justify your demand for divestment, but they are the ones in the shaky position.