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With South Carolina Looming, Former NAACP Head to Back Bernie Sanders



There are many significant Black voices standing with Sanders.

It's likely that Black citizens are less likely to get their news and views from the Internet.

Every day AOL features some Republican fool, or does salutations to Clinton.

As C.D. has exposed through a variety of writers' insights, the MSM WANTS to tie it up for Hillary and on the right, Trump or Cruz.

Language that asserts that Sanders doesn't have a chance, or that Hillary is the presumptive leader or candidate influence people. Heck, if advertising didn't produce results, advertising firms wouldn't have multi-billion dollar budgets and TV would go out of business.

The fact is, the more Black citizens that SEE and HEAR Mr. Sanders, the likelier it is that his numbers of support will go up.

Minorities have more to fear if a Cruz or Trump gains the Oval Office. These unmerciful sociopaths are very committed to blaming people for their status in life. They intend to cut all social programs under the guise that this form of "tough love" is good for citizens, the nation, and the premise of "personal responsibility."

Muslim Americans, Hispanic Americans, Feminists, and peace proponents have good cause to FEAR (and loath) a Republican win.


The support for Bernie Sanders and his demonstrated history of integrity from the African-American community is increasing and will continue to increase as they realize who is really on their side and who has used them, paying lip-service to Black issues while really serving the 1%.

Other demographic groups that have so-far also been bambozzled by the Bill, Obama, and Hillary pro-big-money/corporate/banker pirate machine, including many women, seniors, Latinos and others that have been sold a bag o shite by the "centrist" DLC DINO Dems (and obviously RepubliCon pathology) under the so-called "leadership" of Obama & DNC-Debbie W-S et al, will, I hope, soon come to realize en masse who really represents the people's-99% interests and future and who serves big-money and 1% usury!

The Dem convention and "super-delegates" are the fix Hillary thinks she has in the bag - the people must demand better! The Democratic Party establishment/DNC enacted the superdelegate system to minimize the influence of rank-and-file Dems and ensure a nominee approved by party hacks. The days of an "open" convention not controlled by the corrupt are over, or so they think!



Why does anybody still listen to discredited, losing consultant Bob Shrum anymore? He needs to just slither away like a good failure does.


Watching too many pathetic pundits on MSNBC this morning for the first time in many years it appears Shrum is but one of many. They were all talking about who is "more centrist" without any context of where the center was in 1950, 1965, 1980...

None of them ever mention that Obama is further right of center than Nixon was.


Perhaps it's unfair, but I can't help remembering how one of Bill Clinton's early Presidential actions was to abandon his nominee for Asst Attorney General for Civil Rights, Lani Guinier. To me, it is representative of his stature as a President and a human being.

Despite its bad reputation, we really do need more leaders who actually have some elevated principles that they will stand by. As David Brower said, we need fewer weather vanes and more compasses. Although Hillary Clinton isn't Bill, it's hard for me to discern any other guiding principles in her actions or statements beyond political expediency and self-advancement. It is a lot easier for me to imagine her abandoning blacks, or other politically weak minorities, than it is to imagine her abandoning Wall Street.


Hillary is a huge Bible Thumper. Her religious upbringing was as a Goldwater Girl ( nuke the gooks back to the stone age ) and she has barely tempered her bloodlust, really. She met regularly with Republican Senators who are Thumpers of the worst sort; oily gassers, Koch suckers and climate deniers, all. In the bag for the Saudi/GCC/Israeli cabal, too. An interview with a current Libyan official, tasked now with trying to save his country, on the BBC two days ago described the overthrow of Gaddafi this way, " what they have done is cut the head off of the big snake and created a million new little snakes. Now, how do kill a million little snakes all over the region ( the MENA )? " Good question, eh? Answer possibly; is you're not really trying to.:sunglasses: This woman is attempting to pull an entire sheep over people's eyes, period. But, especially black folk.She's a foreign policy disaster, waiting to happen again, and her hawkish views ( Pro MIC ) will put us on a economic snowball to hell, into another huge war, or both. There's simply not enough $$$ for a hawkish " guns and butter " U.S. economy, anymore. We've ( the 99s ) been there, we're ( the 99s ) going broke, we (the 99s ) need a new worldview. One starting with less thumping and more compassion. The U.S. simply cannot afford Hillary Clinton's love of the death cult, anymore. Being a sacrificial lamb probably isn't that much fun, I'm thinking. Let's say good riddance to this female war-wanker.


I think there is an unspoken feeling of caution within the Black community that if they don't publicly back Hillary and she wins that she would be vindictive and they would have lost any pull with her.

On the other hand there is also the feeling that Bernie is more real as someone who wants to help the poor, the working poor, the middle class and the people of this country in general. Hillary is a member of the oligarch class whereas Bernie is someone who would march in a civil rights march when it counted the most.

But as yet people in the Black community are worried that Bernie might not win and that they would end up losing because they didn't back Hillary.

However if Bernie pulls out a big win in New Hampshire which will put a big crack in Hillary's firewall by making her seem much more vulnerable and less a sure thing...then Bernie's popularity may just take off big time everywhere.

One thing for sure ... Hillary looks scared that faking it won't be enough to carry her through.

Go Bernie... people really want their democracy back from the oligarchs and they are paying attention!


Sanders definitely needs something to help him with black voters. In a new national PPP poll showing Clinton leading by 21% overall, with black voters she his leading 82% to 8%. Her favorability rating with black voters is 79% versus 9% unfavorabilty whereas for Sanders the numbers are 27% versus 23%. With the South Carolina primary coming up on Feb 27 and Super Tuesday three days later and then four caucuses and a primary more a few days after that the situation for Sanders seems dire as he has less than four weeks to turn this situation around. It seems possible to accomplish but he has been working at it awhile and has not had much luck.


Wow you are really deceitful. What do you see when you look at yourself in the mirror? Do you see any honor and a respect for the truth? Do those things matter to you anymore amid your reliance on technicalities (technically a sparrow is a big bird when compared to hummingbirds but is deceitful to claim it is a big bird). You select polls (many no one has heard of or whose methodology is either suspect or unpublished) and claim that they represent the truth. While technically a heavily skewed college poll or say a conservative poll claiming to be unbiased may be published, they do not represent the aggregate numbers based on many polls which far better reflect current public opinion.

In other words you select the polls that you like and claim they are representative while there may be dozens of other polls by accredited institutions which have differing results but you ignore them.

10 national polls taken together reflect a general view while one small poll by students or volunteers etc for a college or a local small newspaper etc. do not. You choose the smaller poll and ALWAYS ones that are skewed to reflect badly on Bernie.

So this is the real you hiding behind anonymity and being snarky and snide instead of open. Do you hate progressive people that much or are you just vindictive because you got things wrong so often and for so long?


Yes, exactly.


"Yes, they have a firewall, but how much asbestos is really in that firewall?" asked
Robert Shrum, a strategist for Democratic presidential candidates,
including Al Gore, Edward M. Kennedy, and John Kerry. "Do people start
to take a second look?"

The idea of using as metaphor a material clearly proven to have been one of the most deadly architectural/construction choices ever made with a toxic legacy we're still struggling with not to mention the economic aspect.

Thank you Mr. Shrum for that deeply revealing example of the dominant 'real politic' establishment perspective.Over produced on the cheap - with a deadly future


Today's fully supported endorsement of Sanders by Danny Glover (covered by CD) coupled with today's (?) coming endorsement by former NAACP President, Ben Jealous, are a powerful one-two punch recognizing the critical need for real political change and the best leader to deliver it!


How do you know that?


Not sure how you would know how black folks are "feeling". This is a tricky area, the area of "feeling".

Here is one example from a response to the article posted by Endgame:

Mondez Durden · Atlanta, Georgia
I really wish Sander supporters would stop attacking Clinton like this. It just makes me hate his supporters more and more. Your comment, even if you don't realize it, is patrionizing and arrogant. You assume your postion is the right one for blacks to take. You do not know our experience yet you presume to know who we as blacks should vote for, which happens to be your messiah wihtoua plan, the socialist. What a piece of work you Sander supporters are. I feel that Sander supporters are just as racist, mysoginist and horrible, as far as being people, as Trump supporters when I see posts like this and it makes me even MORE so want to vote for Clinton. You live in rural Wyoming yet you presume to know who a black like myself who lives in an urban center should vote for? What an arrogant white thing to do.


Yep and very "American" going way back to the founding of its political system. Wasn't the Senate supposed to have curbed those pesky commoners?


I hesitate to have to say this considering how things get twisted around by certain people but I was speaking in electoral terms NOT in literal terms. How can people have any sort of intellectual discussion if they have to avoid speaking in a relatively ordinary manner and not in this nitpicking splitting hairs personalizing of terms based on who is listening.

What exactly did you think I meant by my use of the word 'feeling'? Did you think I literally meant that people (black or otherwise) actually were experiencing an emotional response?

How do you speak about voting trends and national moods... oh wait... now I understand... maybe you want to limit this discussion only to black people? So then only a black person can comment on black people and only white people can comment on white people and Latinos on Latinos so on and so forth?

Won't that be interesting. I assume that far be it from you being a hypocrite that you will show by example and never comment on anyone other than your own race from now on?

By the way... you never even commented on my point but only whether I had the right to voice an opinion based on race. I suppose you know what race I am and who I know and my neighbors and so forth. You made it only about race for some strange reason but never mentioned yours. So is it about race or social justice? Do tell.

The goal is a multicultural multiethnic society... but as always one has to be willing for that to happen and...

...to work at it.


BTW ...I shouldn't have said 'unspoken' feeling since many black commenters and writers have expressed a similar thought at least in the sense that they keep saying that Bernie isn't well known in the Black community. I'm sorry but I missed where you commented on just how do these writers and pundits know that black people don't know Bernie?

In fact I guess nobody knows anybody. So Giovanna lets make it a rule that only blacks can say anything about blacks and only whites say anything about whites and only Latinos can say anything about Latinos and so forth. Is that what you want to say Giovanna?

I think that is part of the dumbing down AND the divide and conquer that ordinary people are encouraged to believe and have to overcome. There is only one human race ... no matter how anyone anywhere wants to divvy it up for whatever reason.


Please note that I placed the word feeling in quotes. What comes after is your assumption: "Black community that if they don't publicly back Hillary and she wins that she would be vindictive and they would have lost any pull with her." This may or may not be true and there are other possibilities such as maybe black folks--not all of course--are supportive of Hillary because she is a woman--African communities including African-American ones tend to be matriarchal, she worked for Obama who is African-American--note he did nothing really for black folks except to look like them, and they perceive Bernie-rightly or wrongly, a patronizing white man in spite of his excellent civil rights record. It is also possible that there are a good many conservatives--such as Obama himself, in the black community. I am thinking right now of Ta-Nehisi Coats who has criticized Sanders for lack of support of reparations and Coats has spoken negatively with regards to socialism not noting that Sanders is really a social democrat akin to FDR. Little does he note that Sanders may be the force that may give us a break, fresh air if you will as opposed to Hillary's back room dealing filth.


I was giving my opinion first off. It is one that I believe is valid based on my experience. In addition I include the comments of the media who have noted (or have created the impression) that Bernie doesn't have the support he should have. I don't believe in coincidences and it sure does seem that the MSM and the powers that be are exploiting whatever they can to help Hillary.

This includes those who are conservative in normally more progressive circles. But how does that work? I long ago gave up the idea that there was some innate goodness or badness in any group. We are all the same and always were and will be. There are those who have staked their fortunes on the status quo whether it is Hillary or Obama or the political oligarch or even some person who by dint of effort and sweat has overcome racism and 'reluctance' to achieve some position of success amid that status quo. That person doesn't want to lose that place that they worked hard to achieve. At that point the rationalizations arrive.

People will see their personal success in broader terms. Like the first black president or the first woman president. It sure looks great and it is an achievement but no guarantee that it will be good for anyone else besides themselves. Obama was the first black person to be president but so what, at least for most black people to be honest. Not much changed for them. He has been a follow up of Bush/Cheney in all except race.

Hillary might want to be the first woman but Bernie would do more for women's equality whether family leave or otherwise than will Hillary. First woman Pres or not...she is oligarchy thru and thru. That is the reality. Her gender almost qualifies as political strategy. Any woman would do actually but Hillary is pre-approved by oligarchy and the game is rigged.

As to how people in the black community feel.. those who have made their accommodations with the status quo are no different than the whites or Latinos or Asians who have made their accommodations with it. However those who are on the bottom hope that race will matter or that gender will matter or culture will matter because it sounds encouraging to hear it said that they will now have it better because one of their own will be in charge.

Sadly it doesn't work that way with oligarchy as Obama showed. In effect... if you are rich and well educated ... you don't get the racism or the sexism that people do at the bottom. That is reality.

I think the conservatives who have carved out their place amongst the status quo want to keep much of that status quo whether they want to admit it or not. They may not want a republican (some do) but Hillary is still an accommodation with oligarchy but one they are willing to make and have made. They fear losing their place to someone more radical. To someone new who may be more progressive. Even as a reporter or writer etc. It is more unconscious for some. For others it is more calculated.

These people purposefully ignore Bernie's long civil rights record because they don't care about it...they care about maintaining their place among the rich and powerful and Bernie represents the same threatening change to them as he does to oligarchy.

Change - changes things ...lol