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With Space Force, Congress Hands Trump a Major Victory

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/03/space-force-congress-hands-trump-major-victory

“The idea for a Space Force started out as a joke by Trump…”

Very doubtful Trump thought this up himself. The SF meme is nothing more than expanding that taxpayer-money-pipeline from the Pentagon to “defense contractors”, allowing corporations and certain people to steal even greater mountains of US cash. Trump’s not that smart, and it doesn’t benefit him directly, no this came from the usual suspects.


We have sooooo much surplus cash to waste, we may as well think up something stupid that benefits the MIC. You just know they’ll use it wisely. Or not!! As Star Ranger Trumpie would be the leader of this new drain on the economy, it would make sense that he should be shot into space first to await the arrival of the first Trumpie Star Ranger fighters at some unknown outpost.


Trump will use the Space Force to take out the Deep State!!!

The Deep State never wanted anything like more weapons in space don’t you know.

Trump leftists know best. Maybe Chris Hedges can spin this one. (love Chris Hedges but he has fallen of the Trump leftist deep end)


Are we to imagine, then, that the legislators were not themselves paid for their vote or are declining a part of the pork barrel for their respective states and districts?

This is awful and need be opposed, with both president and legislators held to account.

There were 38,000 air force people involved in our ‘space’ force. 40 million is probably the advertising budget.

Our navy, usually competent, forgot that we have to use our fast load / unload ships to move our army gear to the next battle fields. Those steam boilers, 18,000 merchant mariners, and we had to bring back retirees to do the exercise.

Wondering just what the future of land war will be with drones by the tens of thousands, poisons of bacteria and virus, and hypersonic missle speeds.

Among the question I have for Bernie Sanders is this: “Senator, if you are elected President, will one of your first actions be to rescind the establishment of a U. S. “Space Force” as an unwanted and illegal militarization of space under international law?” Also, as a plan financial wet kiss to the Military-Industrial complex,

The same Congress that has not already removed Don from office.
Thank you so much for all that you (don’t) do.

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Woo-Hoooo! Even MORE money for war will be given now!

What! Don’t you know that worling class americans have deep pockets and there is ALWAYS taxes to spend on horseshit that kills? s/