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With Support Across Voting Blocs, Sanders Makes History in New Hampshire

With Support Across Voting Blocs, Sanders Makes History in New Hampshire

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Bernie Sanders made history on Tuesday night as the senator won the crucial New Hampshire primary by a landslide over Hillary Clinton, his rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, giving his campaign a critical boost as the U.S. presidential election starts to pick up speed.

I just finished composing this email to my young adult daughters (20, 23, 26); the younger two worked determinedly for Bernie Sanders in the Keene, NH office. I wrote it with much sadness and much more anger.

It is going to be almost impossible for Bernie to beat the odds.

There are 712 super delegates in the Dem party, including 8 in NH. 371 of them have already chosen their candidate to vote for at the convention —

Clinton 355
Sanders 14
O’Malley 2

There are 341 still uncommitted, so Bernie might have a chance to even the super delegate score a little. But the super delegate trick is, by design, deplorable and demoralizing.

Last night in NH, Bernie got 147,532 votes out of about 241,000 votes cast (61%). Clinton got 93, 594 votes (39%).

Those votes translated into 24 regular delegates, with Bernie earning 15 of them and Hillary earning 9.

But 6 of the 8 NH super delegates also made their commitments and all 6 chose Clinton. That brought her delegate total in NH to 15 also. (There are 2 uncommitted super delegates left in the state. So the final NH verdict could still go either way, incredibly close, even though Bernie got 61% of the popular vote!)

Final note — with 241,000 people voting in the NH Democratic party primary, each regular delegate earned represents just over 10,000 real people!

While each super delegate represents 1 person.

So in our democracy, 1 person’s vote = the votes of 10,000+ other people.

Don’t give up hope and don’t let cynicism keep you away from politics. That happened to me for too many years. Stay engaged and pick a fight with the anti-democratic super delegate trick to protect the establishment. This trick is the first enemy to be fought, even before the awful Citizens United decision. Because Bernie is showing us, right now, that Citizens United can be beat by the people. But the people can’t beat the “super” people.


This may be just my opinion but it was the media who kept telling us the results of their polls and surveys etc and then when the primary is held suddenly all that alleged info gets thrown in the trash.

The truth is that the media is a very large part of the oligarchic status quo and has been rigging the game against Bernie (not giving him equal coverage for example and telling us all this biased stuff). So now we see just how much we are manipulated because the status quo of oligarchy is seriously afraid of democracy! They like manipulating and controlling public opinion and like any controller type personality when they feel themselves losing control they panic and go overboard.

American society will have to confront the reality that our entrenched status quo institutions have had it so easy for so long that they are afraid of a return to actual democracy.

The rule by the people has always frightened elites who prefer to control others.


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Your numbers are speculation and subject to change as Howard Dean’s loss (though having supposedly won a majority of super delegates) to Kerry showed.

If the Dems went against the voting public it would prove catastrophic in the final election. I can’t imagine the utter backlash that would result from such an underhanded backstabbing betrayal of democracy. Literally the democratic party would have lost the trust of the voters and where that would lead (the advent of His royal autocracy Trump the first?) is a question.

This is a people power election and if the vote is stolen from people then the voters trust in our democracy will have been stolen as well. Death by a thousand cuts actually takes only a few deep ones to get the job done and this would be a lethal wound imo.

Would the elites choose to throw our democracy out the window just to keep the status quo when the country is sick of the oligarchy’s take over?

Can it happen here after all?


It seems entirely possible that the superdelegates will perform the function for which they were created–stealing elections from the people so the party can continue to serve corporations and the very rich. But I imagine that the outrage and uprising that would happen if they selected Clinton after Sanders was elected would utterly destroy the Democratic party.

I’m a member of the Green party, and would be ready with voter registration forms piled 12’ high in that event, and I imagine a third party candidacy by Sanders would be not only likely at that point, but likely to win the presidency. Certainly Clinton wouldn’t have a chance in a million of winning.

And a Sanders win like that would likely also carry a sizable number in Congress with it, out of the duopoly and into a new era in US politics and a new chance for the survival of civilization.


May the voice of the people continue to be heard LOUDly AND CLEARly as it was in New Hampshire! Regardless of super delegates and all the other posturing and maneuvering to silence that vox populi and rig the election, the people’s WILL WILL BE HEARD AND HEEDED!

Go Bernie, GO!


Simplify your message to your daughters by quoting Steve Martin: BE SO GOOD THAT THEY CAN’T IGNORE YOU.

At least two of your daughters appear to be dialed in to Martin’s admonition and Bernie would not have gotten this far if he had not adhered to Martin’s admonition.

It will take all of our efforts to make sure the Bernie continues to fulfill Martin’s admonition through the primaries. While marginal primary wins against Hillary may give the super delegates leverage, decisive wins will give the Warren wing of the Democratic Party more leverage.

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There is no way Clinton can beat Trump in November, so the Democratic Party will be putting itself on the fast track to irrelevance and obsolescence if she is nominated.


Here is a link to all the super delegates in the Dem party for 2016

It’s obvious Clinton is a denying delayalist because she denies the direness of the situation and will fall back on working for banks and other corporations immediately if she takes office, delaying for far too long the actions needed for civilization to survive this crisis.

If any kind of climate denying delayalist, including Clinton, is selected president, then the whole world will be on the fast track to not just irrelevance and obsolescence but oblivion.


I think your so called democracy was thrown out the window quite some time ago,for sure it was when Bush 2 took office.
And I would venture to go back as far as the Kennedy murders if not further back to make my point.
Democracy in America has been dead for some time, it has been an illusion which has brought us to the state of affairs we find our self in now.


Nasty, yes, nasty, political conventions can be and have been very nasty and contentious. It’s been awhile since the nation has experienced a barn burning convention. One of the last was the fight, led by Fannie Lou Hamer and others, protesting the seating of the all white Mississippi delegation to the 1964 Convention, which prompted the all white delegation to walk out. Strom Thurmond led the Dixiecrats out of the 1948 Democratic Convention over the Civil Rights Plank. Some conventons needed hundreds of ballots to reach agreement on a candidate.

So the notion that Super Delegates could, in effect, calmly nominate a candidate, not having the requisite delegates on his or her own, without sparking mayhem, is naive. Remember this has never happened, and I think many of these Super Delegates, will think twice before possibly sacrificing their own hides. Such a move could go sour and backfire, prompting the Sanders delegates to walk out, which I think they should. Just a little food for thought.

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Yes, but will the elites be willing to dispense with the illusion, or will they let the superdelegates go with the popular vote, that is the question.

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Hey JohnEllis(Bush)–shill much?

A lot of people are already sick of this faux democracy. Forget the primaries. The majority lost the presidential election 16 years ago to electoral votes and nothing happened. I think you overestimate the media coverage such an event would have. HRCs shills will bury the real story and try to turn it into something inspiring. We’ll hear about it in the internet and everyone will ignore us.

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I hope you’re right.

True, but is it really about the democrat party or is it about one of the corporate parties succeeding in getting at least one of the oligarch’s lap dogs into position to win?

All the same Hillary is determined to steal the election, as she loses but she wins. So she overrun Sanders after losing Iowa thanks to an improbable 6:0 coin tossing, and now she will get more delegates in NH in spite of Sanders’ landslide thanks to the voter-scornful superdelegate mechanism. And this is the US superdemocracy which lectures the whole world about its superiority!!!

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American democracy is a joke. Most of people are sick and tired, which is why they support unconventional candidates, but the system is so rigged that it seems a mission impossible!!! And then if the establishment doesn’t like the end result, they will always ignore the popular vote or rig the final account (Florida), sway a judge, etc. From the very beginning a “democracy” which counts on “superdelegates” or casino majorities with grand electors and so on. Is that what means to be exceptional?