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With Supreme Court Decision on Dark Money "We’re About to Know a Lot More About Who Is Funding Our Elections"

With Supreme Court Decision on Dark Money "We’re About to Know a Lot More About Who Is Funding Our Elections"

Jon Queally, staff writer

In a win for increased transparency and those demanding an end to the so-called "dark money" eating away at U.S. democracy, the Supreme Court on Tuesday lifted a previous stay on a lower court ruling by rejecting the argument by right-wing advocacy groups who said they should not have to reveal the identity of big-dollar donors who fund their issue-based campaign ads.

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You have to laugh… the republicrats champion an economic model and saturated ideology that bails out hyper, society collapsing bank fraud; which holds that all but fiat metrics are the measure of oikos reduced to sub-sub-keynsian notions; where ALL must be “externalized” to the point of pie-in-the-sky abstraction.

You rarely hear anyone even begin to approach flinging open the doors on the Milton Friedman cesspool in which the chain of fools from overgrown ivy weeds. “Economy” has been systematically fragmented, massaged, twisted, turned inside out and held over the flame of the vanities.

This is not for the faint of heart or lazy of ear but its a kick and half of clarity. Anthropologist Marshal Sahlins is one of our finest heavy lifters with eagle eye and deft articulation of the notions the system has been working to keep dots from being connected.

Hereś a torch for finding the mapping for “dark money” with link to hard copy below. Pull out a dictionary 'cause heres a lexicon to the fight the system:

The culture of Material Value and the Cosmography of Difference


Well, I am surprised and thankful. The conservatives on the Court are not as hideous as I thought. Unfortunately, this hint of sanity may all change with Trump’s help.

I’ll be very interested to see how many of the big donors (owners) donate big (buy) the politicians of both the DNC and the RNC.

Tear out the front page, Jedediah! Here’s your new headline: “Supremes Do Right Thing, World Shocked!”


Not sure about that. Roberts tried to block it, but “was overruled” by the full court. I checked several news sites trying to find a vote (assuming a 4-4 ‘loss’), before NYT informed us:

The surprise to me is that Roberts was unable to kick the vote down the road a couple months — or to wait for Kavanaugh LLC to be seated, whichever comes first.


This ruling is ineffective. Too much information - $250 reported, will give long lists of “donors”, likely (the article didn’t specify) without the actual dollar amounts listed. In effect this is like looking for the “tall pine tree” set in the middle of the forest among other tall pines. People - rich or poor have the opportunity to support their political cause - mine or theirs, but when the dollars are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars - either through personal or corporate accounts, this should be revealed. Doesn’t appear that this decision moves us much further in that direction.


Does no one mind that we are getting substanceless articles now? No link the the ruling, not even the name of the court case so we could look for it ourselves. All we are getting is repeats of Tweets and sometimes we are told the wording of the Tweet and then it’s repeated. Once upon a time, CD had real article by their staff writers, not any more. Once upon a time, I sent money to CD…

Yeah, money equals “free speech” and thus, those with more money are more equal than others - that is the atrocity the Scrotus saddled America with in their service to capitalist/corporate wealth and power - screw the little guy and gal, all hail big-money and profits Uber Alles!!

We have become a wholly-owned subsidiary with privatized everything! A nation of wage and debt/interest slaves!

privatized politicians

privatized elections and voting machines

privatized government, Congress and legislation

privatized president, and

Victimized public and environment!

Wonderful source, Sahlins.