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With 'Survival of Organized Human Society' at Risk, New Campaign Rallies Progressives to Vote Trump Out

Much to think about in this article and the links in the article----looking forward to the comments and I suspect there will be many.

Chomsky states:

“Another four years of Trump may literally lead us to the stage where the survival of organized human society is deeply imperiled,” Chomsky says in the clip.It doesn’t matter how I feel. It doesn’t matter whether you like Biden or not. That’s your personal feelings, irrelevant, nobody cares about that. What they care about is what happens to the world”"

The first thing that jumped out at me was Noam Chomsky’s comment about nobody caring about your “personal feelings” ----that they are IRRELEVANT.

Wow . . just wow. What an utterly stupid thing for a supposedly bright man to say.

The problem with neoliberalism, trump, way too many democrats is lack of empathy. Empathy is caring about how others feel. Having compassion is caring how others feel. He is telling us that is silly, irrelevant and it’s ok to NOT care about other’s feelings. Basically he is telling us to “win”, we must put that feeling crap aside!

Re: “not liking Biden”. How simplistic is he trying to reduce this to?

FFS: I am not simply saying “gosh, I don’t like Joe Biden” therefore I’m not going to vote for him." It is much deeper than that.

Saying this I believe is a big mistake and one I find deeply troubling.

What many progressives (including myself) have been fighting for most of our lives—-literally on the ground fighting for-----are others: victims of abuse or the natural world.

So to tell us who hesitate or refuse to vote for Biden that we are not thinking of others is beyond offensive.

Then there is this:

Would you rather-----

Protest Net Zero Carbon Emissions standards by 2030


Protest Authoritarian Fascism from which we may never recover

Here is another----wow, just wow----offensive statement to those of us who have been doing everything in our power to fight for a habitable planet.

We will never recover from the carbon we have emitted and the habitat we have destroyed.

When ecosystems collapse as they are all over the world, it leaves us open to fascist leaders. Biden, Obama, Clinton brought us here.

Lastly I am going to pull a few excerpts from the link in the article “FAQ” and put in bold what I want to respond to. They have a list of responses for those who don’t want to vote for Biden including the following:
(full disclosure: I do agree there are differences between Dems and trump)


We strongly disagree. For every undocumented family seeking asylum, for every woman seeking access to reproductive healthcare, for every young person fighting to avert climate catastrophe, for every parent afraid of gun violence at their children’s school, for every working class family hoping for some relief from the medical and economic fallout of the coronavirus, life will be very different under a Biden presidency than under four more years of Trump.

And crucially, Biden is moveable. We’ve already shown that with mass pressure, we can push him to support more progressive policies.

My response to the above is: WHO IS THIS “MOVEABLE BIDEN”? (sorry, I had to shout!) When this group says “Biden is moveable” who is really moveable? Biden doesn’t know what the hell he is doing.

You can’t just tell us “Biden is moveable” when we KNOW that others are calling the shots. Who are they talking about? They need to make that clear.

Yet another statement that I find deeply offensive and troubling.

They go on to respond to those who ask:

Our values are firmly grounded in improving the material well-being of actual people, particularly marginalized people. It is clear that for poor and working class people, for people of color, for LGBTQIA+ people, for immigrants, for refugees, for students, and for people with disabilities, life will be far harder under a Trump administration than a Biden administration. In this way, voting for Biden in swing states in order to defeat Trump is a reflection, not a contravention, of our values. Voting is fundamentally a strategic act, and we are pursuing the strategy most likely to protect vulnerable people from four more years of bigotry, exploitation, and repression. And we will be ready and organized on day one to hold a Biden administration accountable.

Ok . . our vote is just “strategy”.

What the hell is the strategy?

You really think being “ready on day one” is enough?

If you are going to be “ready on day one” then how can we vote for this “strategy” with our “strategic voting” if we don’t know specifically what it is?

Who are the leaders?

What is the plan other than to dismiss feelings and tell us to vote “strategically” when there is no strategy of substance presented?


It’s funny that people think anyone, including progressives are going to pressure Biden.
You are saying we have to vote for him and his people hear this. There is no pressure.

The DNC voted against Medicare for All during a pandemic and for supporting Israel no matter what. They vote unanimously for increase in war funds and allowing the gov’t to view browser history without a search warrant. How are you going to change that? They do not care and we have nothing to push back with.

By saying vote for Biden no matter what you are giving away any leverage you might have had. When he becomes president, even if he is aware of the victory are you going to go to the White House and say Give the people what they want or we will take our votes back.

You have no leverage, there will be no pressure to apply.

Vote 3rd party!

If every so called progressive and every person who did not vote last time voted 3rd party. That would be some kind of pressure!


And “ready on day one” is much too late. The real decisions happen before he ever takes office.


Chomsky had a good run. What happened to him?


Biden can win easily with the many disillusioned 2016 Trump voters (Hillery backlash). When he gets into office he then can prove how progressive he is … why should we guilt trip when the DNC refuses to support Med for all … maybe the party should be defining what they stand for if they want the progressive vote. I particularly have problems with the dims foreign policies which reflect the lack of morality for humankind. “Vote for me, I’ll set you free”



I applaud RootsAction’s campaign to vote out Trump, and I say this is as someone who is so anti-Democrat establishment that I was a co-founder with Victor Tiffany of the Bernie or Bust movement. But I broke with my own movement in 2016 because I became rationally convinced that Trump was far too dangerous to accept; his three and a half years of grievous misrule has confirmed I was right. And that despite establishment Dems remaining as disgusting as ever.

While I embrace BOTH prongs of the RootsAction/Chomsky approach (soundly trouncing Trump and pressuring Biden from day one), I wish you guys were more forceful in outlining HOW we pressure Biden. For example, are you considering a mass protest of his inauguration, using the election as a great occasion to organize it? Would you use a related slogan, like “Vote Biden: Make America Safe for Revolt”? That STRONGLY emphasizes a key pro-Biden argument: that mass movement protest, necessitated by Trump II, will provoke fascist repression and bloodshed–which Trump hasn’t hesitated to use (within limits) even facing an election. If he gets the perceived mandate of a reelection, his gloves against dissent are SURE to come off. Revolt will likewise be needed–and certainly much SAFER–under Biden

Finally, while a portion of the Never Biden/Never Democrat left will never change their minds, I suspect more forceful, open calling out of Biden and Democrats by our major movements would persuade many. For example, shouldn’t we call for ranked-choice voting or some similar voting scheme, which would keep Dems from using Trump and Republican extremism as voter EXTORTION? And shouldn’t we openly call out Democrats on that extortion, where progressives can never SAFELY vote our true preferences, say, as in voting Green?


like the GOP a dozen years ago, the Dems are running out of room on the Crazy Cliff. You can only campaign on “Our very civilization is at stake unless you get this one super nasty person out for this less nasty person!” so much before even the deluded figure out their pockets are lighter.


He got old and lonely, apparently. Decided he’d rather be an acceptable Democrat than a genuine anarchist in the academic wilderness.

In other words, he quit the field.

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By supporting Greens and eco-socialists.


Glad you are here commenting after this piece. Hearing other’s voices (especially yours), helps after pieces like this that invoke shame.

Everything we are witnessing and living is a real life nightmare. I don’t want trump, I despise the dems and Biden.
There is a major internal struggle here for many of us with this upcoming “election”.

I will be honest, I still don’t know what I am going to do. If this article and this new “campaign” was supposed to help sway those of us who don’t want to vote for Biden, I can say that it has not helped me at all.

In fact, as I pointed out above, I find it troubling and offensive.


Obama actually started 5. He got the Ukraine fighting itself, Yemen green light, and a redux in Somalia. There are probably a few more quiet ones to add.


Lots of cynicism here – and I’m no fan of Biden or the Democrats but, this is on target. Any one of you who doesn’t understand the need to get Trump and his nazis out is missing a few brain cells. Biden is a corporate stooge but he is at least open to pressure on the climate issue, accepting of science and not endorsing genocide. We will have to stay in the streets and continue exerting popular pressure on him as well – assuming against the odds that Trump is defeated by our broken electoral sham – but for many of us, at least our Social Security, our Postal Service and a minimal safety net will last through the year. For many of us, this is life or death in the short term but the struggle must continue to expand no matter who is ultimately selected.


No, thanks. The rigged nominations in 2016 and 2020 to block Medicare for All and the transformational leader of our times, Bernie Sanders, have been more than enough for me. “Vote Trump Out” is a loser, as is the other recent initiative, “Settle for Biden,” and while I won’t be happy if Trump wins, I’ll be delighted if Biden loses.


Thank you Caroline.

I have already decided to vote Green Party, but if I were still undecided, pressure like this article would push me AWAY from voting for Biden. I don’t respond well to hard sells.


I agree with you trump has to go. The duopoly must go.

There are differences obviously.

But I’m not seeing many people on the streets fighting “neoliberal dems” and the dem establishment.

What happened to Occupy Wall Street during Obama’s term?

Most people I know that are voting for Biden haven’t a clue what that means as long as their health care plans remain intact and they still have pensions or 401 k’s.

I hope this new campaign can be more specific about the “strategy”.

Re: “Lots of cynicism here”

I think there is a solid reason for the anger, frustration and concern over once again voting for the LOTE.

Many of us knew it would get to this point by the LOTE voting that has been taking place for . . . most of my life (decades)!

Of course there will be cynicism! This oligarchic duopoly has (in part) helped put the planet on a trajectory of collapse that may be unstoppable.


Bullshit! we need el trumpo gone. A no vote is just like giving it to Trump. I don’t like Biden either, don’t trust him but buffoon is SO MUCH WORSE.


Aren’t people tired of waiting for crumbs and always turning the other cheek,just to be left still waiting and getting smacked by the two headed monster?


Just a suggestion, but insulting people, then expecting them to agree with you, is not going to work.

Also, if Biden was even slightly open to pressure, we would see it BEFORE we cast our votes.


I agree that I am sick and tired of holding my nose BUT THE ALTERNATIVE IS SO MUCH WORST.


The article could have been far more ‘Progressive’ if it had concentrated on a Progressive Congress rather than focusing on the 'lesser of two evils race" between Joe and Donald. Instead the article could have read like this…
No one likes Trump or Biden, but if Progressives can show up for November 3rd and tick off the unpalatable box designated as “Joe Biden”, then perhaps at the same time they can check the box next to the ‘Progressive candidate’ that undermines the corporate underpinnings of both Parties thereby bringing a semblance of democracy to the electoral landscape.
Let’s face it, we’re stuck with two candidates that no one can possibly endorse, yet as long as we show up at the polls, we can make a crucial vote towards who these two imbeciles will answer to. Our Congress controls the purse strings of our country. Congress, if taken over by a progressive field of candidates, can turn either Trump or Biden into ‘lame duck presidents’ ushering in a new era of social justice and equity for all. No more ‘pork barrel’ bills that force every politician to compromise by getting their constituents a measly handout while being forced to support another Pentagon expenditure. No more assaults on Medicare and Medicaid. No more defunding of public institutions like the USPS and no more corporate subsidies to Wall Street for their ‘political contributions’ to the various candidates.
The “serious voter” therefore must vigilantly seek out the progressive candidate in their riding to ensure that some corporate sycophant doesn’t get elected or re-elected. Don’t expect the MSM to guide you through this process. Instead expect the MSM to support one of two party selected, corporate sell outs to represent you in the next Congress. Who cares if Trump or Biden become president if either one of them has to deal with a Congress made up of rational human beings who place the public interest above all else?
To find the Progressive candidate in your riding, start digging now. If none exist, run yourself. A alternative progressive media (“Useful Idiots”, “The Hill”, Joe Rogan, Jimmy Dore, Abby Martin, Glenn Greenwald and a host of others) will do their best to introduce you to your constituents in an effort to transform America into a functioning democracy.
An all progressives Congress for 2020! Democracy demands nothing less!