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With Sweeping $775 Billion Investment in Child and Elder Care, Biden Goes Big to End 'Caregiving Crisis'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/21/sweeping-775-billion-investment-child-and-elder-care-biden-goes-big-end-caregiving


There it is again…
“…to ensuring that parents have access to safe, affordable child care”

Let’s just call it what it is - The New Republican Party

Ex-Ohio Governor John Kasich has been invited to speak at the Democratic National Convention in support of Joe Biden.
From the Rational National:


It’s not that this isn’t needed, but how about helping everyone, EIM4A. Everyone is helped, everyone saves, everyone benefits.


Sounds great, doesn’t it?

The 10-year, $775 billion investment would create three million jobs in the caregiving sectors and free up millions of Americans for employment …

Well, lets see, now. The soon-to-be voted on annual “defense” spending bill will likely be about $750 Billion. Total military expenditures will probably be closer to 1.5 TRILLION. That’s for one year, folks.

So, in addition to Biden proposing about half of one year’s military budget to be spent for caregiving over 10 years, that same military spending (for which he will no doubt go all-in) will be part of the reason why Congress, even if it should get a blue majority in November, won’t approve this nice plan.

So Mr. Biden can propose ALL KINDS of nice things to the electorate to make it look like he’s on our side. It’s easy! No consequences.

In fact, isn’t it a bit funny that all of the sudden, establishment Democrats and their media allies are silent about “how he’s going to pay for it” , after constantly hammering Sanders and other progressives about how they couldn’t pay for M4A, free public college, etc.?

I resent this hypocrisy and I hope future such pronouncements will be accompanied by a bit more critical analysis instead of merely giving free press to cheap campaign-time rhetoric.


The plan would be funded by ending “unproductive and unequal” tax breaks for rich real estate investors…

That’s Biden kicking Trump right in the oranges.


Bingo. “Cheap campaign-time rhetoric.” - and the suckers fall for it every time. Lucy and the famous football come to mind.


The crisis just began when Trump got in office.
After 10 years of investments the crisis will be over.

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I think most americans at this point just feel like hes better than trump…so screw it. At least hes willing to talk nice sometimes. Small victories


That’s a hard NO for me. What we need the most is Medicare for All, which Biden says he would veto.


It is not a victory to be robbed 5% less, so government can continue to pay off, what by law can’t be, bribes from the 1%, at 100,000 cents on the dollar.


In other words, nothing is basically going to change.


Good summary jrmoffett.

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Very well spelled out RogerH.

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Sorry. The left is horrible is at politics. You’re letting the perfect be the enemy of the good.

I say take it and ask/push for more. It’s a start. Republicans are offering zero.

Is this how you ask for progress? Give us everything we want or go F yourself.

There should not be 13 likes for this sentiment.

If Biden follows through, it will provide jobs, it will increase pay and it will help children and seniors.

Seriously, what are you trying to accomplish? Progress. Or ventilation?

Well, Bob, you’re certainly entitled to your own opinion but (happily) you’re not the arbiter of others’ opinions.

So, with what particular part of my critique do you disagree? Do you disagree that such runaway spending on military and foreign interference makes it almost impossible to adequately fund human needs in the U.S.? Have you ever looked at the history of such spending vis a vis citizens’ priorities, or its contributions to growing national debt?

Your comment also suggests that if elected Biden would actually get to sign such legislation. Yet, after all, it is his own Party leaders - specifically Nancy Pelosi, who’ve pushed the “Pay As You Go” (austerity) provision into legislation.

In any case, you may be satisfied with crumbs of incrementalism. That’s the precise formula for how we got: a) an accelerating trajectory for climate destabilization; b) steady growth of the wealth and income (and power) gaps; c) growth of deficits in terms of infrastructure, health care, etc. Many would also argue that it’s how we got so many willing to vote for Trump or against “the system”.

No, I’m not “satisfied” ; not with mere promises of incrementalism NOR of incrementalism as a valid strategy for sustainability of human civilization. Crumbs may make the giver and a few receivers feel better, but they will not address the systemic problems pointing to a cataclysmic end-game.


Apparently you’ve forgotten Obama. Obama was great when he was campaigning. But his campaign promises meant nothing when he was in office. He campaigned the same way each term and he governed the same way each term and the way he campaigned had nothing to do with the way he governed. Clinton campaigned on being Obama’s third term. Most Americans wanted nothing of the sort. That’s why we have Trump.

Do you think Biden will be better than Obama was? There’s nothing to take here. It’s not a “start.” Democrats are offering zero too. Do you think there’s any progress here? Do you think there’s any chance that we can “hold Biden’s feet to the fire” and make him deliver on anything he promises?

Look at Biden’s record. Remember that Biden, in early 2020, said he was open to having a Republican running mate. Once elected, Biden will work closely with his Republican “friends” to accomplish their shared agenda. Which means more war, trade deals that favor the rich, privatizing Social Security, shrinking Medicare/Medicaid. Biden doesn’t care about American jobs or lives.

I’m not interested in a Left that thinks moving an imaginary needle is any sort of accomplishment.


I agree that the military budget is grossly over-funded. It should be but by 25% or 50%. Even 75%. But congress just rejected a meager 10% cut. Too many Americans still think it’s necessary to spend a trillion on “defense” to be secure.

I am not satisfied with incrementalism. But almost all societal change, short of violent revolution, is incremental.

And by the way, increasing the social safety net is NOT the precise formula that explains how we got your a, b, and c. Decreases to the social safety net explain that, the opposite of what you claim. It’s math.

75 billion a year may be crumbs to you. But be careful speaking on behalf of the future recipients. I’m pretty sure they will take it. And then we ask for more.

Will Biden actually pass it? No one, of course, knows. Some, all, none? But it his proposal, it’s documented, it’s on the record. Now the Republicans have to reject or counter. Politics.

What I do know is this. If large parts of the left are going to reject every move in the right direction because it’s not enough, while the Republicans reject every move in this direction because it’s always too much, you are absolutely right, we will all end up with zip.

My point stands. Tell Biden it’s a start and we’ll take it. But also tell him we need more. And when you have the votes, tell him you demand more.

Michael Brooks, the great progressive we lost two days ago, said something like this. Forget the big strategy and just feed hungry people and give money to the poor. That’s it. Make it happen.

We can’t teleport to a socialist Utopia in the US. We need to get there step by hard step. Incremental.

I have not forgotten Obama. Or Obamacare, which you either forgot or disregard. It’s not nearly as good as single payer but it was something, better than the nothing the Republicans offered.

Technically, most Americans who voted in 2016 DID want a third term. Clinton got more votes. But the electoral college got in the way.

Biden may or may not be better than Obama. No way to know. What I do know is that Biden will be better than Trump and that is our choice. But I agree, I do not think Biden will offer much progress of his own volition. I’m hoping the progressive caucus, and majorities in both houses, will make progress possible.

But under Trump, we have not have to worry about progress. We will be too focused on limiting the amount of regress.

Biden’s record is bad. You’re right. He’s the worse candidate in the last 50 years among Dems. And you may also be right that he will cozy up to Republicans. But again, he’s not Trump, who is historically awful.

I’m not interested in a nihilist who doesn’t vote to minimize harm. Trump and his hard right cabal share far too much in common with a certain eastern European country in the 1930’s.

For God’s sake, he’s sending federal troops in to attack protesters.

I know you and your allies on this site hate the LOTE proposition. But Trump is so evil.

How does Biden think parents are going to be able to afford this childcare?

How does he think he will be able to raise the salaries of people working for private companies? Is the federal government supposed to supplement the salaries of people? As long as they are in a favored industry?


Can you believe that Biden is the Democratic nominee for President?

This says something about the Democratic party.

Strong third parties are needed if we are to save this Democracy from corporate control.

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