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With System So Rigged, Warren Buffet's Company Rakes in $29 Billion It Didn't Earn (or Want)

With System So Rigged, Warren Buffet's Company Rakes in $29 Billion It Didn't Earn (or Want)

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Adding to the mountains upon mountains of evidence that the American economy is thoroughly rigged in favor of the wealthy, Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett told investors in a letter (pdf) over the weekend that his company saw a $29 billion boost in net worth that it didn't even ear

If Buffett doesn’t want that $29 billion, he’s certainly welcome to donate it to the Treasury.


If Buffet were really a good guy, he would fund a social program or charity, since he says he didn’t want the extra money.


Renew Wealth Cap Petition:

My thoughts also, how many meals for the hungry, or homes for the homeless could 29 billion buy?

FYI-It’s not all his own money. He’s violating his fiduciary responsibility if he did and that’s criminal, as well.
Buffet is giving most of his personal wealth away to various causes. So, there’s that, too.
The $$$ is all borrowed ( debt ) so no one should get too overstimulated by this latest round of Republican generosity.
BTW- The crazies are currently running the control room.

The Fraud perpetrated on the American People by Trump’s administration and the Republican Party in passing the Tax Scam Bill into law, should be evidence enough for Mr. Mueller to charge and convict the lot of them.


After the 1996 Port Arthur mass shooting, Australia not only banned assault weapons, but bought back those already owned. They haven’t had a mass shooting since.

There may be about 2 million assault weapons owned among the 310 million guns owned in the U.S. A buyback of $2,000 per assault weapon would cost about $4 billion. Buffet should pay for this to help this country, if such a program could EVER be initiated (I know, I know: the NRA, gun makers, gun show operators, and politicians would fight this).

If Buffet doesn’t want or need that $29 billion, it should be put to good use.

The Koch brothers, Buffet and Trump - enough billionaires to indicate the system is rigged. If you have billions of bucks you make billions of bucks, and sometimes even become president.

Something doesn’t smell right, here. He didn’t want it, but he had no problem taking it.

OK, it’s not his money, per-se, and maybe there’s an article I haven’t read about all the wonderful donations that Berkshire Hathaway is about to make, but he’s the CEO, so I’d assume he has a bit of influence regarding how the money is used.

Charge them with what?
That’s the beauty of passing a law. You make what was previously illegal, legal.

And how is that any different than it has always been?

So if you don’t agree with the new tax law you aren’t going to comply with any of the changes that may benefit you? Like if the standard deduction doubles, you are still going to try to claim the old standard deduction? How exactly do you not follow the new law without violating the law?

Fraud. The Republican Congress fraudulently represented the largest theft or transfer of wealth from our tax coffers to the Super Rich to the tune of $1.5 Trillion, as a Tax Cut.

Warren Buffet alone estimates his company will benefit this year by some $29 Billion. One company.