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With 'Systemic Violations' of Worker Rights, US Comes in Dead Last in Labor Rankings of Wealthy Nations

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/18/systemic-violations-worker-rights-us-comes-dead-last-labor-rankings-wealthy-nations


This country has become what our “leaders” have decried in other countries—the United States has become the American Nightmare.


Nothing makes this more clear than, "Dead Last."

Management must be made to share that same distinction as their workers.


This is Capitalism, what it is and what it does. The lower numbers mean protections haven’t been effectively gutted yet. 5s across the board are break out the champagne time.


Hi celticfire:

sigh----and weirdly America is right back where it was in TIME, when Hoover failed and FDR came in—and the corporate plunderers had to listen to him. America had FDR, but now----- perhaps we will have but one choice-----2 1950s men with long ago mindsets---- both pussy grabbers----and both men with NO vision for any kind of future!
Of course back then, the corporate ones could see that if they didn’t back Roosevelt----
then no one would help them either.
sigh— The future today looks as dismal and could be really messy—because many wonder what caused that city of Redlands, CA Amazon to
burn.Maybe many corporates don’t understand that without sustainable labor, the U.S. will lag even farther behind in the world.: ( I wonder if China is hiring? : )


Americans are absolutely too stupid and too selfish to care.


Oh c’mon… I’m sure there’s quite a few 3rd world countries we’re worse than at this point.

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Anyone ever involved in labor organizing at the work place understands that the work place, without a labor union, is a dictatorship.


Personally, I like the Wobblies cry the best: “Fire your boss!” This has to be part of our collective re-imagining of a new and just world.

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The US ranking by the ITUC is hardly surprising considering that America’s workforce has been under constant pressure to perform more for a constantly reduced level of pay for the past 45 years.


I’m sure you’re right. Kerala, the Indian state with communists in its government - really popular communists - I’m sure must be far better for workers than the USA. It’s certainly kept its citizens far safer during the pandemic, as has Cuba, Venezuela and other nations the corporate media demonises.

The other Indian states are worse than the USA, however. The report stated that under the Modi government, labor rights in India have gotten much worse.


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As somebody who has spent a lot of time with wealthy people they basically consider a huge windfall coming from a global race to the bottom on wages and benefits now to be one of the benefits of capitalism that is supposed to be occurring globally due to supply of labor rising and demand for labor falling. They consider this windfall to be an entitlement of theirs. Thats right, its embedded ideology. Both of our erstwhile presumptives almost certainly believe this with every atom of their being. Even wealthy people’s children know about this.

Also, Indian companies when they take over IT departments in the US, not only don’t hire any Americans, if they can avoid it, (example ~https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2013/08/indian-it-firm-accused-of-discrimination-against-stupid-americans/ )

They also seem to be perpetuating the Indian caste system to their workplaces here. In America.

We have a special relationship with India and the UK, india implemented the demonetization trial project of the Better than Cash Alliance.

See my other post, its not just the US, we’ve been pushing an embedded ideology in our international agreements “progressive liberalization” (which originated in the WTO “GATS” agreement on services - which demands a one way street to ever increasing deregulation from other WTO countries).

Also, to give corporations “certainty” anything that is deregulated has to stay that way. Its extremely costly to try to turn something thats already privatized into a public service again (and it has to be completely nomcommercial and have not even a single commercial competitor)

Other countries are under severe pressure by us to incrementally privatize more and more.

Here is New Zealand’s experience

Identifying these countries as capitalistic VS socialist might help answer the question why.


This just in. Three places rated below the US: Hell, Hades, and Purgatory. We just keep winning.

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If Eugene V. Debs could rise from the dead and read this, this is what he would say:
“I told you so.”

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This is an old New York Times article about Kerala.

They manage to do it because overseas workers from Kerala send a huge amount of money home from other places where they spend mostof their lives working, Many children never see their parents except on holidays, if that. Its a common model throughout the developing world thats constantly getting worse due to progressively higher levels of liberalization.


the US may be like this soon.

We’re not as bad as China, where they have mobile execution vans. We’re not s bad as brzil where people are dying like flies.

We’re around the same as Mexico and Russia is better than us. We’re not as bad as India, where slavery is still a serious problem. We have slavery but its limited to those convicted of a crime.