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With 'Systemic Violations' of Worker Rights, US Comes in Dead Last in Labor Rankings of Wealthy Nations

We can import as much labor as we want, the problem is it locks in permanently and becomes an entitlement because of GATS.

Hi zed:
But I don’t suppose that importing matters, as there are many workers here from Hispanic nations—and Trump wants to deport them now. What jobs do you suppose he wants for the rest of the Americans? Or does he just want them to fade away and die?

He likely doesn’t care, as long as they dont get in the way of businesses hiring cheaper workers by importing others. Thats what they alll want to do because its so profitable.

They could move to Costa Rica and live off their savings, I bet thats what he is hoping all those laid off do. But the fact is, millions of people cant afford that

Read up on the Uruguay Round and the Punta Del Este Declaration and what its supposed to do its supposed to be the largest transfer of wealth in history. Its not some small thing.

Hi zed:
And thinking very morosely-----how many workers at Mar-A-Largo already have Covid19?

I suspect you have no idea of what Ive been trying to explain.The thing is, people really need to know whats going on, because its a huge problem and there needs to be a hive mind focused on it. I dont know whats going on nor doe it seem do anybody else when it comes to these huge deals the entire country is out of a loop that the former WTO DG Mike Moore at one point called the biggest wealth transfer in the history of the world, and its supposed to be from us?

We’ve likely been deceived very very badly. Do you know anything about fiduciary duty? Suppose we imagine the country as a company where we are all shareholders, or not, do you understand that concept?

I mean this is extremely important because peoples entire lives are determined by what rights they may or may not have in property, right? Well, what is citizenship in a country and what is owned, or is anything owned, also what duties and responsibilities do leaders have, to disclose important facts that may materially effect peoples rights? Do they have the rights to say trade or sell off other owners rights, without telling them? Suppose people have a right to work in that country the value of which TO THEM, is determined by how many other people have that right.

To use the Dreamers as an example, why did their parents bring them HERE when they were children why was it thought they would do better here? Why do people here have higher expectations than somebody from India with its 1.3 or likely more billion people?

When we delegate responsibilities to other people thats called “Agency” . Bt certain kinds of people like to play fast and loose with responsibilities they seem to get a sort of thrill from breaking promises. They like to have people trust them and then to betray that trust. Thats the only way I can out it. And they are basically the worst possible people to have acting as your “agent” So why do we keep getting them stuck in positions of responsibility they shouldnt be in?

Hi Zed, yes I learned first hand what Fiduciary duty is SUPPOSED to mean. it’s apparently pretty common with family members and a death in the family. : (
Let’s just say my mom was supposed to be going home fro the hospital. but my sibling said her house wasn’t ready and she would go to stay where my sibling worked–in a rest home. Unfortunately , my mother died in 4 days—and my sibling said that she was the Executor, so I said—so there was a will?
Next my sister said, no---- so then I said we are both administrators then----so then we were. But getting information was difficult and along with other awful things said sibling tried to sue a lot of people, and did not tell me until after the fact----it was all very nefarious— and I did not want a 17 year old to think that she had killed anyone as the police report said my mom did not have the right of way!
So—as I had no for lawyers--- I just wrote to the county that my sister was suing and said..." Is my name still on that lawsuit. And as it was a small courthouse, and I called frequently saying who is this guy that put my name on a lawsuit and never talked to me and when I sent certified mail saying YOU are not my lawyer, as I never heard of you and you have no right to put my name on a lawsuit and NOT even notifying me for SIX months. You sent everything to my lying sister! : ( That to me made a liar pf that lawyer too! BUT----without it is possible to have that lawsuit dismissed with PREJUDICE, and all it took was a few honest county people- who I kept calling and saying----- am I still on that lawsuit…and explaining that the stupid lawyer NEVER EVER talked to me----- and how could I ever trust that lawyer about anything? SO my sibling taught me what a fiduciary is NOT. and I agree with you about what FIDUCIARY means----and I also agree that what happened to me is happening to lots of Americans in all kinds of ways!
AND “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” is a definite TRUISM! : )

**we all are equal inheritors of the world our beautiful planet "

Those who try to steal it will only inherit the wind.

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No no no, we are fair.