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With Tax Hikes for Working Class, CBO Shows Senate GOP Plan 'Steals From Poor, Gives to Rich'


With Tax Hikes for Working Class, CBO Shows Senate GOP Plan 'Steals From Poor, Gives to Rich'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

New report shows that in 2027, taxpayers making up to $75,000 would see a tax hike


What a bunch of thieving morons these one per centers are.


But…greed is good…??


What is unbelievable is that the suckers who get their taxes raised will go to the voting booth and re-elect the same people who raised their taxes.
Some people deserve the crap they get from their members of congress.
They will vote again for the people who either cut off or raised their health insurance.


Hatch to his constituents and all non-million-cum-billionaire Americans: TALK TO THE HAND, you worthless lazy rabble!


So true. And probably blame “those socialist Democrats” in the end :slight_smile:


I’ve been thinking about this, and maybe I’m cynical, but…

While the corporate tax cuts are permanent, the personal cuts aren’t, which would mean that as they are set to expire, the GOP puts the Democrats in the position of having to vote against re-authorizing tax cuts for people earning 75k or less, which is really smart politics from the GOP.


A quick note. Students, already in a world of hurt, will be especially hit hard as they won’t be able to deduct their extra high interest payments for student loans and will be taxed on earnings that graduate students get for teaching or doing research while obtaining their advanced degrees. Businesses though out to be shamed and boycotted; or most likely, folks won’t be able to buy their crap they sell. Absurd!!


Just a point of clarification. Grad students are already taxed on their actual earnings. This bill will count the free tuition (which is the big draw for them) as earnings, too. NPR talked to a grad student who was making 30k a year, but getting 85k worth of tuition for free. Under this bill, he’d have to pay tax on the 30k (which he already does) but also on the 85k tuition he receives, which jacks up his taxes considerably.