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With Tax Plan Safely Across Finish Line, Marco Rubio Admits GOP 'Probably Went Too Far' in Rewarding Corporations


With Tax Plan Safely Across Finish Line, Marco Rubio Admits GOP 'Probably Went Too Far' in Rewarding Corporations

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The Florida senator also conceded that corporate tax cuts will not create "dramatic economic growth," as his colleagues have claimed


Running a fucking country like a business. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?!

Especially when the “CEO” is a MORON!!!


Go fuck yourself Rubio. You did not have to vote for that POS tax scam.


Well, so it seems that Rubio is just another sleazy little money grubbing sycophant after all. Who woulda guessed.


Is this Marco Rubio’s “mea culpa” moment? Fuck you, Rubio and I don’t care what the “reason” is that you reveal this now post vote–we, the alert, knew it was a farce but you could have voted no. You did not.

Change is coming one way or another at this point, outgunned or not, as more people learn about the hoax. You and your ilk will be responsible for what transpires from the masses.


Too late, Marco! You didn’t have to vote for it, but you did! I am a Florida voter, and I will remember this day!


Trump and Rubio comments on the Inequality Exacerbation Act (disguised as “tax reform”) is no surprise considering that for at least two decades our local GOP voters have been bragging about how many lies the GOP gets away with. The GOP and their voters know these are all lies but are dyed in the wool team players who will never abandon their team.

Had Rubio or any other contender in the 2016 GOP primary won the White House they would have done everything Trump did with the possible exception of provoking war with North Korea, Iran and other nations.


It’s sad to know that there are many people who will be gullible enough to fall for this manipulative trick of Rubio’s and believe that now that he is telling “some” bit of truth he is on their side. I hope they don’t fall for it.


Rubio’s tax cut vote puts his name on a K Street lobbying job that starts at no less than $2 million per year and is available as soon as he loses an election or retires from his Senate seat (a job that pays less than $200K per year). Losing the next election has not been a concern for electeds since K Street opportunities started proliferating during the 1990s, so they don’t need to lie, and they face no risk when telling voters to bug off.


This is rich. Here I’m wondering how I’m gonna pay $20 a month for necessary oxygen and they maybe went too far. Trump himself gets a $billion extra yet they will immediately trim $25B from medicare. Mind you I paid tax out of every check I ever made for this necessary coverage. Anyone that gets a check that’s reported to the IRS has this tax removed; it’s NOT an entitlement!! F U Rubio and all of your cronies too, you all ought to be ashamed of yourselves. I’ll go back to my book before I explode today.


Rubio sez: “If I were king for a day, this tax bill would have looked different.”

Doesn’t sound like much of a campaign clip. But I’m sure Rubes for Rubio will lap it up in his next bid to be king for eight years.


completely. He’s is a mediocre, bought out by Haim Saban, scumbag!


He would have provoked war with Iran because he is a Zio shill owned by Haim Saban


Fuck Rubio! The asshole is just trying to make political points for his next move.


What a slimy little asswipe this boy has turned into


I gotta just shake my head at the infinite stupidity of willfully putting the nation in eleven trillion more in debt gambling on the private sector to do something that will help the citizens of the country. To expect corporations that have squirreled away taxable income in foreign banks to avoid taxes to invest in infrastructure and production improvements because their taxes went down would be laughable if we weren’t already swimming in debt. Debt that the very people who pushed this corporately written abomination have been carping and sniveling about for the last eight years. The hypocrisy is monstrous.
Here we have Rubio trying to claw back his guilt in this by now sounding like a semi regretful freshly deflowered virgin. Marco ol buddy your just another cheap whore with no viable concern for anything but your political career. I hope all those coupon clipping old dotterers kick you to the curb. This one would if I were not a continent away.


Rubio is such a little sh**!


Come the revolution their won’t be no corporate lobbyists.


Like he didn’t know this from the start, yet he still backed it. I guess he’s more afriad of Trump than the people.


Too sick for words…