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With Tax Plan, Sanders Beats Both Clinton and Trump by Double Digits


With Tax Plan, Sanders Beats Both Clinton and Trump by Double Digits

Jon Queally, staff writer

Though it's a clichéd American idiom that "everyone hates the tax man," for those with at least an idea of the competing tax plans put forth by this year's presidential candidates the Bernie Sanders' proposal is the hands-down favorite.


A budget is nothing more than a list of priorities, but it says it all when it comes to “putting the money where your mouth is.” Bernie’s budget is speaking volumes about the kind of country I want to live in.


Yes, and these stats are further evidence that with each passing day in the 2016 race, Clinton and Trump appear more like two sides of the same coin when actual issues are evaluated.


As an upper middle class American family, my household would happily pay any incremental increase as long as capital gains become taxed as ordinary income, and a financial transaction tax on investments is implemented. Both of which could adversely affect our net income, but would make our nation that much more sustainable in the long run that it is worth the cost.


I believe there are some issues especially climate change such that it would be cheaper in the long run (unfortunately more like 30 years than 10) to deal with the problem now rather than putting it off any longer. To be fair to the next generation, we ought to deal with those issues now.


Maybe Stephanie Kelton is the ‘eminence grise’ helping Bernie get a realistic tax plan before the electorate?
She understands all this.


I can only hope, that upon becoming President, Bernie will see that the best way to truly pay for the progressive ideas he espouses, not to mention help peace flourish in some small way, is to dismantle the Empire.


The way we must, or should, measure any candidate for public office is their integrity…and truth. A person of integrity who speaks truth reveals themselves for others to see who and what they are…if those looking and hearing possess the same honesty they will see the truth.

When we look at Bernie speaking we hear truth and see truth, the honesty, on his face. a stark contrast to the others.
The others tow the banker/Wall Street line of “free enterprise” and big-money dictating the direction we take as a nation and people, or speak such obvious falsities we see them on their face. One shows deception on her face and in her very careful words that cannot be hidden - the other speaks in terms of “us vs them”, using division, bigotry and racism as his standard - a life of deceit and manipulation, exposed for any with eyes to see.

This is the time to hold integrity, truth and honesty the highest - that means supporting Bernie Sanders!