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With Tax Scam Complete, GOP Caucus Unveils Insane Budget Blueprint to Attack Safety Net


With Tax Scam Complete, GOP Caucus Unveils Insane Budget Blueprint to Attack Safety Net

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

An ultraconservative Republican House caucus on Wednesday put forth its spending plan that represents a draconian wishlist of attacks on the social safety net and consumer and environmental protections while including a plan to further enrich the wealthy by making making permanent parts of the GOP tax plan.


Perfect. We now have the house version of AFUC-you budget.


I say everyone who wants something better should vote republican. What better way can you think of to bring about a real revolution then to let these psychopaths continue to rape and pillage. The Neo-liberals promise debt/wage slavery in perpetuity. The Republicans promise a violent and bloody revolution…a reckoning of biblical proportions as the people with nothing left to lose realize they have nothing left to lose.


Line them up in front of a firing squad. You’re fired!


yep, safety nets always targeted by the already super rich to loot even more money of our tax money. They want it freed up for them.


Someone PLEASE end these CRETINS!


I actually did get out of bed this morning thinking - why am I so against the Koch’s trying to completely eliminate the US government? And, why am I against any tax cut at all - including ones for millionaires? The tax cuts leave less money for the defense industry, and for homeland security to spy on and disappear us and for rich people to loot.

I used to be for these things when I thought social security and medicad would be around and when the gov wasn’t so corrupt it did a few thing - like the EPA, and justice dept going after corporate crooks. Now it’s some terrorist org run by foreigners(Israel/Saudi Arabia) and working for the oligarch mob disappearing people and taking our money and giving us nothing in return. If we can’t get social programs or justice, I see no reason for it to exist.

Technically it’s an illegal entity that doesn’t exist anyway. They suspended our constitution after 9/11 to pass the patriot acts(they were illegal under our constitution so they had to suspend it to pass those acts, and the constitution is still suspended.) They no longer exist under it since it isn’t in effect. We shouldn’t be paying them any tax money. We shouldn’t recognize them at all.


Not “less money”…Congress will pull the money in some other form from the 99%; or, they simply give the MIC more money by putting the nation further in debt. – But, there will eventually be a reckoning and our third world economic status will be known reality.


Yes, the taxes will continue to go up for the 99%, the MIC will get their money.


Sounds like they stuck their thumbs up their butts, pulled out a turd, and said, “What good ol’ boys are we!”


Not even being subtle anymore, are they? Perhaps they want bread riots and to huddle in their enclaves hoping we’ll kill each other off and leave the world to them. This is why worker strikes and protests are so important. We can’t let it get that far!


This is the plan of the libertarians (Tea Party, Koch brothers) etc. Ending all social programs. George Mason University houses the “brain” of this movement. In my view these people are so obsessed with the notion of economic liberty that they would destroy anything and everything to obtain it. And in fact obtaining their goal will destroy just about everything because it means gutting all environmental regulations and denying climate change to avoid government regulations. In their fantasies somehow the rich survive but that is unlikely. They see taxes for social programs and corporate regulations as being tyranny. Okay nobody likes tyranny but it is hard to see how helping the less well off and protecting human health can be called tyranny. In the view of these “tyranny fighters” there is no such thing as the common good. There are only individuals competing to obtain wealth. Those who do are the winners and the others are losers big time, left to fend for themselves with little means and no assistance from the government. You could call it cruelty on a scale that is hard to imagine. This is now what a good percentage of the Republican Party support since it was Koch brother money that got them elected. Even though the party has been sort of hijacked by the white nationalists the Tea Party is going along with that, extreme hate against non-whites and all. If the average person whats a miserable life for themself and their children it is pretty easy to see which party to vote for. Vote misery, vote Republican. At least all those liberals will also be miserable if that is any consolation.


That is actually what they expect and why they are willing to pay taxes for extra law enforcement. This stuff is all written down. They understand the consequences of their actions and are making preparations. They will deal with social unrest with brutal force. They are attempting to have permanent minority rule over a majority. They need to suppress the vote and disenfranchise as many opponents as possible because they know they can’t win when it comes to elections if everything is fair.


People need to stop having kids! This is overpopulation and grabbing of what’s left by the rich and greedy. Also, stop preserving old people in nursing homes! Nursing homes are just an industry- that’s all.


When is MORE enough for these people?


Six reasons why Barack Obama would have beaten Donald Trump in 2016.…

A very interesting WHAT IF… in 2018. Obama was the diversity president in contrast to Trump being a blatant sexist and racist. Then the Republicans went Trump crazy and started class warfare against the poor while sucking up to the millionaires, billionaires, multi millionaires, multi billionaires and huge corporations.


Personally I think all states should have a right to die with dignity law, and that includes those with depression, poverty and no hope of change. Do what you can, and when life is just miserable and hopeless have the right to die with dignity.


Sorry to say mealouts that its going the other direction…my state and local gubmits are spending big bucks making bridges more suicide proof.


What you are saying isn’t accurate. The rich people and countries consume the overwhelming majority of resources and create the overwhelming majority of pollutants. If you eliminated the poorest 25% of the world’s population, you would still have an environmental crisis. Not the case with the richest 25%. The data on that is clear. The capitalist system also knows no limits to growth in throughput and the generation of pollutants. Capitalism would be impossible without growth, without an outright authoritarian state.


The policies that Obama supported, the policy positions that have dominated the Democratic Party (especially economic policies) in recent decades, led to Trump. They were so disastrous that a monster like Trump could actually win, and the Democrats were utterly wiped out under Obama. Yeah, he could have beat Trump, and the policies he supported (and he would have done even worse things, like cutting the very programs the Republicans are now pushing to cut, the TPP and far more austerity) would have continued to make things worse. After he left office, that context would still exist, and the next Trump won’t be so incompetent. Things are going to get ugly quick if the left doesn’t wake up and actually put in place its (very popular) policies. Obama was a charismatic politician, a handsome guy, very intelligent, and was obviously historically important. Policy wise, not tons different than Tim Kaine.