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With the Feds Missing In Action, Depending On the Kindness Of (RV-Owning) Strangers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/04/03/feds-missing-action-depending-kindness-rv-owning-strangers


Humans can be incredibly helpful and kind. I much enjoyed this reminder of that. I do not sew but have participated delivering bags of face masks made in homes on our island for local groups and seniors. The Senior Center has an online app for volunteers for all kinds of small yet crucial errands for those unable to leave their homes. I have always found that worry lessens when you are helping others with their crap instead of your own, HA.


Stories such as these should remind us that we only need one another and not a system predicated on exploiting the vast majority of people. Take heart. Organize and agitate for a new wold for justice, peace, equality.


And thank you, Abby, for your tireless stories that show another way.


Our resources, real and powerful are not advertised. Creativity is one of them, generosity another, the strengthening of “BEING” over ‘having’.

Endless gratitude to all who engage this revolution of love based rationality in response!!!


May I suggest those who own portapotties place them along roadways frequented by semis. Those drivers are a lifeline in these times, but now have nowhere to take care of basic human needs. They carry pee pails. Those mega truck stops are so crowded that they’re now a health risk. If you have clean water piped into barns and outbuildings, please set up a shower with soap so these drivers can have a refreshing wash. Offer to wash their clothes. If you have a barn with a warm, sheltered place where a weary driver can sleep, it would be a mitzvah to stuff a quilt with hay, then pile blankets on top.
These hard working people deserve better than what the governments have not done. Lee Atwater and Grover Norquist’s dream has come true-the feds have been drowned in the bathtub except with it comes to funding war and big corporations.
Not to ruin your day, but the National Hurricane Center has predicted a very busy tropical storm season. What’s next, a plague of locusts? Oh, wait, that’s in the Horn of Africa. Haven’t heard about the upcoming tornado season.
Keep on truckin’…