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With the Planet at Stake, Climate Coalition Pressures Biden to Reject 'Corporate Shill' Ernest Moniz as Energy Chief

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/25/planet-stake-climate-coalition-pressures-biden-reject-corporate-shill-ernest-moniz

Laughing in the face of death is only useful if you’re a standup comic or the like.


Ok guys . . . . . goofy post here which goes to show social isolation may be pushing me over the top!

I’m sitting here (too much time on my hands obviously—and procrastinating!) looking at Ernest Moniz thinking: “will we ever get a break from hideous, villainous faces splashed on the front cyber page of CD’s?”

In between those thoughts I’m in total agreement with Tom Weis and his article on CD’s today where he states:

After all the climate breakdown we have witnessed in the past year, climate campaigners—are still having to protest at the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to get Joe Biden’s attention? Seriously?"

Though I’m not at all surprised at how this is playing out with Biden who does not seem so sleepy anymore. Power, greed can turbo charge almost anyone!

Back to Ernest Moniz and his hideous villainous mug and too much time on my hands.
I’m thinking: “who on earth does he remind me of?”

And I flash of recognition:
The Quaker Oats man!

So I google Ernest Moniz and Quaker Oats man and sure enough what immediately pops up:

“Quaker Oats lookalike and Obama energy secretary Ernest Moniz cashes out”

He is the long-lost son of the Quaker Oats man, or maybe a time-traveling founding father. Either way, Ernest Moniz is a sellout.

Former President Barack Obama’s former secretary of energy, Moniz just accepted a job with the second-largest utility company in the United States. The board of Southern Co. announced on Tuesday that Moniz will serve as an independent director. According to the company, he will sit on the board’s Operations, Environmental and Safety Committee and the Nominating, Governance and Corporate Responsibility Committee.

“Ernie Moniz enhances our board by bringing a strong energy science and technology background together with broad expertise in energy and environmental policy,” said Thomas A. Fanning, chairman, president, and CEO of Southern Co. But in reality, Moniz will be an expensive figurehead with a revolutionary-war haircut.

This from a conservative website/magazine which is not off base with this piece!


Missing from the article is Ernest Moniz’s strong support for nuclear power. Having pipeline line protest joined by anti-nuke protest will merely aggravate Biden and his main stream Democrats supporters, The Democrat Party actually included renewed support for nuclear power generation in their 2020 election platform! The ol’ Dual Party of the Corporate continues it’s public backed screw of the earth, for profit.

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More specifically, he had strong support for old-tech nuclear. So far as he was concerned, all old-tech nuclear needed was some good PR to manage public perception, and some heavy subsidies to help reduce or defray the costs. He did support research into other kinds of reactors, but he favored the slow, government-lab approach that dominated in the last century, with the leisurely goal of having at least one new kind of reactor ready to start the certification and licensing process by around mid-century. Moniz basically ignored and neglected the many private teams racing to develop better kinds of nuclear reactors. When confronted with new and possibly unprecedented problems, Moniz defaults to his comfort zone, which is to do minor tweaks to the status quo and to dust-off old solutions.

Inslee and Majumdar both see old-tech nuclear as having major problems and failures, and see that as a dead-end approach we need to get away from, but both want to support the investigation into different and possibly much better ways of doing nuclear power, and both see good potential in public-private research collaborations.

Inslee promised his constituents that he would serve the full four-year term as governor, so that’s a count against him for the job, but I generally agree with the recommendations for Majumdar. He’s very forward-thinking and action-oriented, and a great coalition-builder. He’s got a good mix of qualities–if Biden doesn’t screw it up by dropping a bunch of counterproductive policies on him.