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With the Right to Boycott Under Attack, Some Members of Congress Are Pushing Back

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/24/right-boycott-under-attack-some-members-congress-are-pushing-back


Any member of congress who votes to suppress any rights of the citizens, that falls under the Bill of Rights in the Constitution, should by law be immediately removed from office for dereliction of duties and violating their oath of office, Full Stop.


I see John Lewis also crapped out on the House resolution yesterday.


Outside of a handful of members with spines, Congress generally takes its marching orders from Israel.

And in return we get…Someone?..Anyone?


Disappointed that Ro Khanna is among those pushing to punish BDS.


I’ll say it, F**ked.


I just found out that Tulsi Gabbard voted for this too…yay politics…I need a drink…or several.


… but, but, but I thought it was those evil Russians that were the ones interfering with our elections and doing their best to destroy our constitutional rights, not our “friends”, the Israeli lobby.


Next you won’t be allowed to protest the next war we want to start. Steadily downhill folks.


Yes, I am highly disappointed in Tulsi’s vote. I am no longer a fan. She is in the same Israel above all boat that Brian Mast and so many others are.

Disappointed, but not surprised. AIPAC’s tentacles run wide and deep.


In return we get rich politicians.


there is no attack on the right to boycott, this is only a “resolution” with no teeth. Anyone is free to boycott whomever they want and advocate for it. But people opposed to a boycott also have freedom to advocate and that is what happened.
I’ll add boycotting Israel is a really bad strategy since it neither can work to make any real difference in Israel’s booming economy, nor does it help the Palestinians in any way. What it does is discourage any spirit of compromise on all sides (Palestinians encouraged to think if they hold out they could destroy Israel and Israelis encouraged to think in face of so much hate why give an inch) and compromise, compromise, by all is the only way to actually improve lives.

How does Congress “stop” a boycott anyway? There are products I don’t buy right now. Obviously the resolution is a toothless way of protecting Democrats in red districts with a fair amount of Protestant church-going people that think Israel is a key feature of the second coming. Not that some Dems don’t actually support it, but I bet most are focused on other issues.

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Criminalizing dissent is about as far from toothless as one can get.

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Israel is a destructive parasite that seeks to control its host. Can anyone argue against that?

Is AIPAC supposed to benefit the US in some way, or is it purely for Israel’s benefit?

Are US politicians who suck up to AIPAC openly at their conventions, in swearing love and support for Israel saying anything that remotely serves US interests, or are they simply confirming their status as Israeli lackeys?

Voltaire is reported to have said, “To know who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize".


Is dissent being criminalized? A resolution doesn’t have legal weight, does it?

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For compromise to work, there must be some benefit to pursuing it versus war. The party that can get everything it wants by force doesn’t want or need compromise.

Israel’s monopoly on overwhelming force has allowed it to take what it wants. Their idea of compromise has been little more than dictation, with its inevitable rejection becoming an excuse for even more war.

Combined with US cover, this has created an Israeli mindset of war being easier than good faith negotiations. This Israeli mindset will not change until their calculus on the benefits of war versus compromise is changed.

While this has led some to view coordinated asymmetrical warfare as the only answer to levelling the playing field, others have decided that non-violent international pressure similar to that brought upon apartheid South Africa might be more effective:

If you truly want to save the two-state solution, and want to do so with non-violent action, then support BDS. Playing coy with words of false equivalence not reflective of the realities on the ground, along with continued inaction, will inevitably lead to a one-state solution.

Demographics being what they are, this one-state won’t be a Jewish one.

It never fails to see the P.O.S. McConnell’s name pop up in any article that has to do with attacking USians rights.