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With Theatrical Missile Speech, Critics Say Nikki Haley 'Laying Groundwork' for War With Iran


With Theatrical Missile Speech, Critics Say Nikki Haley 'Laying Groundwork' for War With Iran

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Wonder when Iran holds its press conference to highlight all the American and British munitions the Saudis have used on hospitals, the Sanaa airport, etc."


Amazing how this cruel, careless, and criminal administration is so damnably and dangerously cavalier about condemning an unimaginable number of people to their deaths, destruction of their homes/villages/cities INCLUDING AMERICANS. Are they REALLY that STUPID and UNFEELING?


This makes sense, though the US is used to fighting inferior enemies like Iraq’s regime after years of sanctions, Vietnam’s peasant military, or Libya’s small and isolated regime. Iran has some muscle though, so I hope war doesn’t occur. Just like we didn’t foresee the blowback from aiding Osama against the Russians, or ISIS arising from the ashes of our Iraq invasion, who knows what will develop from a war with Iran. Americans will never learn.


As long as war is profitable there will be no reason for it to learn.


Don’s party is willing to throw tens of millions of American off of their health insurance, take away long-standing mortgage interest deductions, and jeopardize their literal survival, so this is “just” another manifestation of their death wish (for us, not them).


So will we hear the corporate media call out this sham----and I mean for the corporate media to start reporting to the American people that US arms are being used to destroy Yemen. So the American people have a clear understanding why people around the globe hate the US.

Great job to Ali Velshi—he had on his program—yes MSNBC-Bassem Youseff ( a satirist from the mid east—I guess it takes comics like Jimmy Dore to talk real policy)----Velshi asked him about Haley’s presentation but he said he wanted to address another matter. Bassem went on to talk about how could democrats support an 80b increase to the military budget for a grand total of 700b, when cuts are happening to domestic programs. And Velshi conceded that the rising deficit has come about because of military spending.


On the topic of war with Iran, SeaTower, there isn’t any daylight between Trump and Hillary.

She went so far as to undermine support for Obama’s commendable nuclear non-proliferation treaty with Iran, and to cite “the Iranians” as an enemy she’s proud to have during a debate.

Her close friendships with Kissinger and Netanyahu are troubling.

Trump is a dangerous moron. But Hillary is just as hawkish.


Nikki Haley is the waring tyrant neocon for a nuanced position such as hers. Too reactionary in the extreme when a modicum of nuance is deemed beneficial. Indeed she’s a one person wreaking ball for diplomatic negotiations. Instead of threatening war as in putting it on the other nation we have to see that she’s the one wanting war. She’s a neocon bought and paid for by the Israel lobby just as Tom Cotton and many others in government.


Yes…both represent the conventional elitist thinking of the cabal controlling governments the world over. Hilary started her sycophantic career long ago, while Trump and his (expletive deleted) horde of right-wing loonies are having a field day 'finally" implementing the ignorant short-sighted self-centered policies they have been drooling about for years. Truly, both sets represent the worst of the worst, and yet, there they are, running the show.


As much as I don’t want any war, with ANYONE, and especially not the poor innocent citizens of Iran, who would die in horrific numbers, a part of me wants the arrogant fascist US to just go ahead and launch a war of aggression against Iran - something it has been chafing to do forever. Why?

Let’s be honest: the US is a pussy, militarily. It hasn’t won a real war in decades, and it has lost almost every war it has fought in the last 1/2 century by the standard definition of “lost.” No, I don’t mean dropping bombs from 2 miles up, or missile strikes from 500 miles away, or drones by pilotless aircraft. For Iran, the US will need actual “ground forces,” and LOTS of them. Ditto North Korea. And no, I don’t mean proxy terrorist groups, oops, I mean “moderate rebels” or whatever euphemism the US uses when it gets in bed with the bad guys to do its dirty work. The last time the US fought a REAL war, with actual infantry troops on the ground in large numbers, it got its ass handed to it by the enemy, which consisted of poor, poorly-armed, poorly-trained, geurilla fighters conscripted from countryside peasants, kicking serious US ass from inside the jungle. The US had to withdraw in defeat after almost a decade and 55,000 dead.

So go ahead, mighty American Military - try to launch a war of aggression against Iran. It is no Iraq, or Grenada, or Yemen, with no airforce or army or defenses. It has a large army, it has a navy, it has an air force, it has substantial defensive capabilities, it has long-range missiles, it has the ability to inflict serious casualties on any ground forces we try to send across its borders. And by doing so, it will be impossible for the US to claim “defense,” or some other such rot to the international community. Blatantly invading the sovereign nation of Iran, who has not fired a single shot at the US, is not going to be the cakewalk that it has been for the other 30+ countries the US has invaded. Even with the UN being nothing but a toothless rubber-stamp whore that does the US’ bidding in most things, that body will not fail to call the invasion exactly what it is: an illegal invasion, a war crime of monstrous proportions. It may have worked on Iraq 15 years ago, but it will not work on Iran today.

I pray it doesn’t happen. But a tiny part of me does, just so the world can finally see the US for what it really is: a cowardly fascist bully with no real strength, flexing muscles it doesn’t even have, getting its “mighty” military’s ass kicked. Then, maybe the rest of the world will stop cowtowing to the US and finally stand up to the global bully, and put this growing fascist threat to world peace in its place.


As women the world over are trying desperately to disengage from the violent, patriarchal, Hobbesian order we have been subjected to for millenia, there are throwbacks like Haley, Sanders, Clinton who are so stuck in conventional paradigms they can’t even see how they are complicit in destroying their sisters, the children of the world (and the US), and everyone’s future. Truly, they are the damned.


Is this Pence whispering in Trumps ear. Moving the embassy to Jerusalem-dialing up the tensions in the region ------evangelicals think this stuff will lead to Armageddon. Then Jared Kushner owns a building in NY with the address of 666. And should I say it ------could Trump be the anti-Christ??? This guy is out supporting child molesters???

If the US attacks Iran or N Korea the US should be condemned around the world.


For the billionth time…HRC is NOT the POTUS…Dickhead Don is and these are his appointments


Us weapons have been used to subjugate and devastate the Palestinian people, and the same in the on going conflict with Yemen-and Haley is talking about one or two missiles that could have come from Iran. What hypocrisy

When the corporate media refuse to report what the US military is doing they are complicit in the murder of the Palestine and Yemen people.


So the people of the world are left wondering if we wake up to a nuclear war with North Korea or a nuclear war with Iran.


WTF is the Ambassador to the United Nations doing at some ‘Joint Base’ in front of a bunch of wooden pallets with what looks like an old water heater?

Wouldn’t this be more for the actual Secretary of State to do, if he was as lame as ole Colin?

Somebody, somewhere on this planet call these people on their manically rabid bullshit!


Haley is another incompetent member of Crumpus’ cabinet who is unfit and unqualified for her post. Shame on my country!


You forgot to mention that a war with Iran drags Hezbollah and Syria into the fray.

How’d that war against Assad go? Oh yeah, now I remember, he’s still in power and our demand that he step down went unheeded…so Trump dropped that demand while Putin went on a victory tour.

Maybe Iraq will back Iran.
Maybe Turkey.
Maybe China in the background.
Maybe Russia, possibly in the foreground.

Good times, Man, good times.


Just a moment here, something is missing here. Oh, I thought N. Korea was next on that list of super nasty evil bad countries that want to go to war with us. Damn, the enemies change every day and it is almost impossible to know who we are supposed to hate and fear the most and when. Let’s make it simple and attack both of them, that will work real well. Russia and China will simply sit on the sidelines while we destroy their allies and friends.


Are we up to a billion now? Wow, that’s A LOT.

I put a lot in all caps because that matters.

Also, Dickhead Don is POTUS because Hillary.