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With Tom Price Confirmed, Clock Is Ticking for Critical Safety-Net Programs

With Tom Price Confirmed, Clock Is Ticking for Critical Safety-Net Programs

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Putting the nation's safety net programs at risk, the U.S. Senate confirmed Tom Price as Health and Human Services Secretary early Friday morning.

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Meet Tom Price, the most dangerous man in America.

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This administration is going to kill a large number of the American people.



Somehow this “no difference between d and r” business seems absurd. But, that’s just my way of thinking.

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If anyone still votes GOP after this monumental exposure of the party’s agenda, they should be institutionalized.


I hope that the PHNP’s talk about an “upside” was just a dark joke. They were just using different words for the old “the worse, the better”, AKA “sharpen the contradictions, comrades”.

Sounds good in theory; never been known to work. At very best, all you get is partial return to the status quo - tow steps backward, one forward.

With Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid in their crosshairs for at least two decades, both Tom Price and Eddie Munster not only have nothing standing in their way, they have Trump holding the door open while they usher the funding for those programs out the back door and into the hands of the 1%.

Killing what remains of the New Deal will be a done deal post haste.


Word. Booman has a great write up of the institutional and electoral advantages Republicans have:

They are truly the stronger coalition right now, with all the institutional advantages. His assessment is grim, but it really gets to the point that liberals and progressives have to broaden their coalition or we are stuck. Fighting with erstwhile allies is going to leave us bereft of any governing power for a long long time.

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Your point is very well taken, but rest assured that the use of the word “upside” did not figure into Dr. Carol Paris’ commentary, the full text of which is at Common Dreams’ Progressive Newswire and at PNHP’s website. On PNHP’s home page you’ll also find a more comprehensive critique of Price’s positions under the headline “A Price We Cannot Afford.”

You author, me and every reader needs to understand that the clock is ticking NOT for all of us but for the 1%. In 2013, the U.S. Census Bureau estimates that there are 242,470,820 adults living in the United States. This means there are 240 Million of US vs. ONLY Two million four-hundred thousand of THEM. I know you’re thinking well they have the police and the military. Think again the police, the military all have brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, husbands or wives all (including themselves) are part of the 99%. All we need to do is show up in mass in the streets and at the poles. The only way they can destroy our critical safety net programs is IF WE let them do it. Regardless of what the elites and the media are saying it is WE the People who have all the power. RESIST AND PERSIST.


But it is difficult because the cuts will “save” the program from “bankruptcy.” Or the new and improved program will be governed more locally (and intelligently–less to minorities). Or the new program will sound wonderful like “Healthy Forests,” or “Clear Skies Initiative,” or “Right to Work” employment, or…

The department should be renamed, “Department of Widespread Disease, Desperation, and Anti-Human Disservice” under this villain in a suit.


The destruction of social services is in full swing now and unless action is taken soon the whole shebang will go up in smoke leaving a large contingent of Americans without any way to survive; and this includes me. Privatizing everything only fattens the overstuffed wallets of the 1% and will result in the deaths of many who simply need healthcare or housing. The homeless population will explode in a way not seen since the great depression. This is a sure way to garner in a new group of anarchists that is sure to upset the status quo. I hope it does. The time is now to fight to take the country back from those that wish to destroy it at all the peoples expense, before it’s too late.


Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), Dr. Tom Price member. Expect no compassion from Dr. Price just," The Horror…the Horror," (Colonel Kurtz.)

Well, there’s very little left to take from the poor (the most critical safety net programs), not much to get from programs for low-wage workers, and the elderly and the disabled have already been hit repeatedly. They have been an easy target for years. It really is necessary to move up to the next economic level, to get enough “savings” to matter.

Meanwhile, after some $125 billion wasted by the Pentagon was uncovered, the Trump administration responded with a call to increase spending on the Pentagon.

Actually, it went into full swing back in the 1990s.

“They ain’t seen nothing yet” is a phrase that can be taken several ways. I prefer to take it this way: our dear Republicans who want to “kill the beast” have unleashed yet another much greater beast than they could ever have imagined. When this crowd roars, it will flatten them.

They will try to use their corporate marketing/advertising skills mightily, selling their alternative product to the most gullible. Our job is to stay ahead of them, all the way.

We are not going to make this easy for them.

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Without strong grass roots uprising we will see another great depression in our lifetime. This time around however will be survival of the fatest, most people have nothing to fall back on. In the 20’s and 30’s people had land, cows and pigs and the population was small, this time around it will be mass starvation and deaths. I don’t know what will finally cause the sleeping giant that is the American grass roots to wake up to oust the fat pig elite out of the country and out of this world.

Let us hope that “we won’t get fooled again”!

Eh, the Great Depression was terrible. People did die. Can’t think of the name now, but one labor organizer lost two children due to starvation. It got its name because it was worse than the previous “great” depression which was spawned by the crash of 1893. The New Deal didn’the come out of nowhere. The Roosevelt administration was keenly aware of what was happening in other countries and sought to mitigate the effects of it. It caused a mass movement of people westerly, specifically due to starvation and lack of income. What happened in 2008 was nothing compared to what happened then.