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With Town Hall Invite, Sanders Dares Top CEOs to 'Have the Guts' to Face Their Struggling Workers


With Town Hall Invite, Sanders Dares Top CEOs to 'Have the Guts' to Face Their Struggling Workers

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) announced on Thursday that he is planning to hold a livestreamed town hall next month with workers from some of America's most profitable companies, and he wants to know whether the CEOs of these corporate giants "have the guts" to participate.


Nice cheap PR move. The Big Four probably won’t respond, but Bernie better watch out too. While these guys are some of the biggest plutocrats and oligarchs on Earth, they are pretty good with mikes in their hands and thinking on their feet. And they know how generally weak-minded the general populace is in terms of the political economy of capitalism. Beware of a confrontation that devolves into a capitalist LoveFest when it goes off-script. Beware Bernie, Beware.


What a force for good Bernie would be if he wasn’t sheep dogging for the Democrats.


Because people really are that stupid…and CEO’s really are that evil and have been speaking in lies so long they are gifted at it.

Good Point.


It seems Americans have no sense of class.


so true. americans don’t have any sense of class. its not taught in schools. just the opposite i remember being told in elementary school america was a classless society. and that was in the 1970’s.

i think the gap is just so large between the haves and have nots that it is unavoidable now


Fantastic! Thank you Senator Sanders. Their appearance or lack-there-of will speak volumes and everyone can know about it. If only a breeze on the curtains on their ivory towers – it is something!!!


You can structure events like this with facts and allow both sides equal time on the agenda. Those that are a little rusty in process will learn something that way. I agree it might not be a best first time event but then you can find some common ground if it exists. Better than the right/left dogma where no one wins.

An agenda back by facts can produce good results,


End stage capitalism.


And then we grew up and noticed there are high-priced “elite” private schools, first-class cabins on planes and promenade decks on cruise ships.

I sincerely doubt Bezos et al will show up. Who is there to make them, and why would they?


Personally I don’t think it’s a cheap PR move, he’s opening dialogue onto a National scene. Necessary and vital, past time that these were the issues of the day.

I am fairly certain however we can’t shame these guys into doing the right thing, if they possessed any Humanity at all in this regard, we wouldn’t be in this situation.

On the other hand it would be great if we had a discussion as to whether or not private Capital was even necessary, and the benefit of workers owning the means of production. Lol they would lose their ever-loving corrupt minds and go feral or cave like Obama to soft capitalism. If it’s even achievable anymore.

I would also agree that there is an inherent danger with people who are sharp on their feet defending capitalism. Bernie can get befuddled at times, but he’s no slouch himself and has dealt with this kind. In any event we all need to learn how to handle these guys. Push them against the figurative wall and don’t allow any room to wiggle out.


Sanders to CEO’s: “I hope they have the courage to do so” (to come to the Town Hall). But will their workers come and take a chance on being fired for protesting?

Not your typical CEO:



It is possible to shame the oligarchs and educate the public

When the media and politicians fail in their role of educating the public and holding elected officials accountable, an “outsider” like Bernie Sanders can take advantage of the void.

Now that he went from 2% name recognition when he began his presidential primary campaign and has become the most respected national politician in the country, he can hold events like this and make a difference.

Interesting to watch as NYT, Economist, establishment democrats, continue to say that Bernie’s effect is going down.

Recall that it took OWS to get the corporate media to even talk about economic inequality. And the Republicans are doing their best to fulfill decades of their dreams and in the process make inequality worse.

In an article today, Juan Cole points out that winning a primary is a small step to enacting legislation and he goes on to list issues that the democrats should prepare for enacting after they win the 2020 election.

Well, he doesn’t say it like that, but he is giving guidance for the democratic party. I am not holding my breath that they will be totally behind issues like public option and unions, but the list is a useful yardstick to see how far the Democratic partly is willing to return to the New Deal

Progressive Dems Are Celebrating Ocasio-Cortez v. Crowley Win; But where is the Legislation?


I am more afraid for Bernie’s life. These sycophants will do anything to protect there advantages and continue their movement to makes us all serfs/slaves in thiefdom.


Someone who is on our side, the working class/poor and disabled and mentally ill and Tom and Dan have throw stones. WTF is wrong with that picture, who else do we have that will speak up.

I don’t get people like you and others that are so closed minded that they think they are always right.

and I’ve agreed with both of you many times but please don’t shoot the messenger who you can’t agree with 1000% of the time, that is utterly stupid.


I call dibs on the pitchfork concession stands inside the security perimeter. Of course, I’ll have to offer payday loans given the humble means of my anticipated customers… What cruelty doth unbridled capitalism bring.




This simply will not happen with Bernie and/or the hand-picked people in a town hall setup.


Frankly, he’s not that much of a danger to them any more.


US law has always required that corporations put the interests of shareholders above all else or face shareholder law suits that they always lose.

Unless corporate law is changed and/or 20th century regulations (destroyed by every POTUS since Saint Ron) are restored, no corporation, small or large, will give a rip about workers or the environment.