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With TPP 'At Heart' of Obama Agenda, Critics Debunk Trade Talking Points



NAFTA, TPP, TTIP, TISA: all cacti, no vaseline...


"Cut over 18,000 taxes on Made-in-America exports, support more high-paying U.S. jobs"

Same lies as NAFTA, which gutted US manufacturing jobs.

Alright Mr Reich, since you now have such foresight on Mr Sanders, here is an opportunity to compensate for your gross negligence on NAFTA.

How about actively campaigning VOCALLY against TPP and the rest of its spawn.


Hopefully Bernie will jump all over this and tout suite!


Author sez: "Presidential candidates Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump have all expressed opposition to the deal."

"Expressed" seems an almost guarded term here. Then again, one of these three is not like the others.


If Sanders was not in the race, TPP would have never been discussed by any Democrat or Republican in the 2016 election cycle, just like it was never discussed by Obama or Romney during the 2012 election cycle, even though it was widely discussed by Japanese voters in their 2012 election.


Excellent observation Ray- I was totally amazed that the very issue that will most negatively effect this country, it's Constitution and the everyday lives of our Citizenry was hardly mentioned in the last election- These Politicians, other than Sanders, only care about their own lives and bank accounts and the hell with the rest of us- Some "Democracy" we have going for us here in the 4th Reich USA....Revolution is the ONLY solution!


Now... why does "Trans Pacific Partnership" sound an awful lot like the "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity
Sphere", touted soooo silkily, not to mention so brazenly, by fascist Imperial Japan during World War
Two? My nose detects an oddly familiar aroma. Do we suspect any smoke and mirrors, in possible
preparation for... oh, I don't know...?
Jeepers and golly.


It's interesting where Obama chooses to put in the effort and where he does not. How far he is willing to go, or not go. It says a lot about what his agenda truly is. Remember, he was ready to slash social security. Now here comes the TPP. TTIP, and TISA.


Can we note the disingenuous spin taken by certain lib media regarding this issue? Bill Clinton hit us with NAFTA, so it was no surprise to watch (prior to launching her campaign) as Hillary Clinton worked hard at selling the TPP to Congress.


I'm not aware that Obama has put any effort into selling the TPP. Hillary Clinton had been working on convincing Congress to sign onto the TPP for quite some time. We can note that while liberal media complained about the TPP, they also went all-out since mid-2015 to sell H. Clinton for president (virtually disappearing Joe Biden from the start), knowing how much Clinton has done to sell the TPP.


Clinton has always been well to the right of center, going back to her Goldwater days. The Clintons built a solid record as anti-New Deal neoliberals.


There is a precedent we all have heard about. Called the French Revolution in 1789, it was a direct result of the privileged class refusing to give up anything to help the poo. I believe there was a drought on as well, just to make change all the more essential.


Every dog will have his day- And they said it couldn't happen here-Again!


Did you read the article? The headline is even sufficient.

Last year, Obama (and the repubs) was pulling out all the stops to get fast track. Negotiations were conducted by his Sec of State Clinton and have been carried out by his man, Michael Froman (sp?), almost since the beginning of his admin. Obama's fingerprints are all over this, as are Clinton's. Now she says she's against it, though I'd bet with a couple of small tweeks here and there she would push it in a heartbeat.

It's been under the radar, but Obama is pushing hard, so are the repubs. The fact that McConnell won't bring up to the Senate before the elections shows how toxic this is to even talk about to the Establishment (both parties).

Probably the single most important piece of Congressional work that needs to be stopped.


This is what Obama will consider to be his signature legislative legacy, more so than his ill-conceived health care "victory". Truth is, he has been pushing this strongly. It's his gift to the paymasters that will make him exceedingly wealthy once he is out of office. Obama, and Hillary, are both neoliberal lackeys. Time to see these people for who they really are and recognize that the Democratic Party for what it is--a corporate party that throws scraps to the people.


"Presidential candidates Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump have all expressed opposition to the deal."......Sanders, yes. Trump, who knows? Clinton, she'll change her mind the moment she's sworn in.


Once again. Am I the only one who remembers that, during the 2008 campaign when Obama was talking about the need to renegotiate NAFTA, someone with the Canadian Trade Office leaked that the Obama team had privately told them not to worry, that was just rhetoric for the campaign and Obama as pres would be on board with NAFTA...and the Obama team angrily said it was false, put out by McCain's team. I wondered who was lying. Pretty clear now, isn't it? Well, what are the odds that if Clinton gets in she'll quickly aboutface and support the TPP? I'd say 100%. But the plan appears to be to push it after the election, when they can offer everyone who got booted and doesn't have to worry any more about voters, a nice sinecure with one of the companies that will benefit from this corporate Bill of Rights...or just a fat wad of cash. They'll hold the vote on a Friday evening so the media doesn't cover it...or Christmas Eve maybe.


The TPP and the other Trojan Horse "trade" deals are not designed to grow the people's economy, but global corporate fascism. Written by lobbyists/agents for corporate dominance, they push an agenda that will undermine national sovereignty to empower corporate greed and ability to evade/ignore national protective laws via "tribunals" designed to shift decisions from national interests to corporate - "Investor-State Dispute Settlement, or ISDS."



"The Trans-Pacific Partnership Would Empower Corporations to Attack U.S. Policies in Foreign Tribunals and Demand Taxpayer Compensation for Our Environmental, Health and Other Laws"

"TPP would grant foreign corporation shocking new powers to attack the laws we rely on for a clean environment, safe food and decent jobs. Under TPP, these corporations could sneak around our courts and laws and grab millions in our tax dollars all because they don’t like our laws. How could this be possible? TPP gives foreign firms special privileges – better treatment than local companies. It empowers foreign corporations to drag the U.S. government in front of secretive foreign tribunals comprised of 3 private attorneys authorized to order massive payments. There is no outside appeal to these tribunals dictates. And there is no limit on the laws the corporations can attack or the amount of our tax dollars the government can be ordered to pay when the foreign corporations think that their special TPP rights have been undermined by the laws all of the rest of us have to meet."


Yes, Obama's love child. The final gift to the corporations before he leaves office is to hand this country over to them. But no matter, Hillary is Obama's third term she says, so she will make sure it goes through if he doesn't. Ya, she says she's against it but she was for it before and will be again right after the election....wait for it...
If this country doesn't wise up and vote for someone that will turn these agreements back and free us up I guess we will get what we deserve.
Think it's too risky to vote for Bernie??? This is what you'll get if you don't.