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With TPP at 'Make-or-Break Point,' Fast Track Foes Prepare for Battle


With TPP at 'Make-or-Break Point,' Fast Track Foes Prepare for Battle

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The 12-nation, corporate-friendly Trans-Pacific Partnership "is at a make-or-break point," according to Australian Trade Minister Andrew Robb, who said that if the U.S. is able to overcome opposition from leading figures like Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), the deal could be inked within weeks.


If the TPP is so brilliant why does it have to be fast tracked?


The people who make up this nation should have learned not to trust nebulous trade agreements in
name only by this time. The TPP has bad news written all over it.


So much for the ballyhooed and promised transparency of the Obama administration. This additional fiasco for the American people has all the transparency of the stone wall presented by those who have supported it behind closed doors.
The section that allows foreign manufacturers to sue us if we ban their products is a farce and attacks the very sovereignty of our nation hamstringing our governments to protect us from unscrupulous businesses.


Just read about the ISDS. It can undo any good regulations we have won in this country and any other country for that matter.
Every free trade agreement so far has cost the US jobs and the poor in other countries. NAFTA cost us
700 000 jobs and over one million Mexicans lost their farms. All Free Trade does is help out big corporations. We do not need Fast Track or Free Trade.


Yes-That sucking sound Ross Perot spoke of concerning NAFTA is turning into A deafening roar coming from greedy power lusting International Corporations hungry for TOTAL control of this planet, it’s people and all natural resources-
The Iron Heel is on it’s way to crush all who oppose it…
Fight them with all you have and A special thanks to Elizabeth Warren-Please keep fighting the good fight and don’t back down!!!


You would have thought that the disastrous effects of NAFTA would have been a sufficient deterrent against this outrage of our nation’s sovereignty.


Oregon voters take note: Ron Wyden, (D-OR) is quietly going to bat for Obama’s secrecy in the Senate.

If the Ds let this scam go through, they have no complaints about us calling them vicious traitors! Because that is what they are.


If Elizabeth Warren is standing in TPP’s way, I fear for her safety. TPP is backed by international criminal thugs,who will stop at nothing to get what they want.


As noted in the article, TPP (and it’s companion pseudo-law) TTIP are meant to give corporations sovereignty over nation-states, as well as eliminating any competition for the international banking cartel’s near private monopoly over money creation and its companion piece, usury (the antithesis and theft of labor). (see coloradopublicbanking.blogspot.com/2013/08/for-profit-banks-admit-failure-seek-to.html)


Ron Wyden has never seen a ‘free trade’ agreement that he didn’t love. Why expect the leopard to change spots.


I prefer to call it USAry- And like the way you worded your post…


Who says I do? I am only alerting others to his long and snarly and rotten teeth.




So we can reap all its wonderful benefits sooner?


Yep higher prices and lower wages for stinker crap.


One of the related peculiarities is the way that much of the media marketed to libs have “disappeared” VP Joe Biden, going into overdrive to sell neoliberal H. Clinton as the 2016 nominee. Of course, if Clinton did decide to challenge Biden, it would split Dem voters to guarantee a 2016 Dem defeat, and Republicans would decide this issue. But beyond that, what is the logic of railing against the TPP while trying to elect Clinton, who worked long and hard on behalf of the TPP? This has got to be the strangest, most ill-informed lead-up to the election season that I’ve ever seen.


Think of the TPP as a natural expansion of NAFTA, a corporate/right wing agreement that would push more Americans into deep poverty. It just means that more people will be liberated from the burdens of their jobs. Media liberals have been going all out to sell it. Well, they’re actually trying to sell H. Clinton in place of VP Joe Biden as the 2016 Dem candidate – Clinton, who worked long and hard promoting the TPP.


What are we to think about the media libs who are trying to “disappear” Joe Biden to run a Clinton/Warren ticket? That would be…interesting. Clinton has worked for some time promoting the TPP, so if Warren is actually opposed to it, how can people support both? (Of course, if Clinton challenged Biden for the nomination, it would split Dem voters, ensuring a 2016 Dem defeat, making this discussion irrelevant.)


Maybe the neo-liberal DNC and their corporatist brothers the neo-cons but liberals I am not sure.