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With TPP on Ropes, It's Corporate Power vs. People Power on Capitol Hill


With TPP on Ropes, It's Corporate Power vs. People Power on Capitol Hill

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

As President Barack Obama gathered high-profile supporters of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) for a meeting at the White House on Friday, the corporate-friendly trade agreement was dealt a blow as Vietnam's parliament deferred its long-expected ratification.


Such duplicity from our so-called elected officials. Hatch is just one of a slew of vile psychopaths who have captured the mechanism of democracy. It's time to have either a new face, that of Jill Stein, who represents love and reason, or else it would be completely apt for the face representing USA to be the openly bigoted buffonery of Trump.





Obama's legacy will be ignoring his SCOTUS nominee in favor of betraying his Democratic base one final time pushing for TPP.


In the White House Press conference today, they rolled out the TPP. The mayor of Atlanta and the Governor of OH, John Kasich spoke about how wonderful it would be. Like Hillary, Obama is reaching out to republicans to get this turd of legislation passed. As noted in other articles here on Common Dreams, among the problems with TPP, is that it could be used to lock in climate change through support and new powers to energy companies.

In the book "The Deep State: The Fall of the Constitution and the Rise of a Shadow Government" the author describes how Kasich and Bill Clinton worked together to craft the legislation that removed Glass Stegall regulation of banks.

Fitting that Kasich is on the stage with Obama's team!!!

Both parties work for the oligarchs and legislation like TPP will make it much, much harder to get our republic back. And it might not be possible to restore the rule of law because the coup d'etat has gone so far.


Don't kid yourselves, this is war. Do we want individual countries run by the people in them? Preserving their cultural creativity, environment, and providing a decent and respectful life? Or do we want a planet run by preditory corporations who's sole purpose is to make profit.....period!


Did anyone believe McConnell would keep the TPP from getting a vote during the lame duck session? My interpretation of that announcement was that it was a smoke-screen designed to get us relax our efforts to defeat it. That won't be happening, as demonstrated by the flood of calls made against the TPP on Wednesday.


I want corporations to be able to sue me for not using/liking their products.

Let's all stand and salute the corporate flag: $$$$$$$$$$

I want my children chosen for me by Monsanto - all good worker bees!
I'll gladly pay Monsanto/Bayer for my own "modified" sperm back so they will give me
the combination to my wife's locked vagina. Fifteen minutes for $5,000.

I hope to live long enough to witness the complete anthropocene takedown of nature and the final nuclear holocaust entertainment event dedicated to Dr. Strange-love.

Yes, I have gone mad but I'm just going to take some acid and enjoy the whole damn show!


The TPP is not dead. We need to be organizing and mobilizing aggressively to stop it. We have worked to stop this for more than five years and this is critical moment. Unfortunately, the big unions and many big enviros are busy working to elect Democrats and have taken their focus off the TPP. This means we must do more to stop it. Here is what you can do:

  1. Sign up for the #NoLameDuck Rebellion at www.FlushTheTPP.org/NoLameDuck

  2. Call your senators and members of congress today. Here's a tool: www.FightTheTPP.org or call 202-224-3121 and ask for your representative. Ask their position. If they oppose urge them to make their view public. If they refuse to say, keep pressuring them with regular calls. If they oppose, plan a protest in their district office.

  3. Tell Hillary Clinton that she needs to do more than say she opposes the TPP. She needs to demand that all her superdelegates come out publicly against the TPP. Every elected Democrat in Congress endorsed her. She needs to publicly urge them to oppose the TPP. The plan could have been that Hillary says she opposes the TPP knowing that Obama will have it ratified before she comes into office. If her superdelegates refuse to support the TPP, ratification cannot occur. Hillary has the power to stop it.

  4. If you can come to Washington, DC plan to do so. The #NoLameDuck rebellion is planning actions when Congress returns after the election to stop ratification.

Our job right now is to convince enough elected officials to publicly say they oppose the TPP so that President Obama realizes he cannot win in Congress and does not go forward with ratification during the lame duck session.


Obama should figure out whether he wants the TPP to pass or Clinton and the Dems to win the election. I don't think both are going to happen. Which one is more important to him.

If he wants the Dems to win, he should drop the TPP lame duck thing.

Which side are you on, Mr. Prez? Which side are you on?


38 Arguments Against the TTIP (2015)

by Harald Klimenta, Maritta Strasser and Peter Fuchs

TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership agreement)
continues an old thinking instead of everyone sharing in the profits of a
few. The ISDS (Investor-State-Dispute Settlement) private arbitration
courts enable corporations to sue states and could have a chilling
effect on labor and environmental protection. The German Judges Union
called the agreement unnecessary and the additional protection of
foreign investors “nonsense.”
The Alternative Trade Mandate worked out by 50 European NGOs would
lead to a future-friendly and environmentally sensitive trade system. - See more at: http://www.freembtranslations.net/page/4/#sthash.h2oEppyJ.dpuf


Reminds me of the series, "Continuum", about the corporations running this country under deep and constant surveillance. Your post is the question of the day, do we approve and if not can we stop them, it's almost too late to stop them.


This is apparently less of a problem that we're being led to believe. Think about it. In 2015, before launching her campaign, Hillary Clinton as working hard on selling the TPP to Congress. We weren't surprised, since her husband had signed on to NAFTA. The fact t6hat Democrats picked Clinton indicates that they're OK with the TPP.


Yep, However the clock is ticking away. I can not see anything short of a bloody revolution trying to rid ourselves of a Global TPP, cloaked in secrecy, government ruling body once it is installed. It will over rule our voices period and Obama and the puppet masters behind him are knowingly sending this country down the toilet. They hate us small people "lazy" masses. We are low-lifes, we get in the way of "Progress", we are just takers and not intelligent enough to matter. Reality is they have to push us down because we are a threat to a VERY lucrative deal they have going on. They have the keys to the money press, LITERALLY.

The ISDS portion of TPP's sole purpose is to protect the profits of each corporation above people's opposition. We can not even get right of labeling for our own food for God sake. We can't make sure oil pipelines don't go UNDER water sources. We can't separate the money from our Democratic voice. We can't have a non-biased media. We can't have decent jobs. FGS poverty should be non existent in the US let alone the world with what we alone spend on our military budget. We can't even be assured our Presidential election will not be as rigged as the DNC primary was.
This is class act bull shit and utter insanity. And yet here we are still in our easy chairs. My brother said to me a long time ago. He said "Sis, people will not go to the streets until they are starving in the gutters and they have no other choice." I disagreed. But maybe he was right.


You got it. Laws challenged at every level who appose the profits of these beasts. Correct, "Shadow Government" protecting these profit craving animals. Pray tell me how in the heck a country, state, county who passes legislation against smoking because....ummm, I don't know. IT KILLS PEOPLE! Will be sued/challenged because it hurts the profits of filthy killing tobacco companies is "Helping the World's economy"?


This was his purpose in his 8 years. His lone assignment. His strings are being pulled hard now and he is dancing in the wind. He is told, "Get this done puppet!" Just as Bush threw all the money at the Bankster Buddies in his last days. Fleecing American masses of their wealth. Paving the way for phase two.


The selling point is the theory that Americans would benefit by "opening up" more markets in which to sell US goods. This (from the LA Times) sums up the free trade argument: "Labor unions and other critics of NAFTA say that deal has pushed American manufacturing operations overseas and cost hundreds of thousands of jobs. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other business interests counter that the pact led to booming trade and commercial activity in North America... Beyond the general dispute over trade agreements, a number of organizations and lawmakers criticize the TPP negotiations for not being transparent enough. (http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-obama-japan-tpp-box-20140423-story.html)"

The TPP has been referred to as "NAFTA on steroids," the next logical step in the agenda that has slowly been turning the US itself into a third world labor state.


You are not the crazy one it is the air around us all. NEVER thought we would be here this fast. 9-11 put America on fast track - sick pun intended. If I knew back then what I know now I may not have had children. I WEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For what they are going to have to endure.


There will be no revolution in the US, for a pretty basic reason. Who would fight whom? We're rich vs. middle class vs. poor, further divided by race and ideology.


This has been the plan for many decades to control Eurasia. I pray they realize that the US Corporations, NOT the US people, only wish to rape and pillage their resources and low wage slave labor their people.