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With Treetop Protest, 61-Year-Old Red Terry Is Leading Fight Against Mountain Valley Pipeline


With Treetop Protest, 61-Year-Old Red Terry Is Leading Fight Against Mountain Valley Pipeline

Michael Sainato

In Virginia and West Virginia, residents and activists are battling natural gas companies over a natural gas pipeline currently being constructed.


I am sick of this corruption of eminent domain for the benefit of private corporations. The local police should be ashamed of themselves, supporting this BS.
Good on you Red Terry, and good luck, I’m rooting for you.


I want to move to a move to a fossil-fuel free economy too, but, frankly, the local ecological impact of the narrow clearing for this pipeline is minimal. And this is a gas pipeline - no spills are possible.

This is just so much NIMBYism. If we get serous about national wind-and-solar renewable energy, that is going to require a lot of new long distance HVDC electric transmission lines from the plains states which have even bigger impact than a pipeline. And we are not even talking about the all the wind turbines lining the long Appalachian ridges (like Peters Mountain) yet…


"Nobody should have the right to eminent domain for something that is not going to help people. Its to help themselves, profit before the people.”

Bravo to the activists fighting against corporate fascism empowered, “legalized”, and enforced by government! I guess only the wealthy don’t have this and other pipelines going thru their property and yards, taken by eminent domain!


IF the routes of pipelines (both oil and gas) were not thru only certain neighborhoods and landowner - the poor and vulnerable - your argument might make some sense. The reality is only those that do not have wealth and power have pipelines running thru their yards and only the poor are threatened by the emissions from pumping stations and potential gas pipeline explosions that happen all over the nation often destroying nearby properties and killing people. THAT reality is not NIMBYism, it is often racism! The wealthy do not have to endure health and safety consequences of corporate takings for private profits or the threats of explosions or oil spills and consequent water pollution!

Please rethink this Yunzer…


Ultimately this about two visions of how land should be viewed. One that it can be parceled up and deemed “private property” under the law and that as “Private property” the landowner can do as he or she wished with it.

The other is that land is the Commons and no single entity should determine how that land utilized as it belongs to the Commons and any determination of how to use that land should be Community driven rather than driven by the individual that claims ownership.

The Courts in the USA and its legal system deem the “property rights” of the Company buiding this pipeline to have been violated. The LAW has a convenient way of removing anothers property rights via Eminent domain clauses.

It much more difficult for the legal system and its courts to excercise this sort of authority over lands held “In Common”. This is the major reason Northern Gateway was nixed in Canada even as Kinder Morgan approved. The reason for this is that when an INDIVIDUAL blocks access excercising property rights as they exist today. the Court can claim that the greater good served where the many benefit from the pipeline over the ONE whereas when said lands held in COMMON by a group of peope, the Court can not as easily establish this.

This was the major reason Stephen Harper wanted lands on First Nations peoples reservations to be converted to private property over being owned in Common by the tribe. In so doing these Corporations could then push their pipelines through at will by either buying out individuals and or pushing for Eminent domain clauses against the individuals that resisted.

The STRENGTH of the people happens when they work in concert and as a Community. The very concept of “private property” works against that.


I’m surprised by you’re post. While it’s true LPG pipelines don’t spill a substance on the ground, what they do is rupture, with catastrophic results. These lines can burn for days, determined by how far the closest shut-off valve is.