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With Trillions in Safety Net Cuts, Bernie Sanders Says Trump Budget 'Breathtaking in Its Degree of Cruelty'


With Trillions in Safety Net Cuts, Bernie Sanders Says Trump Budget 'Breathtaking in Its Degree of Cruelty'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

If a budget is a statement of values and priorities, President Donald Trump's proposal for fiscal year 2020 clearly displays his commitment to enriching the wealthy at the expense of ordinary Americans.

"Make no mistake about it: Trump's budget is a massive transfer of wealth from working class families to the wealthiest people and most profitable corporations in America."
—Sen. Bernie Sanders


Completely outrageous. Congress listen up! Do NOT add any more money to the Pentagon.


More money because we need a few more wars? Hell, the Pentagon cannot account for the taxpayer money that they have NOW! WTF! Cut funds for safety nets, the poor, health just to hand it to the WAR MACHINE?!
Republicans are of a soulless psychotic subhuman species. They are not part of the Human Family. You are not going to change their minds or redeem them. Once we accept this reality and, start acting accordingly, we might begin to turn this around.
No More Pretense


No need to pull those punches man , let em really have it next time - you cant go too far with these vermin.


What else is new?


Countdown To Shutdown - Again


Too much - too soon?

I’m open. Do you have another explanation for their behavior?
Alien Lizard species from an alternate universe ? or at least an alternate time-zone


Our fuckwad of a president is true to his word and his word is always a lie. And his mentally-challenged base believes he’s sent here by the lord to usher them into heaven while the rest of us burn for eternity. It seems we are all characters in a hellish science fiction novel and nobody is sane enough or brave enough to stop this madman.


There is sufficient evidence to suggest powerful business interests and heads of state worldwide, especially Trump, intend to commit genocide to control population growth. Denial of global warming is indeed an act of war. Ever more destructive storms, floods, mudslides, wildfires, drought, crop failure, starvation and disease are their weapons. Mercenaries, vigilantes and state militia will execute refugees and suffering local populations and take pleasure in doing so or as if they have no choice.

This nightmare scenario should scare the shit out of anyone enough to do something to change the course set by world business leaders who view the rest of us as disposable consumers, wage-slaves and cannon fodder. Their empire is based on long-distance travel, noxious daily commutes, luxury air travel escapes to exclusive resorts, hotel suites, rental cars and RVs. Their vision of the global economy enables giant manufacturing but disables local production of essential goods whereby simply disrupting fuel supply will predictably lead to starvation and violent conflict over resources.

As I’ve written many times on this and other sites “We drive too much, too far, for too many purposes. We fly too much. We ship and truck goods around the world too much.” Whoever figures out how to significantly reduce travel and transport yet build potential to reduce costs of living and preserve most essential services will make Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates nervous enough to stop pretending they care about the fate of humanity.


We must be dissatisfied until the walls that separate the city of wealth and comfort and the city of poverty and despair is demolished by the forces of justice.

We must be dissatisfied until integration of all Americans is not seen as a problem but as an opportunity to participate in the beauty of diversity.

We must not allow the necessities be taken from the masses to give luxuries to the rich and to finance wars of profit.


Why don’t all these armchair warriors join up?


We live in a god’s ant farm. I imagine she is quite amused by our rank stupidity.


If the Republicans have their way! This heartless party needs to be called out as wanting to commit budget treason to the vast numbers of the American, people.

Yes Bernie, breathtaking in its degree of cruelty!


They are behaving that way because the Dems enable them and allow them too.


They behave that way because the Dems Enable them.Look haw many Dems support and promote Trumps coup in Venezuela, of course the Military will need more $$$, and the Dems will give them extra, so they have money for Lobbyist.


Dotard the dumbass is perfectly suited to be the logical end result of conservatism. The King of the @ss#*les, white supremacists and Talibangelical cultists. The final stage of the Capitalist cancer on America and it’s Constitution.

On the other hand, Bernie Sanders is purpose engineered to bring on a revolution. His views haven’t evolved over time, he’s always been on the right side of things. He’s the only Senator that isn’t at least a Millionaire. Most importantly though, he’s spotlighted the corruption and treachery of the Vichy democrat leadership and the Clintonite dead-enders. He’s proved that you don’t need 1%er’s money to run a competitive campaign and that’s why they hate him so much.


For over a decade I have been for bringing back the DRAFT. Here’s why.

The republican brain cannot relate to an issue unless it jumps up and bites them in their own personal ass. On the subject of war, many more of them would think about it IF they had skin in the game. They know this to be true. This is exactly why there is no draft NOW. Vietnam ended when the 2S deferment was ended (Student deferment) so that kids who could afford college were in the pool. (I was 11 in the first lottery but had a 2S deferment for a couple of years prior.)

We need to bring back the draft (2 years min service) everybody in (women too) no one out. No deferments. Even if you have a pimple on your butt you can do Logistics or office work - in the field.
No Mercenaries. All Citizen Mililtary


See socialism does work … IN REVERSE …


CAn’t argue with that


Military spending is 100% fraud, like a black hole money just vanishes w/o a trace. We have to bring the Pentagon to account for the trillions in lost monies just in the last 10 years.