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With Trillions in Safety Net Cuts, Bernie Sanders Says Trump Budget 'Breathtaking in Its Degree of Cruelty'


Bernie always says the truth while the other Corporate Dems want to condemn someone for some nonsense or other. They are terrified of economic populism. That is why MSNBC is glorifying Joe Banker Biden at every turn. I’m doing what I can so that I can actually vote for a member of my generation who didn’t sell out.


Trump’s budget is his Viagra. Used to screw us with.


Monsters, Twitler, the R’s and the dumb Dems who enable them
Monsters, every last one of 'em.
Does this budget surprise me? ah, that would be a no.
But is sure pisses me off.


Around here, we call the MAGA hat wearers maggots. They have about the same level of intelligence and are just as revolting.


Speaking of the forces of justice, here’s a great holiday recipe for Independence Day.
3/4 liter of nitric acid
1/4 liter of sulphuric acid
Mix in an ice bath
Drizzle glycerine over said mixture and let stand.
CAREFULLY extract the oily residue that forms, ladle into small bottles, and refrigerate but DO NOT FREEZE. It could ruin your party and nobody wants that! Serve when needed.


Need we say any more?!! Well let’s remind everyone that Bernie is too old, too male, too white, and yes, too Jewish to make anything he says matter to the angry females, of color, and non-jewish origin. Poor Bernie!! The more he spouts off, the more he solidifies the incumbent’s majority and the likes of three time loser Old Joe Biden, (maybe with Tulsi Gabbard as his VP, salutting the new CIC all the way!) and other lack-luster ticket leaders (whom Bernie will swallow hard and support and probably raise money to help elect “anybody but Trump”. By such Bernie will help push the incumbent (and let’s not forget his little errand-boy vice president!) over the top to victory! (Yawn!)


Are these your own words, & if not, whose? I think you have something here (referring especially to your first sentence). It’s something I’ve wondered myself.


This excuse for a budget is likely the best he can do then he will have to let the House do it for it is pathetically beyond his abilities.


All these cuts are going to hit the 40% of the blockhead trump base.Maybe they will wake up…but I doubt it !!!


He scares you that much? Valium can help.


The righties will pin it on the socialists for the destruction of our social and environmental safeguards. And the fools will be repeating it on Faux Noise.


The same bunch that anointed Clinton will be after Biden. Even his name smacks of incrementalism.


When discussing military spending the focus is usually on the cost of wars, arms sales and maintaining a technological advantage over perceived enemies.
What is often overlooked in regards to the massive amount of “military spending” is just how easy it is for anyone with high enough clearance to steal obscene amounts of taxpayer money under the guise of national security.
In addition to being highly compartmentalized there is little to no oversight above a certain level, no real accountability and so many “black ops” that it is highly unlikely any one person actually knows half of what the pentagon is doing at any given moment.
What few probes have been launched has revealed a pervasive “don’t ask, don’t tell” mentality permeating the entirety of the pentagon.
This all adds up to the perfect slush found, where the usual approach of “follow the money” is simply not an option for anyone trying to expose it.
Basically, it is one gigantic grifting operation unmatched in scope and scale.


Pelosi said impeachment would divide our nation. We are at war with conservatives for our future. The budget is insanity, like a letting a three-year-old write the grocery list and all you buy is Hershey bars and Coke. So none of this is surprising except Nan keeps slamming the brakes on our Progress. Nan needs to crush grapes. If New York indicts Trump then we may survive. If we elect a Democratic Senate and president we might survive but gutting every social service and EPA is pure KOCH BRO manure, the ALEC edict and AGAIN we wouldn’t be suffering this catastrophe if not of the imbecilic and criminal acts of the Democratic National Committee. So besides being governed by child murdering lunatics, Pelosi tells us what we can and cannot do. I have had enough of Nan and the Magic Jews Schumer and Feinstein. It seems all I do is call people names but it is time for it and in the Sixties when Americans had had enough. American began to burn it down. As Dick Gregory told Kent State the second week of May 1970; if I tell America how good her teeth look when she has a brain tumor, it won’t save her. Pelosi can’t be our chaperone. Enough!


What astute ambiguity! Kudos to Courtenay for a response worthy of the muse at Delphi! Who is the “he” to whom you refer Courtenay?


The Clinton’s pushed strong welfare reform which pushed a lot of folks into deep poverty. It’s basically one party folks except for the far left and the far right. I still like Sanders. I like Biden too but I fear that he won’t rock the boat too much just like Obama. and so it goes…


He wants to eliminate disabled and poor people. Ah sigh


Nope they are ready to be raptured up to Mars.


Having Trump, someone who has wasted so much of the taxpayers money on himself and his family, in charge of the nation’s budget is insane.


Too late!