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With Trillions in Safety Net Cuts, Bernie Sanders Says Trump Budget 'Breathtaking in Its Degree of Cruelty'


Bern, working class families do not have any ‘wealth’ to transfer …we don’t even have any credit card ‘wealth’ left to transfer. Henceforth, refer to the ‘working class’ as the middle poor. Oh, and be sure to vote for the warmonger looters when the military industrial congressional complex war on everybody bill comes up …as usual.


The culture from which we emerge is causing the demise of the culture.


We need to remember that every single Dem except Bernie voted to increase the military budget this past time!


Is he a mirror? Is he a reflection? A symptom? You made a point that deserves some show of appreciation. I’ve mentioned your comment elsewhere, but also added a little of my own take (to quote myself, ha)…

Regarding swampyankee’s comment under the article [some low-consciousness terms there a bit], I’m not sure Trump’s “perfectly suited to be the logical end result of conservatism.” Yankee’s close, but in a way it’s seemed more often to me like Trump’s the logical end result of a ‘conservatism’ that’s somehow engulfed the whole spectrum.

You’re right about life-long “core convictions,” as David Feldman calls’em.

Not to say Bolton isn’t an equal existential problem at the moment, nor to say Bolton wouldn’t present an equal existential threat during some future time in which the senate convicted Trump (nor to say, for all we know, that Pence wouldn’t), nor to say some Rachel Maddow enthusiast Sec of State under Biden wouldn’t.


Brain dead Biden will be used as a ploy to take votes away from Sanders.


Agree. Meanspirited cuts. I think one of the most important issues in the US is income inequality. Multimillionaires and billionaires vs people trying to get by on minimum wage. Speaking of minimum wage I am totally for a minimum wage of $15.00 . Possibly in gradual implements., I do believe in the beauty of diversity. Different cultures, different faiths can learn from each other. Much more should be done to help homeless people get back on their feet. Hoiusing and rehab for starters.


Thanks. My nightmare scenario post left me needing song,
Iris Dement’s Our Town and Judy Collins’ Who knows where the time goes.
A moment of peace. My planning philosophy is NewUrbanism, walkable, local district economies, connecting city and suburb with new transit buses quintupling effective mileage, technology limted but necessary for solar panels and household EV battery pack storage to complement regional utility grids. I’m not luddite. I would miss playing ‘Zeus Master of Olympus’ the best city building game, way more fun than goofy SimCity.


What in the heck is Mueller waiting for- godot???


Not all homeless people are alchoholics or drug addicts. Perhaps in days gone by that was the case. These days however- many homeless people are actually working!


Wish we could stop all this “class” talk! Some time ago- a poster said that we should all be referred to as climate class. We are all human, right? So we all breathe, drink, eat, do other functions etc. On your tombstone I doubt it will say that you or anyone else is whatever class.


What is so great about him? I don’t even remember him saying much while he was in office for vp


NOthing, unless you’re into status quo. That’s the point. Uncle Joe wont change a damn thing. it would be more of the same, War, destruction of the middle class, destruction of all safety nets, and on and on and on.
Biden is the candidate for people who are afraid of change


Agreed! Mr. “nice” guy.


John Wilkes Booth; Charles J. Guiteau;Leon Czolgosz;Lee Harvey Oswald; Your country needs you guys, is there any reincarnations out there to carry on?