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With Trump Administration Set to Miss Family Reunification Deadline, Children Protest 'Horrific' Immigration Policy


With Trump Administration Set to Miss Family Reunification Deadline, Children Protest 'Horrific' Immigration Policy

Julia Conley, staff writer

Lawmakers and immigrant rights advocates called for a mass mobilization on Thursday as the Trump administration reached its court-ordered deadline for reuniting all of the families it has forcibly separated since implementing its deeply unpopular "zero tolerance" immigration policy in May—with no sign that it would reunify as many as 914 parents with their children by 6:00pm.


Cannot help but think there is a planned and systemized global incremental genocide of poor people. Shame on the U.S. for this latest dark chapter. Empty every single one of those fucking private prisons NOW, to a football stadium, or somewhere in one place where all the parents and children can be brought together and find each other. Every. single. one. WHO is counting them??? CONGRESS is letting this shit happen, and the members need to be present and oversee the success of the operation, their summer vacations be damned. And Trump needs to show his ass up for this, too. Enough of this bullshit. People need to start seeing that things are really not all that complicated, unless it is a money trail. The U.S. economy is a total shitshow, running on misery, sickness, outmoded fossil fuels, useless bureaucracy, waste, infotainment, fraud, corruption, drugs, war, all to enrich oligarchs. People need to see it could be better than THIS.


In the mean time the get of a pyramid scheme is applying her “skills” to the education department. If there is a God, PLEASE present these greedy, spiritually bereft beings with something other than their current knuckle dragging to occupy their time on the planet.

Some character set Betsy DeVos’$40 million yacht adrift off Lake Erie. Erie, adrift, wastrel ways of family that should be shunned from the military and education.

It would figure in this squalid show that her captain would carry the name of South African apartheid politician: Botha

Which reminds me of an apartheid era joke:

There came a day when P.T. Botha and Bishop Desmond Tutu both boarded a ferry to cross the Rubicon. During the crossing, the winds of change arose and blew Botha’s hat over the side and skipped the tips of the cresting waves. Seeing this, Desmond Tutu arose from his seat, stepped over the railing onto the waters, walking softly to the wave on which the hat floated. Retrieving it, and returning to the ship, he replaced the hat gently on Botha’s head. The following day the mainstream media reported that Tutu did not know how to swim.

Stand in solidarity with those suffering the past actions and consequences of the US government and major corporations in central and south America.

One opportunity with Amazon Watch: Tell GeoPark Oil Company: Stay Out of Achuar Territory!


So what did Trump and Pence plan to do with the kidnapped children?


It’s become clear that the were to be sold to the highest bidders in America’s utterly corrupt foster care/adoption system.


… In our name?


We are watching our Nation in its final days . .our original sin of Killing almost everyone in North and South America cannot go un-punished . .unless of course there is no Just God, I believe we will be expelled from Mother Earth . .forthwith . .


well yeah, if they’re gonna start jailing Azar, why not go all the way to the top, rump, sessions, Nielsson, etc? jail em all!


What you say reminds me of the christian group caught trying to sneak a busload of children out the back door of Haiti after the earthquake disaster.


This hideous regime of abuse, greed, destruction, exploitation, pollution, extinction, global war-mongering and disruption is a threat to all life on earth! The planet must be rid of these odious evil creatures and goddamn fast…they are feeling the heat and will lash-out in their overthrow! Power to the People! Smash this evil regime and its vulture capitalist backers/masters!


“while their parents have been incarcerated for crossing the U.S.-Mexico border illegally—a misdemeanor for a first offense”

from the link provided in the article: “For the first improper entry offense, the person can be fined (as a criminal or civil penalty), or imprisoned for up to six months, or both. This is considered a misdemeanor under federal law (18 U.S.C.A. § 3559).”


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


I had forgotten about that. We had a couple of ladies from here in the Pittsburgh area that went down to Haiti on a supposedly humanitarian mission. It started with dogs, but as the story played out it ended up that were linked to a private adoption agency and we’re trying to funnel “orphans” into the system.
In another comment thread a week or so ago I half jokingly stated that many of the missing children will be sold into slavery to serve as jockeys or concubines. The more I see, the more I fear I was right.


Aw, you love all the little pink fetuses do you? Well then you won’t mind if we send them all over to your house to be clothed, fed, educated, and of course taken to the doctor when needed.
What’s you address so we can expedite the process…?


By missing the court-ordered deadline for reuniting these kids with their mothers/fathers, some people need to be held in contempt of court and placed in jail until the court order is met.

Jail time will get their attention. It’s the ONLY way.


The Nazis separated kids and parents and some kids, like twins, were used in medical studies. Al Jazeera had an article about adopted Arab Jews. At the hospital the Arab parents were told their baby died, but the babies were given to Holocaust survivors. arriving in Palestine And during the Depression in America, children were taken for care and never returned. So were the children of Native Americans .
Seeing that this is the 21st century, I’m sure that adoption agencies and foster care places have sprung up around this… and just like for profit prisons-someone is making but bucks. Centuries pass and still awfulness happens to children. : (


Perhaps we question the idea of this “nation” and nation-states in general re: 21st century understanding of globally symmetric crises :slight_smile: What about the meta fact that these illegal immigrants are actually all your brothers and sisters, aunts uncles, grandparents and cousins, full of human errors of course. Lighten up, fear powers oligarchs.


BigB, your comment implies that all abortions are done because of some hardship on parent and kid if the pregnancy is allowed to continue. If you’re sending asshat the kids from those pregnancies, don’t omit the kids who are products of rape and incest, the dead or semi-alive deliveries of severely defective fetuses that can’t survive outside the womb, and the corpses of the women whose pregnancy cost their lives.

Damn idiot proselytizers against abortion. They’ve no friggin’ right to inflict their judgmental religious values on anyone else. If ya don’t want an abortion, then don’t get one. Leave others’ families to make their own decisions. (I know you agree—I’m just venting because I’m so sick of their hypocrisy and inanity.) (And don’t anyone try to tell me Dump never paid for any woman’s abortion or made someone get one.)


And docked in pay that goes to the traumatized families/kids…