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With Trump-Aligned Votes as 'Anvil Around Her Neck,' Susan Collins Down 9 Points to Likely Dem Challenger

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/28/trump-aligned-votes-anvil-around-her-neck-susan-collins-down-9-points-likely-dem

Its win-win for Collins.

Upon retirement or losing an election, four termers have a K Street job with their name on it…starting salary of at least two million.

Anyone know about the Democrats potentially running against her? I can assume they suck, but suck less, but who knows. Generally, that is the case. Crappy choice, less crappy choice, things continue to get worse. Again though, I don’t know about these people.

The Maine electorate has finally wised up to the woman who spake with forked tongue.

Shame it took so long for Vacationland to send her on an permanent vacation.

Of course. And that’s why republicans snicker behind the backs of well-intentioned dems and Independents.

cannot think of a more worthy senator to be defeated. slimy supporter of Trump deserves to be heavily defeated for her horrific voting record supporting this murderer in the white house. have already contributed to the fund that was set up to do exactly that months ago. very happy to know that she is now down 9 points!

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Click on the link in the first line (“released”) and you’ll find this in the Bangor Daily News material:

“Ethan: I do. I predict that on the first ballot they will basically be tied at 45 percent, with Lisa Savage, the Green Independent in the race getting 10 percent. Then, after ranked-choice voting, Sara Gideon will become our next US senator with a final vote of 51-49.”

CommonDreams notes that “[a] third Democratic candidate, attorney Bre Kidman, was not included in the survey.” - but independent/Green Party candidate Lisa Savage is not mentioned. Is Lisa getting the Bernie Blackout treatment in this survey?

Ranked choice voting in Maine means that a progressive/third party candidate could win - if that candidate gets enough support from progressives across the country.

Website: ~www.LisaforMaine.org

For an excellent interview with Lisa Savage, see ~https://radiofreesunroot.com/2020/05/11/for-people-planet-peace-from-the-state-of-maine-feat-lisa-savage/

The interview lasts about 75 minutes, and streaming it used about 270MB of data. If you’re accustomed to Gibberish Joe’s incoherent babbling and Trump’s incomplete sentences, you may need a few minutes to adjust your mind to the interview: Lisa speaks in complete sentences, some of them are complex sentences, and she can hold a train of thought for at least several minutes.

P.S. - To @JoanRobinson: Gideon appears to be the DP establishment candidate. If anyone likes Schumer’s version of “resistance”, then Gideon is that anyone’s candidate. I’ll post more info on her as soon as I find it.


Lisa Savage is running against her and doing well and the best part is she’s not even a Democrat! Even sent a signed thank-you note for my donation.

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Oops! Not 2019!

Finally, some good news in the sea of dreary reality that is 2020.