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With Trump Certain to Lose, You Can Forget about a Progressive Clinton


With Trump Certain to Lose, You Can Forget about a Progressive Clinton

Thomas Frank

And so ends the great populist uprising of our time, fizzling out pathetically in the mud and the bigotry stirred up by a third-rate would-be caudillo named Donald J Trump. So closes an era of populist outrage that began back in 2008, when the Davos dream of a world run by benevolent bankers first started to crack. The unrest has taken many forms in these eight years – from idealistic to cynical, from Occupy Wall Street to the Tea Party – but they all failed to change much of anything.


The Perfect G.O.P. Nominee by Maureen Dowd:


If you can stomach it, read some of the comments that follow the Dowd piece. More evidence that this country is in deep and non-holy shit.

Three cheers for wiki leaks!


This is bang-on, and I'd like to elaborate upon its insights further:

"As leading Republicans desert the sinking ship of Trump’s GOP, America’s two-party system itself has temporarily become a one-party system. And within that one party, the political process bears a striking resemblance to dynastic succession. Party office-holders selected Clinton as their candidate long ago, apparently determined to elevate her despite every possible objection, every potential legal problem. The Democratic National Committee helped out, too, as WikiLeaks tells us. So did President Barack Obama, that former paladin for openness, who in the past several years did nearly everything in his power to suppress challenges to Clinton and thus ensure she would continue his legacy of tepid, bank-friendly neoliberalism."

The American dynasty component was mentioned in this forum by myself and others, and thus duly noted.

In the characterization of Obama's Presidency, why stop at bank-friendly? Why leave out the crackdown on truth tellers & whistle blowers, the giveaway to Big Insurance (disguised as the benign sounding, "Obama Care,"), the gift to the MIC in the form of ongoing wars and the promise to regenerate the nation's nuclear arsenal to the tune of One Trillion dollars?

Also, the goal of global corporate control was advanced in slow stages so that the Reagan-Thatcher demonizing of government ("There is NO society!") paved the way for Bill Clinton to feign bipartisanship (as a hypothetical political "positive") while he took away all of the regulatory practices put in place to rein in corporate power.

By the time Bush, Jr. came in with the 911 event fueling the already planned (PNAC) wars, and the "war abroad allowing for tyranny at home" reflex that engendered a post-law nation with elites eagerly eviscerating standing Civil Liberties and Constitutional protections... citizens were silently deprived the power (and agencies) of redress.

And now Obama's cherry on the cake in consolidating all that corporate power on a global scale so that what's happening by turns in Flint, Michigan, Puerto Rico, Greece, and other lands will become The Norm. Hello, TPP and TIPP.

When the few control the many, a few things are necessary:

  1. A financial system that has most laboring so hard for their necessities that there's precious little time/will/energy left over for activism

  2. A mass media full of sycophants willing to read Talking Points while deceiving the public

  3. A court system that protects trespassers and bends law to suit the bidding of the 1%

  4. A culture that celebrates the me-first orientation of brutes, bullies, and con artists

  5. A religious orthodoxy that insists that greed is good ("If you are doing well, that shows proof of God's blessing," and if "you are not doing well, you must have won the punishment that you deserve.")

  6. LOTS of uniform muscle to enforce #1-5. They come in the following uniforms: Sheriffs' department, police, highway patrol, Homeland Security, FBI, CIA, Border Patrol, Coast Guard, DEA, Army, Navy, Navy Seals, Air Force... and now even PRIVATE for-hire militias... like the one that gave Eric Prince all that $ and fame.

The checks and balances of an operational Democratic Republic have been check-mated. And The People ARE very, very restless... nor can the contagion of so much graft destroying so many lives in so many places be contained, or "the genie" put back into the bottle.


The "era of populist outrage" is only just beginning.

The stamping down of all manifestations of populist outrage over the past 8 years by the phony "centrists" now coalescing around the Clinton campaign, only adds fuel to more unpredictable outbreaks of popular rage in the near term. Watch for it.


A Clinton win will empower her dyed in the wool Democrat base to ramp up their scorn on progressives who supported Sanders, and even more so for those of us supporting Jill Stein.

Clinton's never-before-voted-for-Democrats base will gloat endlessly about how "liberal" they have become as they have aged.

With each passing day it becomes more critical that US voters not let Clinton SPOIL Jill Stein's opportunity to reverse the systematic pushing of the middle class into poverty and further impoverishing those who have already been pushed into poverty by the Democrats and GOP.


"The populist challenge of the past eight years, whether led by Trump or by Sanders, will have been beaten back resoundingly. Centrism will reign triumphant over the Democratic party for years to come. This will be her great accomplishment."

If an athlete is found to have used Steroids (or another performance-enhancing drug) to win an Olympic title, typically the reward is rescinded.

When pundits like Mr. Frank use a term like "success" or "accomplishment" in relation to Mrs. Clinton, it crowns a massive campaign based on a variety of forms of cheating. In short, it legitimizes a Potemkin election.

Lately, when I watch Trump it seems to me that he IS acting. That he is purposely saying any outrageous thing he can think of to THROW the vote.

Perhaps those who speculated that the Clintons Tapped Trump to act as their partner in the "Worldwide Wrestling Match" version of the American duopoly theater... were onto something.

Just give the crowd a good show and they'll forget all the machinations that took place behind the curtains.

In saying the above, the ONLY recourse the citizenry has is to just say no and come to a full stop. With the exception of Air Traffic Control and Hospital staffs, any employed person should literally SIT down. Take the whole machine to a stop until HONEST representation is offered and becomes part of the Electoral Show.

Mr. Frank's concluding statements are glib, but shallow because they fail to take into account the fact that the same rumblings of the masses are being felt round the globe; nor do the contractions in commodities' prices help to alleviate the very real financial blows that most are suffering:

"The billionaire’s scowling country-club face will become the image of populist reform, whether genuine populists had anything to do with him or not. This is the real potential disaster of 2016: That legitimate economic discontent is going to be dismissed as bigotry and xenophobia for years to come."


Agree with Frank that Hillary will win in a landslide and the Establishment wins. All those like Thom Hartmann will be proven foolishly wrong for buying into the Clinton's faux progressive positions.

The only thing I can hope for is that the Clinton admin will let the alternative and replacement system continue to develop in the shadows. It will have to be distracted so it does not crack down.

I pity the rest of the world under Clinton's imperial militaristic thumb.

What happens with the TPP will be huge.


" Thanks to this imbecile Trump"
Trump is no imbecile. He is doing exactly what he wants to do: Make Hillary Clinton President. He works for the same people the Clintons work for. Had he lost the nomination, he would have claimed he was robbed and ran independent to sabotage the Republicans. Winning the nomination was an unexpected bonus (they did not dream their were so many stupid republicans). Now all he has to do is play the buffoon for a couple more months and then go back to his life of leisure. A professional wrestling villain was never so obvious.


"Perhaps those who speculated that the Clintons Tapped Trump to act as their partner in the 'Worldwide Wrestling Match' version of the American duopoly theater... were onto something."



When you consider that it is becoming more apparent with each passing day that Trump was planted to assure a Clinton win, Trump is fortunate he has the means to employ a security "detail" at least as large as we taxpayers furnish the POTUS.

When I worked in security during the nineties we charitably described rednecks as "folks highly competent with firearms".
At least some of the rednecks (i agree its not JUST rednecks supporting Trump) who support Trump WILL connect the dots enough to conclude that Trump duped them as he talked populist, yet ran a campaign that a C minus high school debate student (with one hand tied behind his back and a blindfold on) could have outdone him on. It will surprise no one if some of them attempt to get Trump in their crosshairs..

Although Trump probably already wears kevlar vests in public, he will need to start sleeping in one.


Post DLC (1985) Democrats consider Carter old school for throwing too many crumbs to the 99% and not dismantling the New Deal fast enough. he will never be invited to speak at any Democratic Party function since it would interfere with Democrats' serial showering of praise on Ronny Raygun and comparing themselves to him.


It is both fascinating and terrifying to read the Clinton supporters' comments to that article. Brainwashing and cognitive dissonance in full display. The human mind is such an enigma.


Thom Hartmann has thrown any of his previously espoused beliefs out the window in this election. Of all the left wing pundits, writers, and leaders who have been shown to be frauds during this election cycle, Thom was the most disappointing to me.


I stopped listening to Thom when it became clear he was an apologist for Obama and the Dems - which was early in Obama's 1st term. Hartman was great while Bush was in office, but turned into a cheerleader when Bush left.


I don't know that Trump so much soiled the populist cause as the MSM used Trump to soil the populist cause. Nevertheless, I've checked out a number of alt-Right sites in the last few weeks and I am thinking that Frank may have it wrong about the long-term damage to populist causes. It was always difficult to reach Republican-voting working people, those who used to be called "Reagan Democrats," because they would never trust any media source left of center. Well, Trump has reached them and, whether intentionally or inadvertently, has yanked the disguise off the great con game that the mainstream Republican politicians have been playing on them for decades. I believe that great numbers of them are rejecting the establishment Republicans and I do not see them going back. So these are people who are potential supporters of a new working person's party in the future, or, at the least, nonvoters in elections where the Republican nominee is of the establishment. Trump may be inadvertently performing a very helpful service.


Another article referring to the polls.

The polls are a crock. They are being manipulated by the mass media. Trump is speaking to halls with thousands and Clinton draws a few hundred.

It has been openly admitted that the way polls done was changed by the media doing them.

If Trump loses it not because he certain to lose the vote. It is because he certain to lose the count.

(By the way I also think that the polls that showed Clinton beating Sanders were manipulated and the final count did not match the votes cast)


Old Media Message: Sanders has no chance, Clinton Inevitable.

New Media Message: Trump certain to lose big, Clinton Inevitable.

MSM is using their power to create self-fulfilling prophecies, but the outcome of the election is still uncertain. Clinton's unfavorables haven't changed, but Trump's daily gaffes are being amplified. Will the press be able to give Clinton the White House like they gave her the Democratic nomination (the night before the California primary)?

At least if they manage to convince people Clinton is inevitable (again) maybe the bobble-head Clinton supporters will shut up about strategic voting for the lesser-evil.

Don't pick your poison, pick your cure: Dr Jill Stein/Ajamu Baraka 2016


Mr. Frank asks who will be the next populist candidate if there is one? If there could be one that is. The end of Sanders turns out to turn on the prospect of up to five ultra right Supreme Court justices - or five center moderate justices or had it been Sanders - the corporate boogeyman of five liberal and even progressive justices.

Suddenly I see why they pulled out all the stops to quash Sanders even though he was the most popular candidate. They actually didn't mind him so much...they minded five progressive justices though.

Thus even the repubs who hounded the Clintons want the Clintons again. Nice safe corporate Clinton and five new friends.


Great reply raydelcamino!


For years now, Paul Craig Roberts has said that it is no longer likely that the oligarchy can be defeated at the ballot box. He has said that only the blunders of the oligarchy leading to collapse or war are likely to remove them. Syriza briefly gave hope that the ballot box could be effective, but that quickly faded. It remains to be seen if the Brexit vote will likewise be neutralized. Bernie certainly was neutralized, in spite of running a strong campaign, and now they're working on Trump, who isn't running nearly as effective a campaign as he did during the primaries, for some odd reason.

Hillary is likely to blunder straight into some of those wars, and if the central banks keep pumping up stocks artificially as a response to the Brexit vote and a desire to elect Clinton, she may inherit a crash too ...