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With Trump in Charge, Heightened Fears of a Hurricane Harvey Petrochemical Nightmare


With Trump in Charge, Heightened Fears of a Hurricane Harvey Petrochemical Nightmare

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Texas is bracing for potentially "catastrophic" flooding as Hurricane Harvey is set to make landfall Friday, and many are raising concerns that given the state's role as the heart of the petrochemical industry, the storm could create a "nightmare situation" for the environment—one that the Trump administration's aggressive deregulatory agenda will only make worse.


To conservatives, the greater the disaster, the greater the opportunity.

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There’s a nuclear plant called the South Texas Project “right in the bull’s eye for the approaching storm.” It’s supposed to shut down if winds exceed 75 mph, but there could be problems with cooling ponds and emergency generators. Pretty good write-up here.


As the Scotsman said, “I think we’re fooked!”
Fukushima up close and personal anyone? With a Texas accent?


Harvey may only be a category 3 hurricane but he’s expected to come to a dead stop at the Texas coastline, dumping isolated amounts of rain to 35 inches. I’ve not seen a report of 35 inches of rain in my lifetime.

Also, a typical one or two hours of category 3 winds doesn’t equal 48 hours of steady hurricane winds. Harvey is about to be a wallbanger, a 5 in destructive force.

If everything starts to go wrong at the South Texas Project nuclear power station, nobody is going to want to be outside fixing things. For example, what if the fuel tanks for the emergency generators rupture because a house flew onto the tanks? What if the emergency generator floods? 35 inches of rain should be far more water than if all the dams on Texas’s Colorado River fail, and perhaps both disasters will happen at the same time. Huge floods can overwhelm earthen dams.


I fear we are about to see another Katrina in the making. Let’s see if Krumpus does a fly over like Bush did, after the calamity is only underway.


He’ll do a flyover so he can best determine how to apply the “Shock Doctrine”.



The Shock Doctrine is the gripping story of how America’s “free market” policies have come to dominate the world-- through the exploitation of disaster-shocked people and countries. (Naomi Klein)


The Clintons we’re famous for applying the Shock Doctrine.


One disaster leads to another


Furthermore, General of Homeland Security, Kelly when asked on the first day of hurricane season 2017 why there was no FEMA Director as of yet, Kelly," Will make do."


What else would you expect from a neo liberal? This is what made DT president. Clinton would have maintained our slow and inexorable slide into a solid corporatocracy with puppets as representatives and courts run for the benefit of the power structure. We are circling the bowl as I write. Our only hope is that in his egocentric mind Trump will overreach and a civil revolution will occur. Otherwise it will be a very bad alternative.


At this point there is little that can be done to mitigate the threat and the Ostrich Party along with the asses from the moderate left will have their proof of what a moderately serious storm can do to spoil your entire week. Mr. Deregulation may have a much smaller following after this since many of his followers are right at ground zero. Here’s to the hope that they survive to express their regrets.


And like Katrina it will be used to exploit the cities and people affected. There is always good profit in a catastrophe for the 1%.


It’s like dominoes isn’t it.


Somehow none of this is surprising, and it is just a matter of time before something on a catastrophic level happens somewhere. Hopefully Texas will escape disaster, but the facts are clear, Trump does not care!
Trump lives in a fantasy world where we are just the means to an end. We saw during the rains in California when the Oroville dam was threatening failure that he did not respond until our California requested he declare it a disaster area so that we could receive the help he needs. There were hurricanes as well & he couldn’t be bothered to even let it be known that he cared that Americans were suffering. So is anyone surprised that all these months into his administration that nothing has been done to prepare for the inevitable as he has undermined those regulations that are factually safety precautions for the citizens of this country & the environment we must live in?
If somehow Texas escapes disaster we must demand that our elected officials tend to this unacceptable state of unreadiness that exists to day in our Federal Goverment! It will only be a reprieve & it is a given that this country will face an environmental catastrophy somewhere. It may be in California as a result of the long overdue “big one”, or it will be an unpresidente storm with major weather fronts colliding again in the NE. It is unacceptable that in the face of this given, when we know it’s never a matter of if, but when. That Donald J Trump & his administration has failed to stand ready to respond & has in fact undermined the protections & services that had been put in place by those who proceeded him!


And they all fall over on top of us


Only if he is enroute to a golf course to test a new set of clubs.
“One fast low pass, Henry, so they can see I care, then get me to California in time for the match.”


Nah, he’ll hold a campaign rally in some Texas town, talk about what amazing achievements his administration is making, praise our wonderful workers in the oil industry, complain that the crooked media is telling fake stories about the severity of the hurricane, and his campaign team will sell some red hats to the crowds that just lost their homes.


Yup!And that refinery was built just since Trump became prez.There is a rumor he is gonna wait for storm damage and then move all blacks, mexicans and Space aliens to Belize.
Gonna send in men with guns, load em all on planes trains and wheelbarrows.
That is all except those he needs to hold Texas from secession by below minimum wage.