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With Trump in Office, Feds May Alter Course in Texas Voter ID Case


With Trump in Office, Feds May Alter Course in Texas Voter ID Case

Jessica Huseman

Hours after President Donald Trump was inaugurated, the Department of Justice filed to postpone a hearing on the Texas Voter ID law. The request was granted. The DOJ had previously argued that the law intentionally discriminated against minority voters, but told the court it needed additional time for the new administration to "brief the new leadership of the Department on this case and the issues to be addressed at that hearing before making any representations to the Court."


“The facts didn’t change…just the personnel…” Oh brother, what does THAT say about our justice system? I thought we were a nation of laws…we LOVE laws, we write zillions of them, we fail to rescind those that are obsolete, we quote laws, we create laws that intrude into people’s most intimate moments and try to control their every twitch…and now we’re being told they’re not designed to create a better , more just society, to uphold our democratic social contract, but are instead just a tool for people to use against others? Huh? I am so shocked and disappointed.


This is exactly why getting that fifth justice on the Court was so important. Much more important than a now-useless vote against the “duopoly” or whatever the argument that didn’t matter in the big scheme of things was.


“we’re used to fighting against government at all its levels.”

So glad he’s used to it because the fight is long and we need more people like him.


Trump appoints John Gore to head the DOJ’s Civil Rights division. Gore defended the bathroom bill.



Trump will be appointing a person like this to the Supreme Court. For all those who voted to make a statement against the “duopoly” or some such nonsense, this is how the duopoly becomes a monopoly. They write, and enforce, the election rules now.


QUOTE: Chad Dunn, attorney for the plaintiffs in the case, expects Trump’s Department of Justice to reverse course. “I figure the government will spend the next 30 days figuring out how to change its mind,” he said, adding that now he expects the DOJ to argue on behalf of the state of Texas, which has held that there was no intent to discriminate against minorities. “The facts did not change - just the personnel.” UNQUOTE

Some of us, who are a bit longer in the tooth can still remember, when courts were independent from politics. :sob:


Voting rights are and have been the front line of any struggle to re-take power in this country. The GOP knows this and has made Yugge strides to restrict them and they will continue to as long as nobody stops them in court and if necessary the streets.