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With Trump Lacking Political Mandate, Democrats Called to Mount Opposition


With Trump Lacking Political Mandate, Democrats Called to Mount Opposition

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

President-elect Donald Trump has a "historically small" political mandate. But do Democratic lawmakers have what it takes to gather their own political capital and "to stand up for what's right," as Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) put it this week?


The actions of Democratic National Committee are The Reason that Donald Trump is going to the White House.
Think again if you hope that they will do anything to cross their Corporate Sponsors.

The Democratic Party is dead to me.
They are not working for the benefit of the American People or for Our Country.
They are working exclusively for the benefit of the Koch Brothers and their ilk.


The Democrats certainly have to draw the line on the racist and fascist stuff. That is fringe extremism and in no way represents the majority. Many thousands of Americans died in WWII fighting fascism. Many of the people who voted for Trump were Republicans who cannot stand Trump but could not bring themselves to vote for Hillary Clinton. The overwhelming majority of Americans do not support him. He had the highest unfavorable numbers even for a presidential candidate. For the most part he is despised. He isn't liked by most member of his own party. He must apologize for all the nasty stuff or it is hard to see how he can govern without any respect from most Americans.


There are (at least) two ways to change the direction of an organization or political party. One is to find, elect and install new leadership. This is difficult, time consuming and fraught with uncertainty. The other is to get the established leadership to change their direction. As most politicians are opportunistic and self serving, it is often much easier to simply “make them an offer that they cannot refuse”. Provide a show of force, ask them whose side they are on, and ‘Voila’ you have a new ‘true believer’ - so much quicker and simpler. “Where the people lead, the leaders will follow”.


Hey, Don. Baby! Bubbelah! Boychik! I have some bad news; Canadians, The British, and of course (shock!) The Swedes...Forfeit the right..to 'point the finger of social-political morality' at...anyone frankly, but certainly not the U.S.

Canada is now a straight-up police state. Just as corrupt. Hey..Keystone was ABOUT Canadian eco devastation at tarsands.

And just 'cause I named em along with Canada..wow..the Brits? Wow! England is...gone. As a "Democracy"..its gone! Done! The "Snoopers Charter" about to make it all official "Orwell? Yup! Why not? Worse Than Orwell in fact!"

Sorry Don. Canada is no longer qualified to point the finger at America.

Now, as for the rest of it..the Left '...soaring to popularity again..'. Nope!

And the reason is basically the same as to 'why' you cannot realistically...er..'truthfully' point a moral finger at the U.S. ; because the NEW Left (the old Left is currently hiding, too afraid of being blacklisted by 'sensitives' and losing their jobs after being overheard ..spied upon really..at the water cooler and having their discussion about 'why they love Richard Pryor' misconstrued and 'reported' on..sad endless etc..)...is so riddled with and worse...addicted to..the authoritarian control that is "PC", that they have lost..en masse..people like me..middle class x-er, college edumacated and even...gasp...white..we've HAD it with lies. PC is a lie. Its anti-diversity. Anti-freedom. And utterly vile. We've had it with fake "Left" solutions that simply camouflage a Bureaucratic Control paradigm as opposed to a Corporate Control paradigm. Hillary boasted of wanting to "merry the public and private sector..". Oh..great. It is the nightmare "Public/Private sector Partnership(s)" that are destroying Privacy, Autonomy, real Diversity and Choice. I will never support a "Left" that insists..nay..DEMANDS..to literally..no figure of speech, no hyperbole..demands..even by force if necessary..to "Tell Me How To Live My Life". I'll just simply never do it. Nor will the working class..they just proved that pretty unequivocally..Bill Clinton said "its the economy stupid"...I say "Its Autonomy, Dude!". No "Soda Taxes"..back OFF the 2nd amendment. If am not a criminal..then going after 'guns' while the world declines into eco collapses is...psychotic. Choice is freedom. Autonomy is Freedom and more? That is True! The "Left" must abandon the 'everyone's a racist who disagrees' mantra and PC en total. It must embrace TRUE diversity in the form of Personal Autonomy..you may not like it..but if someone 'wants to hate'...that's...their....choice. And that's a truth. You try to control em? That's neither freedom nor diversity and is thus a lie. Real vs. Fake. It really is that simple.


Enjoy Republican rule then.


But do Democratic lawmakers have what it takes to gather their own political capital and "to stand up for what's right," as Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) put it this week?

That question has been answered very clearily. Wikileaks revealed that Hillary donors bitterly complaining to her about you Elizabeth Warren. Clinton did not defend you Elizabeth Warren. Instead, Clinton pointed out what one of two highest ranking leaders said about you. Nancy Pelosi said that you Elizabeth Warren do not speak for the democratic party.

So the statement by the mighty political mover and shaker Yong Jung Cho : "If you negotiate with an authoritarian racist and his cabinet of cronies and nationalists, we will support primary challengers against you." Identity politics proved to be an utterly electoral loser. Every time the democrats lose, they historical move to the right. Good luck with all the cognitive dissonance.

Currently, the democrats are knocking the Carrier deal because it is corporate welfare. Never mind that the democrats in such solid blue states like Oregon and NY have done the same sorts of deals. Other than the rank hypocrisy, the democrats offer no other vision than what Hillary offered--"vote for (corporatist) me the democrat because I am not Trump." The headlines are beginning to congeal about Carrier: "Trump saves 900 American jobs. Democrats think it is a bad idea"

Opposition to Trump will have to come from outside the democratic party.


Like their "opposition" to the 21st Century Cure Act?


Stay out of things you don't understand.


Is this the Canadian version of strawman? You are making up and babbling about shit I never wrote about.


No, it's up to Canadians, obvi.


We have had nothing BUT Republican rule since Jimmy Carter.
And even he greatly increased military spending, something Republicans are very fond of doing.