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With Trump Ready to Name Far-Right Justice, Poll Shows Nearly 70 Percent in US Want Women's Abortion Rights Protected


With Trump Ready to Name Far-Right Justice, Poll Shows Nearly 70 Percent in US Want Women's Abortion Rights Protected

Jon Queally, staff writer

With news of Justice Anthony Kennedy's retirement this week having people legitimately worried the U.S.


It is naive to think political reps working for oligarchs care about polls.

Even more naive is the belief that grotesque US wars on innocent civilians is due to the bad party and if the good party gets in then bad stuff will stop happening.

A country that bombs innocents world-wide has no feeling for people inside the wall.


And here’s the great Reagan-appointed “Centrist Justice” who Trump will replace after the Dems Tweet and Whine and DO NOTHING:



WE ARE THE PROBLEM. Just ask Pogo.


This doesn’t just criminalize abortion it criminalizes women and reproduction. Seriously, think this through, women mandated to give birth in prison (and we all know how good that healthcare is, if not look up the statistics). Then you have felon mommies and their children, planed or unplanned, viable or not.


The patriarchy has always been about criminalizing women, if that’s what it takes to control them. You can go back to the Salem witch trials for Protestants or contemporary Catholic, Islamic and Jewish sects/religions which assign girls and women second-class status at best. and we all know that RELIGION is part-and-parcel of the American Way (of exceptionalism). This aint about Trump, but about him being a logical by-product of the good ole US of A.


Exactly right, these women wouldn’t be making any decisions for themselves for a very long time.


Religions need to evolve along with their political institutions. Or just stick with the spiritual aspects of society


The Democratic Party, representing civility, bloody abortion and losing. If John F. Kennedy were president today, his own party would impeach him. The Republican Party, literally returning the once greatest republic on Earth back to the 19th century, has proven itself entirely free of morals and ethics. What to do?
The fascists are tying up the Supreme Court for the next 40 years.


Hopefully Senators Murkowski and Collins will hold fast…but I doubt it.


The world-controlling capitalists know that every human born, even in the worst circumstances, is one more customer and wage slave.
That’s their main reason for wanting to make it impossible for women to prevent and terminate pregnancies.
The rubes who worship fetuses are insane. If you ask them why they want to force a woman to gestate the fetus created by rape or incest so it tears its way out from between the woman’s legs and gives her a lifetime reminder of being raped or molested, their eyes roll around in their heads and they froth at the mouth.
I wish abortion could be retroactive.


I Hope Roe is overturned--------then women have to face each other and ask if they consider themselves equal. Believe me if it were men who got pregnant this wouldn’t even be an issue—men would have the right to choose. If women are not going to fight for their INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM then why should others care. And the real issue here is sexual dysfunction----we live in the dark ages. The president of the US treats woman like OBJECTS and the media and WOMEN look the other way. So where is the equal rights amendment today???


Here’s the deal: Trump is going to get his Justice unless at least two Republicans, if not three, ditch the nominee. Vote in 2018. Under our constitution, that’s how you put a check on Trump.


The RIGHT to chose is a conservative position-----its about INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM----THE STATE NOT TELLING YOU HOW TO LIVE YOUR LIFE------and what needs to be understood is that millions of WOMEN feel that abortion should be illegal-----this needs to play out in the political process.


Amazing. One could read the entire piece, and every comment, and think that SCOTUS rules on nothing but abortion… Wake up, people! There’s a whole lot more at stake than abortion! Maybe ALL environmental laws will be tossed. Maybe POC could losing voting rights, gays could lose marriage and workplace rights, schools could have enforced prayers, birth control could be restricted for unmarried women, government and business leaders would have rights to absolute privacy while the public would have no such rights–I won’t even mention the threats related to war since I don’t see the courts limiting war making anyway. But how about the right to sure corporations being tossed?


“Timing of Kennedy’s retirement only cements his right-wing legacy
When it came to money and power, ‘moderate’ Justice Anthony Kennedy had always been an agent of the top one percent”
“a look at a single decision, Citizens United vs FEC (2010), will show that it’s not. The landmark campaign finance ruling paved the way for anyone to support a candidate with unlimited funding”

Citizens United’s claim(ed) that businesses have First Amendment free speech rights.” “Kennedy, writing for the majority, said that corporations have all the same free speech rights as human beings because they are associations of human beings.”

“His - Kennedy’s - opinion reiterated and institutionalised the idea that money is speech.”

Thus this failure threatened our democracy, and now his “retirement” giving trump the power cements his perfidy and subversion of our republic!


You know I actually hope Trump gets to make his pick. I hope Trump appoints the Supreme Court judge he wants, and possibly saddles the US with some inappropriate selection for the next 30 years.

I hope Roe vs Wade is reversed, if only because America voted for this great orange clown, and frankly you should all feel consequences for the stupidity of your vote in 2016. You have saddled the whole world with this moron; he’s tearing up alliances with long term allies like Mexico, Canada and Europe, he’s cosying up to despots and rogue nations around the world, and he’s just about to unleash a trade war which is going to not only damage international trade for decades to come but is also going to cost American jobs.

Yes you Americans voted for him, and you need to feel the repercussions and responsibility for being so stupid. I have no sympathy for you. If Roe vs Wade is reversed, that’s almost a small token compared to the damage your self obsessed President is inflicting on the rest of the world


If you understand the suffering that gestation and childbirth causes a woman, and the inherent suffering that every new human will endure (especially one born to a woman who would rather have aborted the fetus), you might not say what you just said.
Consider the vicious cruelty of forcing women to gestate and bear children they don’t want, especially when the children are the product of rape and incest.
Consider that every child born in America will be supported by a vast network of animal slaughter and ecocidal consumerist infrastructure that accelerate ecocide.
The right to free, safe, and legal abortions should be a basic human right.
Ireland just did the correct thing about abortion.
But the god damned USA is going back to the coat hanger days, and Trump and the fetus worshipers must be defeated.


Does anyone really think that this fascist administration is going to have any
concern for what the public wants?

They have the power to do it – and they will.

Neither will Dem Party offer anything much in the way of resistance.

THAT should have happened over GORSUCH – and it didn’t.

It’s not accidental nor coincidental that a woman who oversaw TORTURE now heads the CIA.

Even Catholics want Reproductive Freedom and Separation of Church & State to protect them from their own religion’s domination. When Catholic Latinos/Latinas are included the numbers are even higher.

It must be obvious to everyone that females are a huge threat to Patriarchy, essentially for their interest and dedication in protecting Nature, Animal-Life, the Planet.

And until Patriarchy finally comes up with an “artificial womb” which they’ve been known to covet/research.


Well perhaps it s time to get nuttier than the Professor of ART of the STEAL. : )

All right, here goes! I don’t think that a lot of people realize what getting rid of Roe V Wade would actually mean–BUT, it means losing control over your own body ( for women anyway-----------( which I think fits under that Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness. theme.) BUT what if men were included too?

Remember, how as a teenager, you had a lot of HOW DARE YOU moments when your parents said you had to do stuff!
SO----if you had NO control over your own body, isn’t that like slavery? And if men had NO control over their bodies----what could cause that?
In a dystopian world, men would take over what the women had to endure in the Middle Ages-------wearing a chastity belt-------only this time women had the key. EXTRA positive here too------more jobs are created in manufacturing! Cruelty as a big moneymaker! : How American! : )

Secondly, when a sperm and an egg get together, it’s a zygote, and after that, and for a very long time it’s just dividing cells…so hey, maybe the government will cut cancer treatment as you know, it’s just dividing cells too! WOW, a lot of dead people here but the GNP in the death industry a biggie for Wall ST.

Third, a crime wave of kidnapping the abortion stoppers will no doubt occur, where the daughters of the NO YOU CAN’T people get kidnapped, knocked up and returned to daddy with those dividing cells and a fetal heartbeat…oh what will they do? If they don’t help their daughters, then I guess the girls will just shoot daddy! : 0

Fourth: Which brings me to a new NRA product! The NRA will make lots more money by inventing a cute little, easily hidden and maybe pearl handled protection gun for the ladies…let’s see, OH this is good, it will be called the Saturday Night Dickster--------self explanatory for use by women being attacked---------or whatever.

FINALLY, a little something for the NO Abortion people----a realization of Jonathan Swift’s, A MODEST PROPOSAL----------because as long as the NO Abortion peeps want to control women’s bodies , while at the same time cutting SNAP and by cutting food, eternally force the already born children into starvation-------- yes, and if you have no time to read Swift- babies are eaten as a food source. : 0----------

So here we are------- FIVE TIPS( and boy are they inhumane ones) for separating humans from any logic or necessity—and creating a brand new DEMIGod Republic.PLEASE add more ideas and the insaner the better-------as we need to remind everyone that if all human beings aren’t respected-----------no one is safe.