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With Trump Seen as 'Symptom Not a Cause,' US Rank Plummets on Global Corruption Index


With Trump Seen as 'Symptom Not a Cause,' US Rank Plummets on Global Corruption Index

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

An analysis out Tuesday from Transparency International "reveals the United States as a key country to watch in a global pattern of stagnating anti-corruption efforts and a worldwide crisis of democracy," according to the group, with the U.S. rank on a global index plummeting by four points in just the past year under President Donald Trump.


We all know how this story ends for Trump.

Can’t we just agree to disappear him and warn all future residents of the White House of their similar fate if they step out of line.

For Whom The Wall Tolls.


Accountability of those in public office is not in the American dictionary. Pardon me while I go puke, pun intended.


Our country was corrupt long before Trump. We are like a jet plane with nobody in the cockpit. Laws on Banks and Corporations have been eradicated The wealth / inequality index has widened greatly. All corruption goes unchecked and unpunished. Lies are everywhere in the Media. Real Estate, once a safe haven has been in the toilet since ‘08 and never rebounded just like the Recession that never left. Outsourcing has taken a huge toll on US jobs and now the largest Corporations want to screw us even more by laying off 40 per cent of the jobs humans do by switching over to A.I. within 15 years. Trump makes things worse every day, but it goes way beyond his pay grade. We’re back in the Wild West… only the idiots with guns keep shooting the wrong people.


Call your congress critter and tell them what you said here- just repeating the same old crap is cowardice. I actually got a call back from one of our senator’s staff members! Also, Dump is a symptom- it isn’t racism, bigotry, white power, transphobia etc as to why people are angry! It’s the financial meltdown and the fact that no big shot was punished!


Trump is the symptom not the cause. That is precisely right. The challenge, and what a challenge it is, is to have the bravery to accept what the “real” cause is. The real cause is not the liberal elites, like the conservatives would like you to think. The real cause is not the conservative elites, like the liberals tell you. The real cause are not the intellectuals, like the Trumpists say. The real cause, and this is the hard part to swallow, are the American People, nothing less, nothing more.
Of course, not all Americans share equally in having made of the US a very corrupt nation. The US was conceived as an utterly corrupt nation from the start. It was founded by thieves, slave traders, murderers, and traitors to their King. This is history, and the fact that American schools don’t teach it doesn’t erase it. Fascism, racism, bigotry, ignorance, are all part of the American DNA. If that is the case, you may ask, how come this state of affairs didn’t come to light earlier? The answer to that is even harder to swallow.
During most of its history, American society was checked by a steady stream of decency in the form of hard-working honest European immigrants. That stream stopped about 50 years ago. In the last half century, the US has evolved unchecked by civilization, and in that process, its population’s DNA has degenerated. Trump is the end result of this process of social degeneration. But Trump is not the first and won’t be the last, he is the beginning of a new version of America, one among many to come, one less civilized than the next. The nightmare is just starting.


Good analysis monckton. Not sure i understand “unchecked by civilization” though. However the “nightmare” may be curtailed prematurely by total global collapse due to climate change, extreme weather conditions and/or economic failure worldwide.

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Remember when george wanker bush was the most wanted terrorist in the world?.

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What exactly is cowardice in my post? Not that I care, Not cool to pass your judgement on anybody’s post here. If you don’t like imy comment, You call your So called Senator again and tell him the same old crap you told him the first time…


They should have given a great honorable mention to Mexico. - They have been horrificly corrupt for so long, but now the election of Lopez-Obrador is turning it all around. - The crooks are going crazy there!

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Looking at the sign´s “The most dangerous person in the world,” I think probably so, as far as we know. He´s also perhaps the most damaging–even to think about, even more than, say, hammering carpet tacks in one´s skull, or to look at him–a “Baby Huey” from hell. One wonders, is this a human being or a soulless bloodsucking demon? And is the White House now not a pan-demonium? All of Trump´s cohorts, demonically possessed–and notably Pence, who appears to believe he´s doing God a favor.


The WH has become a convention ctr. for “PIPs”. . .psychopaths in power, where they can join forces and terrorise all who don’t agree with their demented agenda. Climate Change will just add a different flavor to this disaster, a nasty one.



How so you say? US oligarchs heavily invested in fossil fuels, the Military Industrial (Congressional) Complex and Wall Street are the single largest barrier to mitigating catastrophic global warming. They have a stranglehold on the economy, only seeking to maximize profits for a tiny few, threaten the existence of human civilization, if not human life itself in the immanent future. This, to me, makes the corruption of any other county pail in comparison. We are - again - #1.


What reactionary claptrap.


Build the wall!! Build the wall!! Build the wall!!

That’s all the fucking morons want to hear. What a fucked up country we have become.


Until about 50 years ago, a stream of immigrants from Europe kept the US on the track of prosperity. You can think of American Civilization as a lake fed by streams of civilized Europeans and drained by domestic cultural barbarians (such as the Evangelicals now in power.) The balance of these two effects defines the course of American civilization.

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No claptrap, my friend. You would benefit from reading American History. The fact that you don’t like the facts doesn’t change the facts.


“Power believes it has a great soul, and vast comprehension beyond the grasp of the weak. It thinks it’s doing God’s work even as it breaks all his laws.”
–John Adams


Most people don’t realize the extent to which foreign residents in the US support the veneer of civilization the US shows to the world.
As a striking example, consider the year 2016, when the ignorant American White Blue Collar Trash took power. Of the “nine” Nobel Prizes awarded in 2016, “none” were born in the US. Six of them were foreigners (like myself) working in the US. I can’t imagine the average American having the faintest idea this was the case.
Americans’ love of ignorance has finally taken over.


John, you don’t change the social DNA by changing government anymore that you change the human DNA by going to the gym.
It takes thousands of years to come up with a civilized nation, and it not always happens. Mexico’s corruption is so ingrained in their culture that it is hopeless. Go there and take a careful look, you’ll see what I mean.