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With Trump Seen as 'Symptom Not a Cause,' US Rank Plummets on Global Corruption Index


Tom, please be a little more objective. The US is not the most corrupt country in the world. Most African countries and most Central American countries are more corrupt than the US. The US is extremely corrupt by First World standards, but is not more corrupt than most Third World countries. Keeping some objectivity is important.


I have been wondering why is it that nobody seems to take notice of Pence’s breasts. Just imagine if Joe Biden had had such feminine, transgender-looking pair of breasts. How far would the Trumpian White Trash have gone in slandering Biden for being a homosexual? Very far indeed.
The Trumpian White Scum obsessed with Michelle Obama’s sexuality for years (there are websites dedicated to this), arguing she is really a man and Obama a homo. Until you guys learn to fight back, you will always lose. The White Blue Collar American People are scum, and unless you understand this, you won’t stop the white scum horde from trampling on you in 2020.


Stupid Americans. Electing a greedy capitalist to the highest position in the land. What the fu-- did you expect?
If Trump were (trying) to ruin this country I don’t see how he could be doing a better job of it.


Ruling class history or working class history?


You didn’t even read my post!


Yes, I read it. It is in the nature of human affairs that someone (a social class or individuals) will try to extract as much benefit for themselves as possible. As I said, the US and its oligarchy are not the worst (the Arabs and same African countries and their oligarchies are worse.)


The “US and its oligarchy” rule the world!


Thanks for this quote. Whatever else may be said, positive and negative, about the founders, a number of them were very insightful, well educated as to politics and human character, and were able to express their ideas in ways that have retained their poignancy
unto our own time.