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With Trump Set to Spark 'War-Risking Crisis' By Killing Iran Deal, Poll Shows 63% in US Support Nuclear Accord


With Trump Set to Spark 'War-Risking Crisis' By Killing Iran Deal, Poll Shows 63% in US Support Nuclear Accord

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With President Donald Trump expected to deliver a huge gift to his administration's "parade of warmongers, cretins, and outright liars" Tuesday afternoon by withdrawing the U.S. from the Iran nuclear deal, a new CNN poll shows support for the agreement is continuing to rise, with an all-time high 63 percent of Americans saying Trump should uphold the accord.


Trump probably has no choice after making a deal with the devil, or was it AIPAC ?.


There’s a difference?


Trump probably sees this (possible war) as his only out of the noose that Mueller has around his fat, miserable neck.


The tsunami is coming folks, and it’s getting bigger every day.


Israel is a destructive parasite that seeks to control its host. It uses the US for its (Israel’s) benefit and will continue to do so until we are all used up – the we will be discarded. Even their false flag military attack on the US (heard about it?) was not enough to jar us awake and respond to the reality of Israeli manipulation of our politics and media. And here we go again, dancing to the Israeli drum, the drum of war, being lead like lemmings to war by us for them – it sure as hell is not for us.


Yes Parsi, this does indeed look ominous. No doubt about it in my mind that Trump was told to pull out of the Iran deal.


I think we have already seen the Trump BS tsunami. I think with Trump you need those fishing wader boots that come all the way up to your chest. Obama had a treaty with Iran that established a system for keeping track of Iran’s nuclear materials going to their nuclear energy and coming from that energy program that could fall into the hands of terrorists with civilian populations in Iran being bombed with huge losses. Just what the world doesn’t need, a nuclear war between the Shia and Sunni Muslims in Iran with massive body counts of men, women and children . Trump canceled this treaty with absolutely nothing to replace it. And now it seems that Trump wants to become a macho hero president that beat up Iran. I could say Trump is a bad president but the truth is he is absolutely horrific.


keep in mind this is not a “mistake” o a 'blunder".
the liberals need to wake up. these wars are wars of choice! it is policy.
willful killing on a massive scale.

just like Obama choose to let loose the war hawk Clinton destroy Libya and his underlings could get away with destabilizing both Syria and the Ukraine.
choice. deliberate, planned and executed.

now Trump will get his way

but apart from the Israeli tail wagging the US dog; there is another mechanism at work here:
the republicans with Trump in the vanguard have always HATED Obama with a passion.
especially Trump has been undoing every single accomplishment of Obama and he has been meticulous about it; for example the Medicare, the Paris agreement and now this.
so he can thump his chest and point to Obama and tell the stupified American electorate that 2 terms of potus Obama have led to nothing.


Who was that idiot again who suggested Trump be nominated for the Peace Nobel prize…?


So I guess the question is quickly becoming “when” not “if” the U.S. will go to war with Iran. Any personal predictions when that will be?


Henry Kissinger maybe?


How much does this have to do with Mueller and women accusing Trump?

Is this all Pompeo and Bolton?


I’d say both apply. Pompeo and Bolton are warmongers and Trump wants a distraction. It is indeed a match made in hell.


We have the stupidest government and political system, and one of the most corrupt, in the world. The people in power seem determined to make everything worse, and I don’t think for a second that we wouldn’t be inching towards war if Clinton were president too. Remember that Clinton was working with Netanyahu to push against the Iran deal at one point, she chastised Obama in the past for thinking such a thing would work, and only changed her position once she was proven wrong. Didn’t stop her from trying to take partial credit for the deal later on. A war with Iran would make the war in Iraq look like a cakewalk, and it is obvious that such a war would further strengthen radical Sunni elements too, Saudi Arabia and the far right Israelis, which seems to be a good portion of Israel now, at least on foreign policy. Capitalism and this rotten system, time and time again, gives lots of money and power to really shitty people. Seems that certain traits and personality types do well in this system, and others don’t. Good, moral and empathetic people, people that work well in cooperation with others and don’t try to monopolize the surpluses that many people contributed to, don’t do well in this context. Liars, cheats, sociopaths, people with no social consciousness, they do really well. They’ll make the decisions moral people couldn’t and they won’t lose a second of sleep over it. And they have lots of power in the government, business and the media.


The sad thing is that I would argue, that even if 99% of the American people, supported the Nuclear Accord, it would not matter because Amerika is a war mongering, evil, military, dictatorship that has been sold to the American people as a democracy, when nothing could be further from the truth!


The position of the United States and Israel regarding Iran’s nuclear program is simply stunning in its blatant racism and hypocrisy.

Considering the brutal and extensive interventions in Iran’s affairs by the US, as well as the war of aggression initiated by Saddam Hussein’s Iraq (at the behest of and financed by the US and its allies) that cost Iran over a million lives, it is Iran that is the threat to the stability of the region?

And while Israel is permitted to have nuclear weapons (approx. 200) without question, Iranians cannot be trusted to have even one because they are so irrational that they would commit national suicide by attacking a heavily nuclear-armed Israel with their first and only warhead?

As a result of this hypocrisy and racism, we are treated to the spectacle of a nation with the largest nuclear stockpile, teaming up with a nation with the largest “concealed” nuclear stockpile, to threaten a nation with NO nuclear weapons at all (much less a stockpile) about the right to enrich uranium.

This entire charade would be laughable if its consequences weren’t so tragic.


Nice reply. Yes, the Iranian nukes are much like Saddam Hussein’s WMD’s, a red herring. It is all about regime change in Iran, like was done in Iraq when the first thing to be taken was Iraqi oil.


The majority of people in this country support single payer health care and a living wage. A majority of voters picked someone else for president and yet there’s a fascist president. The popular will means nothing in the US. I’m surprised you’re surprised by this.


And to no surprise Trump has officially axed the Iran Nuclear Deal. In a speech full of lies of course.