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With Trump 'Unshackled,' Will GOP Meaningfully Reject Misogyny?

With Trump 'Unshackled,' Will GOP Meaningfully Reject Misogyny?

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

As Donald Trump boasted on Twitter about finally losing the "shackles" that the Republican Party has put on his presidential campaign, a group of 20 millennial women demonstrated outside the GOP headquarters, demanding party chair Reince Priebus un-endorse Trump "for the sake of women, democracy, and our country."

The GOP has a large Evangelical base that has been successful in all the red states at closing down most of the affordable health clinics for women and ignoring the back-alley abortion business that replaces them with no other affordable forms of health care. Pence is a leader of Evangelicals. A woman who had a questionable miscarriage at six months was given a long prison term in Indiana for murder. The GOP SCOTUS Hobby Lobby case is another form of misogyny. While the GOP and the US is owned by a few 1% power sources, the red states represent their ideology on the ground. Kansas and Louisiana are examples of fairly quick bankruptcies. Scott Walker, Pence, Rubio owned by the Kochs who are spending many millions today on down-ticket candidates.


In a race between two evils it appears endorsements work as much against candidates as in favor of them. With so many Republicans endorsing Clinton why would voters who have historically voted for Democrats think Clinton will do anything for them after the election when their votes were a sure thing while the Republicans voting for her is what will put her over the top ? Clinton will owe her win to Republican voters for the next four years.

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that touching women’s genitalia without consent, as described by…Trump, does not constitute sexual assault," Exactly what a true rapist would say :slight_smile: Just remember, politicians are the best society can produce.

Do not be fooled folks! All these Republicans that seem to be rejecting Trump because of misogynist reasons, is nothing but a red herring because the real reason is they are trying to save their own hides!

And they know that by endorsing Trump they are hurting their own re-election chances. Many would still endorse Trump if they thought it would help them politically and it has little or nothing to do with Trump’s misogyny.


Trump is doing exactly what he needs to do to get Hillary elected. She would be unelectable otherwise. Weren’t he and Bill good friends at one point? Aren’t their daughters good friends, too? The Mighty Wurlitzer (MSM) is certainly doing its part, making him out to be a total duffus unfit to be president. Why in this Kabuki Theater of an election does this seem just part of the script? Why does all the drama preclude any discussion of global warming and the ongoing wars? Why does that seem to be the whole point?


Perhaps these protesting millennial are not old enough to remember when Glenn Beck was viewed by Democrats as the media’s public enemy number one during the Dubya Regime and would be far worse than Trump if he was ever elected to any office.

Glenn Beck is one of the Republicans endorsing Clinton.

Recall the 60s mantra that if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem, you can’t be neither or both. If these millennials put as much energy into helping Green Party candidates win, they would be part of the solution, rather than going low into the two evils abyss and becoming part of the problem.

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I used to think this was absurd conspiracy theory. But after observing this alternate universe (nothing so weird has happened in my life in a campaign) I tend to agree. Trump is Hillary’s ticket to the WH. She will not have done it without his help.

And truly, we are still operating with the politics of fear, which is also exactly how terrorists manipulate.


“Glenn Beck is one of the Republicans endorsing Clinton”

Hell has frozen.

Hell freezing over is precisely Huffington Post’s take on Glenn Beck’s endorsement.

" Trump is Hillary’s ticket to the WH.’

True, but it is really Wall Street; the oligarch’s; and the MIC’s ticket to the WH because HRC was long ago selected by them and is just their quisling. Hillary could not have done it without THEIR HELP!

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I wonder what unshackled means for Trump. Perhaps some of his more extreme supporters will now be able to wear their Klu Klux Klan sheets to his rallies? Or maybe it will be okay for the neonazis at his rallies to give their salute. Are four letter words now going to become part of his speeches? The next four weeks should be really interesting.


Among other things in his Twitter snit today, he’s called McCain “foul-mouthed.” Sigh.


“A man is known by the company he keeps”

  • Aesop

Which says a lot about both T-Rump and the Republickans who support him.
None of it Good.

Misogyny is Hillary replacing a socialist government in Honduras with a fascist government that runs indigenous women off their land and steals their homes for corporations. Misogyny is setting up a fascist regime that resulted in the murder of Berta Caceres,worldwide beloved environmentalist. Before her death, Berta identified HRC as responsible for what was happening in Honduras. Misogyny is Hillary intervening as SOS to cut the increase in Haitian women’s hourly wage from 61 cents to 31 cents…starvation wages that benefited the corporations. Misogyny is setting up the Radical Islamist takeover in Libya, the killing of the elected leader and the destruction of an advanced African culture. Misogyny is the resulting Syrian refugee problem which resulted in the death, maiming and starvation of hundreds of thousands of refugees when Libya was no longer a protective buffer country. Misogyny is the rampant spread of cholera which was spread October of 2010, when a base of soldiers from Nepal began dumping septic waste into the country’s main river, The Artibonite River. This occurred while Bill Clinton oversaw the UN intervention in Haiti. Misogyny is seeing that your brother (a Rodham) has rights to the Haitian gold mine profits instead of it going to feed staring children and mothers. There are so many others, too many to list, but threatening women who have been accused of rape by a husband is up there as number one offense. These are actions resulting in deaths, disease, suffering, starvation and not just words.


Wow, a female selling out her own sisters to try to obscure/question the definition of sexual assault. So apparently, as a male, I can grab as much pussy as I want, as long as I do not call it “sexual assault.”

Therefor, if I also murder a man, and am relating the event to another—similar to a locker-room rapist braggart bragging— as long as I do not use the the word “murder” in the retelling, then I did not commit murder.

Alternate reality?
No Alternate UNREALITY.

"Instead of condemning Trump’s remarks, Conway took issue with the use of the words “sexual assault” to describe his remarks.
“That’s a very unfortunate phrase, and people really should stop using it,” she told CNN’s Dana Bash.
When Bash pointed out that Trump had in fact described a sexual assault, Conway argued that Trump “did not say the word ‘sexual assault’” in the tape."
Conway redefining sexual assault, and all other victim crimes as well

Yes, I’m very disappointed in Conway, who I’d heard (speaking for the Right) on the feminist PBS weekly “To the Contrary” and generally making very good sense. She was his best hope, but she has sold her soul. She’ll have a great book to write, though.

Interesting??? How about we concentrate on real issues such as poverty, intolerable corruption, workers wages going down , climate change, and the awful destruction in the middle east. The US as usual seems to be focused on continued war instead of the humanatarian crisis with civilians including children dying every day. It’s not about the candidates as Bernie even said repeatedly- it;s about reality. Our media continues to make this about entertainment.When the CFC is called unconstitutional but Wall Street banksters can rob people of their livlihoods , I have great fears for our society and world at large.

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Conway??? She’s just a media character. Reality in this world is much different. Over 500000 people in Syria have died. The US has joined a war brigade . This is a humanatarian crisis not just about ISIS. Our banking system and even our laws are violated every day by those with enough money, and you’re worried about Conway?

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Meanwhile, the important issues that are before us are not discussed. The ongoing wars sap our resources at a time when we should be addressing the biggest challenge facing humanity, global warming.

These are perilous times. If the MIC and the banksters don’t get WWIII and all the profits that go along with it, watch out… a black swan event, another “new Pearl Harbor”, whatever it takes to scare the crap out of the citizenry and drive the planet into another round slaughter and destruction.

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