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With Trumpcare Vote Looming, Medicare For All Supporters Set to March


With Trumpcare Vote Looming, Medicare For All Supporters Set to March

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With grassroots support for Medicare for All experiencing an unprecedented surge in the face of Republican efforts to leave 22 million more Americans without health insurance, Our Revolution and dozens of other progressive organizations are set to march on Monday to demand that lawmakers back legislation that would guarantee healthcare for all.


Rethugricans want Medicare for none. DINOs have this great idea of Medicare for all … now that they know it has no chance to pass.


Chuck Schumer is listening.

Eight years late, and not enough to do anything more than talk some poll-tested nonsense that won’t get any traction with liberals, but he’s listening. How do I know? He’s telling Hillary to own 2016! And to the moderate Ds around here who provide every excuse for ObamaRomneyCare being the best Dems could do, Schumer admits they were too namby-pamby:


If you can’t march and can’t do civil disobedience then call your reps. Also, time to pressure Bernie to pass the Senate version of H.R.676. Bernie’s phone numbers: (802) 862-0697 or (202) 224-5141.

Some films to motivate you:



From the article by the NYT:

“People didn’t know what we stood for”: Oh yes they did. You stood and still stand for Wall Street and neoliberalism.


Being an fb “refuse-nik”, I could not find anything that was live streamed on this march except a dated Washington Sun article? Go figure! lol


Perfectly well said!

They still stand for Wall Street and neoliberalism. Therein lies the problem.


Representatives and Senators and more vulnerable at their local offices –
if you want to call to voice an opinion, try calling the local office rather than DC.

And, I can also add that in my town, demonstrators are moving to those local offices.