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With Trust Destroyed by Mass Spying, Top EU Court Asserts Need for Privacy Reform



This ruling sent down by the European Court of Justice of the case brought by the Austrian privacy activists Max Schrems has captured the headlines in Germany and all over Europe. Snowden in particular got kudos in a lead column of a very centrist journal "Der Spiegel". The general attitude of some European populations -at least in Germany, Italy, and Spain - is that they are fed up with the crap the US is feeding them, although they may state that sentiment more civilly over here. Snowden is the hero of the day here. Do you think Sanders will let him off reasonably well if he (Sanders) makes it to the presidency?

There is a problem that few know who Sanders is over here.


"It is thus ultimately the Court of Justice which has the task of deciding whether or not a Commission decision is valid." This decision has extraordinary reach.

Until a similar decision by the World Court establishes legal authority over the continued human rights abuses by the US, the abuses will continue unabated.

It can be shown that legal redress is truly unavailable in the US and
therefore the Court of Justice ultimately has jurisdiction.


I think it is a mistake to see Sanders as some progressive superhero who will right all wrongs or as a savior figure for the left. He is only a politician who is progressive in his views. He is not channeling Che Guevara in other words and people should remember that he is just a better choice among politicians just as Trump is a worse choice.

I am very encouraged by the Europeans since we need alternatives to the daily barrage of rightwing oligarchic viewpoints. Because of changing world opinion, change becomes more possible here in the US. As that hap[pens here, then someone like Sanders will be able to do more.


Thanks be to YOU, World Court. MERCI, infiniment! Grazie, Danke Schoen, Obrigado, Gracias. Gratias Deo.