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With UN Climate Deal Trump's Chopping Block, Climate Hopes Trun to States, Cities


With UN Climate Deal Trump's Chopping Block, Climate Hopes Trun to States, Cities

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

'The fate of the world quite literally hangs in the balance.'


It appears that a phase has now been entered when global warming is "feeding on itself." That is, even if humans would cease, tomorrow, those activities--burning fossil fuels, deforestation activities, and increasing the world's population--that are causing global warming, we humans have set in motion processes that will continue anyway! And if humans continue those activities (which they are,and will!), it will simply speed-up the warming (and related atmospheric phenomena).

The likely end result? We will, during this period of "the sixth extinction," soon be joining the 150 - 200 other species now going extinct EACH DAY! Conclusion: It makes little difference what Trump--or anyone else--does!!


Because Congress has done virtually nothing on climate change the states and cities have been leading the way for years so Trump being elected will not change that. But the problem is too many states are not doing much. Whether Trump, Clinton, or even Bernie Sanders won the election we would still be in the same predicament with Congress doing nothing and a large number of states doing nothing or very little. It is probably the same people who voted for Trump that elected most of the 30 Republican governors and a number of state legislatures controlled by the Republicans. These voters in effect hold almost a veto against adequate action.


Things could be done. The costs of solar panels to generate electricity have come way down, but waiting for individuals to realize that it would be cost effective to " go green" and make the decisions and put in the effort to get it done doesn't look likely. Transportation is another sticking point: how many people need to use transportation contraptions to get to their livelihood? Is there a way to reengineer that problem?

Climate deterioration is, according to some, happening a lot faster than even the most pessimistic prognosticators thought not that long ago -- arctic temperatures are hitting new highs and the frozen methane in the oceans is about to unfreeze and let a whole lot more greenhouse gasses loose.

I think a lot of the wars and other sorts of social disruption currently underway are caused by the hopeless panic that people are feeling and which can only worsen along with conditions. I still think that the only hope is a massive cultural shift brought about by a new religion that motivates people in mass quantities to change their lives completely and work together to help each other survive and have all humankind live in a new more sustainable way. Where is the charismatic Green Jesus?