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With 'Unconscionable Rollback,' Trump EPA Lays Groundwork for Coal Industry to Release More Mercury Into the Air


With 'Unconscionable Rollback,' Trump EPA Lays Groundwork for Coal Industry to Release More Mercury Into the Air

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

In a move decried by environmentalists as "both stunningly immoral and completely unnecessary," the Trump administration just proposed "an unconscionable rollback to serve the coal industry at the expense of all Americans, especially our children," that could also stymie future efforts to impose federal public health regulations.




First four centuries C.E.: Lead-lined cookware and drinking glasses killed off the entire Roman upper class.

18th century: The average American colonist downed six drinks a day. Other than that, average brain function wasn’t too damaged.

19th century: Arsenic was a great pesticide to spray onto apples.

20th century: Cancer grew from a 1 in 1800 disease in 1800 to roughly a 1 in 2 disease by 2000. Lead paint poisoned urban dirt. “Minimata disease” was mercury being dumped into the bay by the Chisso Chemical Company in Japan.


This is quite long but worth looking at it. It was bad before Trump took office but now making things much worse.


By their ongoing inaction (or is that indifference?), Congress and the Courts are allowing Rump and his wrecking crew to do this, and all of the other destructive actions they have already taken.
But now for the good news: Only two more years of destruction to go.


Or Environmental Pollution Agency. The BLM is Bureau of Mining, Logging, and Grazing


People really need to punish the Republicans in the 2020 election. If this “assault on health” is rewarded with election victories they will just keep doing it.


Keeping all hydrocarbons in the ground, weighed against killing the grandchildren down the line: one can see the choice of almost all “leaders” so far.
Either way will certainly be traumatic for us but only one way is the way we’ll survive culturally, politically and with technology.


Guess what you are saying is people have been stupid since the dawn of time. Now it’s our turn to join these past civilizations.


Well, most of what he wants will be in the courts for awhile, like the mercury rollbacks. And most of what he does is easily changed. Hopefully, the UN or someone will come along and apply some sanctions against 45POS in the meantime to better protect the kids suffering in his concentration camps.



My dear friend, thank you for this. Absolutely beautiful.


HI Goodtimes7 : I like that I also like : Evil Plutocrat Assassins
. Since Mr Pruitt is gone, is his super duper Superman phone booth still around? If so, I think it would be helpful for all those who want to murder people and the planet—maybe that Superman phone booth could be set up to use an air conditioner to pump in adulterated air with mercury and methanol etc. Give each Trump supporter a week to sit inside this killer air unit for a week or so, and then see how their lungs are doing. Sometime EXPERIENCE is the only real teacher.


Thank you, the old goat: except, now I think everyone will want to move to Buhtan. : )


Lead and mercury equals no brain but lots of profit.


This legalized pollution of the planet and destruction of the environment didn’t start with Trump or Republicans. Remember Silent Spring? Neither party has adequately address any of these problems. They nibble around the edges sometimes, but corporate profits and their deep pocket funders interests come first. To hell with the people or the planet.

The whole damn system has been rigged for the 1% - including our so called “representatives” of both parties.



You are absolutely right, the People really must punish the Republicans in the 2020 election.

The Hatred and Division the Republicans have fomented in the past two years, is unforgivable.

Animals treat their own kind better.


The American Dental Association forbids its dentists from explaining that mercury amalgam fillings are bad for your health. Few dentists know how to remove them safely without spilling mercury and mercury vapor all over your mouth.

And then there is fluoridation. Fluoride is a halogen, interfering with iodine in the proper action of the thyroid.


It was over a decade ago when Minnesota was having an issue with the number of deformed frogs showing up in their forests. The whole state warned against drinking tap water as I remember. And the rate of birth defects there was scary. Mercury in the air from factories was identified as the source of the problem.

Birth defects, that is a flag that usually gets people’s attention. Wave the birth defects in Trump’s face.


Do not expect any opposition from Democrats on this issue, since they rely as much on their corporate donors as the GOP. On any major issue when working with Republicans the Democrats are the party of assistance, not resistance.